The anticipation of Leo personalities born on August 18th are deduced from the astrological influence of the Sun, the ruling planet of their zodiac sign, and Mars, governing planet of the actual date in which these individuals are born. Due to this unique combination, individuals born on this date have distinctive traits and characteristics. Their intuitive powers and originality are due to their courageous self and charismatic personality. These people have a curious mind that is open and fair to all. Individuals with this birthday are knowledgeable and well-informed. They have a caring temperament and a calm and composed nature. However, when things go out of their own way, these people can be emotionally insecure which can cause obsessive and combating behaviour. They can also sometimes be bossy and blunt in their dealings with others.

Roman PolanskiRoman Polanski
86, French
French-Polish film director
Patrick SwayzePatrick Swayze
57, American

Andy SambergAndy Samberg
41, American
Edward NortonEdward Norton
50, American

Maia MitchellMaia Mitchell
26, Australian
Actress, Singer

Frances Bean CobainFrances Bean Cobain
27, American
Visual Artist, Model
Christian SlaterChristian Slater
50, American

Madelaine PetschMadelaine Petsch
25, American
Kaitlin OlsonKaitlin Olson
44, American

Kwon Ji Yong G-Dragon
31, South Korean
Madeleine StoweMadeleine Stowe
61, American

Josephine LangfordJosephine Langford
22, Australian
Franz Joseph I of AustriaFranz Joseph I of Austria
86, Austrian
Emperor of Austria
Denis LearyDenis Leary
62, American

Miesha TateMiesha Tate
33, American
Mixed Martial Arts Pundit
Shelley WintersShelley Winters
85, American

Roberto ClementeRoberto Clemente
38, Puerto Rican
Victoria Coren MitchellVictoria Coren Mitchell
47, British
Television Presenter

Rosalynn CarterRosalynn Carter
92, American
Former First Lady, Activist

21, American
Record Producer
Baji Rao IBaji Rao I
39, Indian
Peshwa of Maratha Empire

Anna AkanaAnna Akana
30, American
YouTuber, Actress, Comedian
Steve ChenSteve Chen
41, American

Martin MullMartin Mull
76, American
Nathan SchwandtNathan Schwandt
26, American
Instagram Star

Giorgia WhighamGiorgia Whigham
22, American
Sarita ChoudhurySarita Choudhury
53, British
Meriwether LewisMeriwether Lewis
35, American
Explorer, Politician

Jung Eun-jiJung Eun-ji
26, South Korean
Tenshin NasukawaTenshin Nasukawa
21, Japanese

Reg E. CatheyReg E. Cathey
59, American
Parker McKenna PoseyParker McKenna Posey
24, American
Actress, Model

Dorothy Bush KochDorothy Bush Koch
60, American

Louie CastroLouie Castro
20, American
YouTube Star
Caspar WeinbergerCaspar Weinberger
88, American

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Max CharlesMax Charles
16, American
Infinite ListsInfinite Lists
22, American

Gian VillanteGian Villante
34, American
Mixed Martial Artist
Talia CastellanoTalia Castellano
13, American

Eniko ParrishEniko Parrish
35, American
Kevin Hart's Wife
20, British
YouTuber, Instagram Star
Chad AlanChad Alan
35, American
YouTuber, Gamer

Anna AncherAnna Ancher
75, Danish
Gregg LeakesGregg Leakes
65, American
Reality Star

Calvin VailCalvin Vail
24, American
You Tube personality, Twitch Streamer, comedian.
Samantha GrecchiSamantha Grecchi
25, Canadian
Dancer, Actress, Singer, Entrepreneur

Essence Nicole SmithEssence Nicole Smith
22, American
Jeff TietjensJeff Tietjens
49, American
Aisha C. Tyler's Ex-husband

Vanessa NadalVanessa Nadal
37, American
Lin-Manuel Miranda's Wife
Robert RedfordRobert Redford
83, American
Actor, Director, Producer, Businessman,

Aphex TwinAphex Twin
48, Irish
Electronic musician
Aruna IraniAruna Irani
73, Indian

Malcolm-Jamal WarnerMalcolm-Jamal Warner
49, American
actor, television actor, film actor
Carole BouquetCarole Bouquet
62, French
Actor, Film actor, Model, Film director
83, Indian
film director, film producer, screenwriter,

Antonio SalieriAntonio Salieri
74, Italian
Composer, Conductor, Educationist, Musicologist,
Daler MehndiDaler Mehndi
52, Indian

Felipe CalderónFelipe Calderón
57, Mexican
Former President of Mexico
Bryan RuizBryan Ruiz
34, Costa Rican
Costa Rican footballer

Vincent BugliosiVincent Bugliosi
80, American
Lawyer, Writer, Poet lawyer

John Russell, 1st Earl RussellJohn Russell, 1st Earl Russell
85, British
Prime Minister
Kris BoydKris Boyd
36, Scottish
Association football player

Esteban CambiassoEsteban Cambiasso
39, Argentinian
Association football player
Sandeep PatilSandeep Patil
63, Indian
Actor, Cricketer

Beatrice BorromeoBeatrice Borromeo
34, Italian
Model, Journalist, Television presenter, Socialite
Robert HuthRobert Huth
35, German
Association football player

Régine ChassagneRégine Chassagne
42, Canadian
Singer, Musician, Pianist
Huw EdwardsHuw Edwards
58, Welsh
Just FontaineJust Fontaine
86, French, Moroccan
Association football player, Association football

Judith KeppelJudith Keppel
77, British
Timothy D. SnyderTimothy D. Snyder
50, American
Historian, Writer, Literary critic, University

Mathilde KschessinskaMathilde Kschessinska
98, Russian
ballet dancer
Sergei KharitonovSergei Kharitonov
39, Russian
Boxer, Kickboxer, Military personnel, Thai boxer

Jessica HsuanJessica Hsuan
49, Hong Konger

John DebneyJohn Debney
63, American
Composer, Conductor, Film score composer
Willie RushtonWillie Rushton
59, British
Actor, Comedian, Illustrator

Otto Ernst RemerOtto Ernst Remer
85, German
Luc MontagnierLuc Montagnier
87, French
Physician, Biologist, Virologist, Researcher,

Walther FunkWalther Funk
69, Bulgarian, German
Journalist, Banker, Economist, Politician
Gianni RiveraGianni Rivera
76, Italian
Association football player, Politician

Dar SalimDar Salim
42, Danish, Iraqi
Austan GoolsbeeAustan Goolsbee
50, American
Rafer JohnsonRafer Johnson
84, American
Actor, Athletics competitor

Robert FriedlandRobert Friedland
69, American
Alain Robbe-GrilletAlain Robbe-Grillet
85, French
Actor, Film director, Screenwriter, Writer,

Helena RojoHelena Rojo
75, Mexican
Television actor, Stage actor, Film actor, Model
Yuki NakaiYuki Nakai
49, Japanese
judoka, mixed martial artist

36, Lebanese, British
singer-songwriter, singer, pianist
Jason FurmanJason Furman
49, American

Brook TaylorBrook Taylor
46, British
Patrik AnderssonPatrik Andersson
48, Swedish
Association football player

Ashikaga TakaujiAshikaga Takauji
52, Japanese
samurai, bushi
Marvin HarrisMarvin Harris
74, American
Anthropologist, University teacher, Sociologist

Hifikepunye PohambaHifikepunye Pohamba
84, Namibian
Theodore MillonTheodore Millon
85, American

Personality Traits & Characteristic of Famous People Born on August 18

Charming, enterprising and idealistic, individuals born on August 18th are blessed with unique traits and characteristics. They are confident and outgoing people who are endowed with leadership qualities. These individuals talk their heart out and do what they feel like. They dislike being bossed around or told what needs to be done. Conversely, they love being bossy and dominating. Interestingly, these people either are confident and active or uncertain and inactive. There is no other way around for such individuals. When dealing with people, August 18th natives are courageous, sharp and intuitive. They are unselfish and fair and can be blunt too. These people are highly imaginative and sensitive. They take to heart things and can get hurt extremely fast.  

The overall health of August 18th born individuals is robust and strong, as these people pay a lot of importance to healthy eating and healthy living. Though they do not indulge in any form of exercise, these people are constantly on the go at work and home which makes them stay fit and in shape. Lovers of rich food, these people tend to exercising after eating such food. The only thing that these people need to watch out for is providing the body with sufficient sleep and relaxation for overall healthiness.

Financially, August 18th born individuals are not very sturdy. Though they have the ability to earn a lot of money, what becomes difficult is saving the same. Individuals born on this date are prone to impulsive spending. Also, they are susceptible to taking unwise financial decisions. The generosity towards loved ones further adds to the problem. Due to all this, the financial stability of such people rests questionable.

Individuals with this birthday are best suited for professions that provide stimulating, challenging and enjoyable career. Vocations where they can take up a commanding position, such as managerial job opportunities, work best for such individuals. Since these individuals are blessed with inquisitive powers, they can do well in investigative jobs as well. Artistic talent also makes them capable of interesting and unusual jobs.  

Relationships, Marriage & Children
Leo’s born on August 18th are devoted and true to their relationships. They have strong affinity for their familial ties and friendships. In matters of heart, these individuals look for a partner who is affectionate, caring and loving. They return these by staying true to the relationship and utmost romantic. August 18th natives are family oriented people. As such, they work hard to keep their relationship at a harmonious level. The intuitive powers of these people help them to attend to the needs, feelings and thoughts of their partners. In matters of parenting, August 18th born individuals take an active part in the upbringing of their children. While they are loving and considerate about their children, hey can be the strict disciplinarian as well.

Lucky Color: Red, Maroon Scarlet
Lucky Numbers: 9, 18, 27, 36, 45
Lucky Days (of the week): Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
Lucky Days (of the month): 9, 18, 19, 29