Famous People Born In 1854

Discover the most famous people born in 1854. The list includes people like Oscar Wilde, Arthur Rimbaud, Henri Poincare, George Eastman, Paul Ehrlich and many more. This list of celebrities is loosely sorted by popularity. People featured on this list, include composers, political leaders, poets and journalists born in 1854. This list includes people from United States, United Kingdom, France & Germany and many more countries.

Oscar WildeOscar Wilde
16th October, Irish
Arthur RimbaudArthur Rimbaud
20th October, French

John Philip SousaJohn Philip Sousa
6th November, American
Conductor, Composer

Lady Randolph ChurchillLady Randolph Churchill
9th January, British, American
Socialite, Mother of Winston Churchill

George EastmanGeorge Eastman
12th July, American
Inventor of Roll Film

Paul EhrlichPaul Ehrlich
14th March, German
Jane ToppanJane Toppan
31st March, American
Serial killer

Henri La FontaineHenri La Fontaine
22nd April, Belgian
Socialist, Senator, and Nobel Peace Prize Winner

Emil Adolf von BehringEmil Adolf von Behring
15th March, German
German physiologist

Johannes RydbergJohannes Rydberg
8th November, Swedish
Henri PoincareHenri Poincare
29th April, French
Mathematician and Philosopher

Paul SabatierPaul Sabatier
5th November, French
Leos JanacekLeos Janacek
3rd July, Czech

Robert BordenRobert Borden
26th June, Canadian
Politician, Lawyer, Diplomat

Thomas R. MarshallThomas R. Marshall
14th March, American
Politician, Lawyer
Karl KautskyKarl Kautsky
16th October, Czech, German

Pope Benedict XVPope Benedict XV
21st November, Italian
James George FrazerJames George Frazer
1st January, British
Anthropologist, Writer, Historian, Mythographer

Patrick GeddesPatrick Geddes
2nd October, British, Scottish
Urban planner, Sociologist

C. W. PostC. W. Post
26th October, American
Benjamin TuckerBenjamin Tucker
17th April, American
Journalist, Philosopher, Economist, Translator,

Charles Algernon ParsonsCharles Algernon Parsons
13th June, British
Engineer, Inventor
Engelbert HumperdinckEngelbert Humperdinck
1st September, German, Indian

Bill TilghmanBill Tilghman
4th July, American

William C. GorgasWilliam C. Gorgas
3rd October, American

Alfred Milner, 1st Viscount MilnerAlfred Milner, 1st Viscount Milner
23rd March, British
Journalist, Diplomat
Moritz MoszkowskiMoritz Moszkowski
23rd August, Polish
Composer, Pianist, Conductor, Musicologist
Joseph JacobsJoseph Jacobs
29th August, Australian
Literary critic, Literary historian, Folklorist,

David Dunbar BuickDavid Dunbar Buick
17th September, American, Scottish

Christiaan de WetChristiaan de Wet
7th October, South African

Bill TraylorBill Traylor
1st April, American
Takahashi KorekiyoTakahashi Korekiyo
27th July, Japanese
Politician, Accountant, Economist

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John Sharp WilliamsJohn Sharp Williams
30th July, American

Albert Bushnell HartAlbert Bushnell Hart
1st July, American

Alphonse AllaisAlphonse Allais
20th October, French
Writer, Poet, Journalist, Screenwriter, Painter,

Charles Sumner TainterCharles Sumner Tainter
25th April, American
Lucy Craft LaneyLucy Craft Laney
13th April, American

E.W. ScrippsE.W. Scripps
30th November
Albion W. SmallAlbion W. Small
11th May, American
10th President of Colby College

Edward Henry Carson, Baron CarsonEdward Henry Carson, Baron Carson
9th February, British, Northern Irish