Famous People Born In 1828

Discover the most famous people born in 1828. The list includes people like Leo Tolstoy, Jules Verne, Henrik Ibsen, Joshua Chamberlain, Henry Dunant and many more. This list of celebrities is loosely sorted by popularity. People featured on this list, include novelists, poets, lawyers and military leaders born in 1828. This list includes people from United States, United Kingdom and many more countries.

Leo TolstoyLeo Tolstoy
9th September, Russian
Jules VerneJules Verne
8th February, French

Henrik IbsenHenrik Ibsen
20th March, Norwegian
Playwright, Poet.

Joshua ChamberlainJoshua Chamberlain
8th September, American
Educator & War Hero

Henry DunantHenry Dunant
8th May, Swiss
Founder of the Red Cross

Rani LakshmibaiRani Lakshmibai
19th November, Indian
Queen of Jhansi State
Andrew Taylor StillAndrew Taylor Still
6th August, American

Josephine ButlerJosephine Butler
13th April, British
Social Worker

Ferdinand CohnFerdinand Cohn
24th January, Polish
Founder of Bacteriology and Microbiology

Randal CremerRandal Cremer
18th March, British
British Pacifist & Nobel Peace Prize Winner
Franjo RačkiFranjo Rački
25th November, Croatian

Dante Gabriel RossettiDante Gabriel Rossetti
12th May, British
Poet, Illustrator, Painter, Writer, Artist,
Effie GrayEffie Gray
7th May, Scottish

Horatio SpaffordHoratio Spafford
20th October, American

Joseph SwanJoseph Swan
31st October, British
Chemist, Physicist, Inventor
James B. McPhersonJames B. McPherson
14th November, American

Patrick CleburnePatrick Cleburne
16th March, American
Military personnel
Hippolyte TaineHippolyte Taine
20th April, French
French critic

Nikolay ChernyshevskyNikolay Chernyshevsky
12th July, Russian
philosopher, novelist, writer, literary critic

John Langdon DownJohn Langdon Down
18th November, British
Physician, Psychiatrist, Neurologist
Ward Hill LamonWard Hill Lamon
6th January, American

Andrew MurrayAndrew Murray
9th May, British, South African
William Randal CremerWilliam Randal Cremer
18th March, British

Saigo TakamoriSaigo Takamori
23rd January, Japanese
Samurai, Poet

Margaret Oliphant OliphantMargaret Oliphant Oliphant
4th April, Welsh