Famous People Born In 1836

Discover the most famous people born in 1836. The list includes people like Jay Gould, Lawrence Alma-Tadema, Elizabeth Garrett Anderson, Bret Harte, Isabella Beeton and many more. This list of celebrities is loosely sorted by popularity. People featured on this list, include poets, artists, philosophers and novelists born in 1836. This list includes people from United Kingdom, United States, France and many more countries.

Thomas CrapperThomas Crapper
28th September, British
Jay GouldJay Gould
27th May, American

Winslow HomerWinslow Homer
24th February, American

Elizabeth Garrett AndersonElizabeth Garrett Anderson
9th June, British
Mayor of Aldeburgh

Lawrence Alma-Tadema Lawrence Alma-Tadema
8th January, British

Isabella BeetonIsabella Beeton
12th March, British
Bret Harte Bret Harte
25th August, American
Author & Poet

Thomas Bailey AldrichThomas Bailey Aldrich
11th November, American
Poet & Novelist

Ramakrishna ParamhamsaRamakrishna Paramhamsa
18th February, Indian
Spiritual & Religious Leader

18th February, Indian
Joseph ChamberlainJoseph Chamberlain
8th July, British

Henry Campbell-BannermanHenry Campbell-Bannerman
7th September, British
Politician, Diplomat
James TissotJames Tissot
15th October, French

Sakamoto RyōmaSakamoto Ryōma
3rd January, Japanese
Japanese samurai

Leopold von Sacher-MasochLeopold von Sacher-Masoch
27th January, German
Joseph WheelerJoseph Wheeler
10th September, American
Military Commander

Charles GoodnightCharles Goodnight
5th March, American
Enomoto TakeakiEnomoto Takeaki
25th August, Japanese

Gustavo Adolfo BécquerGustavo Adolfo Bécquer
17th February, Spanish
Poet, Short story writer, Playwright, Writer

John Atkinson GrimshawJohn Atkinson Grimshaw
6th September, British
Léo DelibesLéo Delibes
21st February, French
Composer, Musicologist, University teacher

Mily BalakirevMily Balakirev
31st December, Russian
composer, conductor, educationist, musicologist
Milton BradleyMilton Bradley
8th November, American
Publisher, Writer

Wilhelm SteinitzWilhelm Steinitz
17th May, Austrian, Czech, American
Chess Master

Joseph Gurney CannonJoseph Gurney Cannon
7th May, American

Marie Henriette of AustriaMarie Henriette of Austria
23rd August, Belgian
Thomas Hill GreenThomas Hill Green
7th April, British
Henri Fantin-LatourHenri Fantin-Latour
14th January, French
Painter, Botanical illustrator, Lithographer,

Jules ChéretJules Chéret
31st May, French
painter, poster artist, lithographer

Matsudaira KatamoriMatsudaira Katamori
15th February, Japanese

Henry Billings BrownHenry Billings Brown
2nd March, American
lawyer, judge
Edward PoynterEdward Poynter
20th March, British
Painter, University teacher

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Daniel PeterDaniel Peter
9th March, Swiss
Swiss chocolatier

16th November, American

Joseph MorrisJoseph Morris
30th November, British

John Watson FosterJohn Watson Foster
2nd March, American
William Schwenck GilbertWilliam Schwenck Gilbert
18th November, British

Robert Alden CornogRobert Alden Cornog
14th January, American