Famous People Born In 1837

Discover the most famous people born in 1837. The list includes people like Grover Cleveland, J. P. Morgan, Wild Bill Hickok, Mary Harris Jones, Johannes van der Waals and many more. This list of celebrities is loosely sorted by popularity. People featured on this list, include political leaders, physicists, soldiers and poets born in 1837. This list includes people from United States, France and many more countries.

Grover ClevelandGrover Cleveland
18th March, American
President of the U.S.A
J. P. MorganJ. P. Morgan
17th April, American
Financier and Banker

Wild Bill HickokWild Bill Hickok
27th May, American

Empress Elisabeth of AustriaEmpress Elisabeth of Austria
24th December, Austrian, German
Empress of Austria

Alois HitlerAlois Hitler
7th June, Austrian
Adolf Hitler's Father

Robert Gould ShawRobert Gould Shaw
10th October, American
Military Personnel
Olive OatmanOlive Oatman
7th September, American
White Girl Abducted By Native Americans

Amelia DyerAmelia Dyer
30th November, British
Serial Killer

Mary Harris JonesMary Harris Jones
1st August, American
Labor and Community Organizer
George DeweyGeorge Dewey
26th December, American
Military Leader

Johannes Diderik van der WaalsJohannes van der Waals
23rd November, Dutch
Theoretical Physicist
Paul MorphyPaul Morphy
22nd June, American
Chess player, Chess theoretician

Tokugawa YoshinobuTokugawa Yoshinobu
28th October, Japanese
Photographer, Shogun

Vasil LevskiVasil Levski
18th July, Bulgarian

Dwight L. MoodyDwight L. Moody
5th February, American
Editor, Philosopher, Writer, Evangelist,

Yohannes IVYohannes IV
11th July, Ethiopian
Algernon Charles SwinburneAlgernon Charles Swinburne
5th April, British
Poet, Writer

Cosima WagnerCosima Wagner
24th December, German
Composer, Writer, Director

Mark HannaMark Hanna
24th September, American

J.P. MorganJ.P. Morgan
30th November
Art Collector, Business Leader, Philanthropist
Yap Ah LoyYap Ah Loy
14th March, Chinese, Malaysian
Malaysian leader

Marie François Sadi CarnotMarie François Sadi Carnot
11th August, French
Politician, Civil engineer, Engineer
William Dean HowellsWilliam Dean Howells
1st March, American

John BurroughsJohn Burroughs
3rd April, American

Mother JonesMother Jones
1st May, Irish, American
Thomas MoranThomas Moran
12th February, American
Explorer, Painter

Washington RoeblingWashington Roebling
26th May, American
Civil engineer, Engineer
Abraham KuyperAbraham Kuyper
29th October
Journalist, Theologian, Politician, University

Georges Ernest BoulangerGeorges Ernest Boulanger
29th April, French
Politician, Officer, Military personnel

Ivan KramskoiIvan Kramskoi
27th May, Russian
painter, art critic, artist
José BurgosJosé Burgos
9th February, Filipino

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John Ernst Worrell KeelyJohn Ernst Worrell Keely
3rd September, American
Rosalía de CastroRosalía de Castro
24th February, Spanish
Poet, Writer

Barghash bin Said of ZanzibarBarghash bin Said of Zanzibar
30th November, Tanzanian

David Josiah BrewerDavid Josiah Brewer
20th June, Turkish, American

Henry Martyn RobertHenry Martyn Robert
2nd May, American
Whitelaw ReidWhitelaw Reid
27th October, American
Pierre Auguste CotPierre Auguste Cot
17th February, French

Charlotte Forten GrimkéCharlotte Forten Grimké
17th August, American

Khama IIIKhama III
30th November, South African
Tribal Chief

William Williams KeenWilliam Williams Keen
19th January, American
Joaquin MillerJoaquin Miller
8th September, American

Zhang ZhidongZhang Zhidong
4th September, Chinese
Chinese official

Charles YerkesCharles Yerkes
25th June, American

John Wesley HyattJohn Wesley Hyatt
28th November, American

Muteesa I of BugandaMuteesa I of Buganda
30th November, Ugandan
Jorge IsaacsJorge Isaacs
1st April, Colombian

Sanjō SanetomiSanjō Sanetomi
13th March, Japanese
Théodore DuboisThéodore Dubois
24th August, French

Edward Miner GallaudetEdward Miner Gallaudet
5th February, American

Fredrik BajerFredrik Bajer
21st April, Kosovar
Danish writer
Tony PastorTony Pastor
28th May, American

James T. RapierJames T. Rapier
13th November, American
American Politician
John M. BozemanJohn M. Bozeman
31st December, American

William C. QuantrillWilliam C. Quantrill
31st July, American
Confederate guerrilla leader

William Emery MerrillWilliam Emery Merrill
11th October, American

Emil WaldteufelEmil Waldteufel
9th December, French

Pinckney PinchbackPinckney Pinchback
30th November
U.S. Governor, Civil Rights Activist, U.S.