List of famous chess players with their biographies that include trivia, interesting facts, timeline and life history.

Players of the board game of chess are known as chess players. The game of chess is played by two players on a checkered board known as chessboard with 64 squares. Each player begins the game with 16 pieces of six types that are moved across the board according to certain rules with the aim to checkmate the opponent’s king. Chess is a very popular game played by millions around the world. Chess is believed to have its origins in 6th century Eastern India from where it gradually evolved to its modern form. The first modern chess tournament was held in the mid 19th century and from then on the popularity of the game has been on a rise. The official rules of the game are defined by the World Chess Federation. Several major championships are held every year which includes the World Chess Championship, Women’s World Championship, Junior World Championship, and the World Computer Chess Championship. Since chess is a strategic game that tests one’s mental ability, a chess player’s strength derives from his chess talent, mental agility, and character. This section provides you information about the life and works of various famous chess players from all over the world.

Fabiano CaruanaFabiano Caruana
Judit PolgárJudit Polgár

Vladimir KramnikVladimir Kramnik
Joshua WaitzkinJoshua Waitzkin
Boris SpasskyBoris Spassky

Sergey KarjakinSergey Karjakin
Demis HassabisDemis Hassabis
Levon AronianLevon Aronian

Hikaru NakamuraHikaru Nakamura
José Raúl CapablancaJosé Raúl Capablanca
Wesley SoWesley So

Samuel ReshevskySamuel Reshevsky
Paul MorphyPaul Morphy
Johan van HulstJohan van Hulst

Emanuel LaskerEmanuel Lasker
Alexander GrischukAlexander Grischuk
Mikhail BotvinnikMikhail Botvinnik
(Soviet Russian,Russian)

Tigran PetrosianTigran Petrosian
Veselin TopalovVeselin Topalov
Yasser SeirawanYasser Seirawan

Wilhelm SteinitzWilhelm Steinitz
Humpy KoneruHumpy Koneru
Peter SvidlerPeter Svidler

Viktor KorchnoiViktor Korchnoi
Thomas BowdlerThomas Bowdler
Samuel SevianSamuel Sevian

Kirsan IlyumzhinovKirsan Ilyumzhinov
Vasily SmyslovVasily Smyslov
Gata KamskyGata Kamsky

Paul KeresPaul Keres
Noam ElkiesNoam Elkies
Richard FarleighRichard Farleigh

Max EuweMax Euwe
Aron NimzowitschAron Nimzowitsch
Arpad EloArpad Elo

Tania SachdevTania Sachdev
Vytautas LandsbergisVytautas Landsbergis
Boris GelfandBoris Gelfand

Adolf AnderssenAdolf Anderssen
Miyoko WataiMiyoko Watai
Alexandra KosteniukAlexandra Kosteniuk

Teimour RadjabovTeimour Radjabov
Bent LarsenBent Larsen
Jennifer ShahadeJennifer Shahade

François-André Danican PhilidorFrançois-André Danican Philidor
Rustam KasimdzhanovRustam Kasimdzhanov
Ian NepomniachtchiIan Nepomniachtchi

Ruy López de SeguraRuy López de Segura
Parimarjan NegiParimarjan Negi
Alexei ShirovAlexei Shirov

Ruslan PonomariovRuslan Ponomariov
Miguel NajdorfMiguel Najdorf
Alexander MorozevichAlexander Morozevich

Wolfgang von KempelenWolfgang von Kempelen
Alexander KhalifmanAlexander Khalifman
Donald ByrneDonald Byrne

Mikhail ChigorinMikhail Chigorin
Péter LékóPéter Lékó
Gennadi SosonkoGennadi Sosonko

Michael AdamsMichael Adams
Vasyl IvanchukVasyl Ivanchuk
Elmārs ZemgalisElmārs Zemgalis

Tamāra VilerteTamāra Vilerte