While many people around the world are religious and believe that gods are responsible for happiness and prosperity, some are of the opinion that a man writes his own destiny. You will be surprised to know that many great achievers of today are agnostic. Academy Award winner Jack Nicholson, known for his iconic ‘One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest’, ‘The Shining’ and ‘The Departed’ once said ‘I don’t believe in god now but can still work up an envy for someone who has a faith. I can see how that could be a deeply soothing experience.’ Interviews with ‘Apple’ co-founder Steve Wozniak have revealed that the famous entrepreneur is neither an atheist nor agnostic. Legendary musician and ‘Beatles’ member John Lennon was agnostic too. The lyrics of the hit single ‘Imagine’ spoke volumes about his agnostic side. Actor Bruce Lee, known for his films like ‘Enter The Dragon’ and acclaimed stand-up comedian George Carlin are two other famous celebrities who question the existence of god. The quotes of these famous people prove that not everybody believes that god is a supreme power who drives this world. We have compiled a list of famous personalities who are agnostic. This list also includes some of your favorite celebrities. While some ardent believers may criticize these celebrities for not being thankful to almighty, these individuals have their own reasons for being atheist/agnostic.
Keanu ReevesKeanu Reeves
02 September 1964, Canadian, Lebanese
Joaquin PhoenixJoaquin Phoenix
28 October 1974, Puerto Rican, American

Angelina JolieAngelina Jolie
04 June 1975, American
Actress, Filmmaker, Activist

Brad PittBrad Pitt
18 December 1963, American

Bruce LeeBruce Lee
27 November 1940, Chinese, American
Actor, Martial Artist

Emma ThompsonEmma Thompson
15 April 1959, British
James CameronJames Cameron
16 August 1954, Canadian

Charlie ChaplinCharlie Chaplin
16 April 1889, British

Carrie FisherCarrie Fisher
21 October 1956, American

Marie CurieMarie Curie
07 November 1867, Polish
First woman to win a Nobel Prize
Daniel RadcliffeDaniel Radcliffe
23 July 1989, British

Keira KnightleyKeira Knightley
26 March 1985, British
Roman PolanskiRoman Polanski
18 August 1933, French
French-Polish film director

Morgan FreemanMorgan Freeman
01 June 1937, American

Seth MacFarlaneSeth MacFarlane
26 October 1973, American
Television Producer & Film-maker
Paul BettanyPaul Bettany
27 May 1971, British

Jodie FosterJodie Foster
19 November 1962, American
Actress & Director
Stanley KubrickStanley Kubrick
26 July 1928, American
Film Director

Woody AllenWoody Allen
01 December 1935, American
American bass guitarist

Gene WilderGene Wilder
11 June 1933, American
Julianne MooreJulianne Moore
03 December 1960, American

Sarah SilvermanSarah Silverman
01 December 1970, American
Stand-up Comedian
John MalkovichJohn Malkovich
09 December 1953, American

Katharine HepburnKatharine Hepburn
12 May 1907, American

Antonio BanderasAntonio Banderas
10 August 1960, Spanish
Actor, Director

George CarlinGeorge Carlin
12 May 1937, American
Javier BardemJavier Bardem
01 March 1969, Spanish
Stephen FryStephen Fry
24 August 1957, British
Comedian, Actor

Patton OswaltPatton Oswalt
27 January 1969, American

Hugh HefnerHugh Hefner
09 April 1926, American
Founder of Playboy Magazine

Joss WhedonJoss Whedon
23 June 1964, American
Screenwriter, Director & Producer
Larry KingLarry King
19 November 1933, American
American Television and Radio Host

Cloris LeachmanCloris Leachman
30 April 1926, American
Comedian, Actress

John SteinbeckJohn Steinbeck
27 February 1902, American

Burt LancasterBurt Lancaster
02 November 1913, American

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David CrossDavid Cross
04 April 1964, American
Billy ConnollyBilly Connolly
24 November 1942, Scottish
Stand-up Comedian

Nigella LawsonNigella Lawson
06 January 1960, British
Television Personality, Gourmet, Food Writer
Roger EbertRoger Ebert
18 June 1942, American

Marlene DietrichMarlene Dietrich
27 December 1901, German, French
Actress & Singer

Charlie BrookerCharlie Brooker
03 March 1971, British
Critic, Humourist, Screenwriter
John HustonJohn Huston
05 August 1906, American
Film Director

Gene RoddenberryGene Roddenberry
19 August 1921, American
Douglas AdamsDouglas Adams
11 March 1952, British, American

Kathy GriffinKathy Griffin
04 November 1960, American
American comedian

Harvey FiersteinHarvey Fierstein
06 June 1952, American

Rosalind FranklinRosalind Franklin
25 July 1920, British

Adam SavageAdam Savage
15 July 1967, American
Industrial designer
Robert AltmanRobert Altman
20 February 1925, American
Film Director

Sarah BernhardtSarah Bernhardt
22 October 1844, French

Paul DiracPaul Dirac
08 August 1902, British

Edward SaidEdward Said
01 November 1935, American
Francis CrickFrancis Crick
08 June 1916, British
Co-discoverer of the Structure of the DNA

Edward TellerEdward Teller
15 January 1908, American
Richard RodgersRichard Rodgers
28 June 1902, American
Composer, songwriter, playwright

Barbara NivenBarbara Niven
26 February 1953, American

Andy RooneyAndy Rooney
14 January 1919, American
A. Bartlett GiamattiA. Bartlett Giamatti
04 April 1938, American
Academician, Scholar, Commissioner of Major League

Robert NoyceRobert Noyce
12 December 1927, American
Co-inventor of the integrated circuit
Bernard MalamudBernard Malamud
26 April 1914, American
American novelist

Paul TaylorPaul Taylor
29 July 1930, American
One of the foremost American choreographers of the

Barbara Grizzuti HarrisonBarbara Grizzuti Harrison
14 September 1934, American
Author, Journalist
Eddie IzzardEddie Izzard
07 February 1962, British
Comedian, Voice actor, Stage actor, Film actor

Kamal HaasanKamal Haasan
07 November 1954, Indian
Actor, Film producer, Screenwriter, Film director,
Ian McDiarmidIan McDiarmid
11 August 1944, British
Stage actor, Film actor

Stephen MerchantStephen Merchant
24 November 1974, British
Actor, Comedian, Screenwriter, Radio personality,

Jimmy CarrJimmy Carr
15 September 1972, Irish, British
Actor, Comedian, Television presenter

Ram Gopal VarmaRam Gopal Varma
07 April 1962, Indian
Film director, Film producer, Screenwriter
David CronenbergDavid Cronenberg
15 March 1943, Canadian
Film director, Screenwriter, Actor, Film producer,
Penn JillettePenn Jillette
05 March 1955, American
Radio personality, Actor, Novelist, Circus

Pier Paolo PasoliniPier Paolo Pasolini
05 March 1922, Italian
Film director, Writer, Actor, Poet, Screenwriter,

Russell T DaviesRussell T Davies
27 April 1963, British
Screenwriter, Television producer, Science fiction

Sarah PolleySarah Polley
08 January 1979, Canadian
Actor, Film director, Screenwriter, Singer,
Rachel GriffithsRachel Griffiths
18 December 1968, Australian

Jamie HynemanJamie Hyneman
25 September 1956, American
Television presenter, Journalist, Linguist,

Dave FoleyDave Foley
04 January 1963, Canadian

Terry WoganTerry Wogan
03 August 1938, Irish, British
Radio personality, Television presenter, Q22343421

Paul VerhoevenPaul Verhoeven
18 July 1938, Dutch
Film director, Screenwriter, Film producer
Anna RichardsonAnna Richardson
27 September 1970, British

Joan BakewellJoan Bakewell
16 April 1933, British
Correspondent, Journalist, Politician, Author,
Ron ReaganRon Reagan
20 May 1958, American
Radio personality, Journalist

Luis BuñuelLuis Buñuel
22 February 1900, Spanish, Mexican
Film director, Screenwriter, Actor, Film editor,

Dan SnowDan Snow
03 December 1978, British
Television presenter, Rower
J. Michael StraczynskiJ. Michael Straczynski
17 July 1954, American
Screenwriter, Film producer, Novelist, Journalist,

David BaddielDavid Baddiel
28 May 1964, American
Comedian, Novelist, Screenwriter, Writer, Actor
Andrew DentonAndrew Denton
04 May 1960, Australian
Television presenter

Clive JamesClive James
07 October 1939, Australian
Writer, Broadcaster, Literary critic

David StarkeyDavid Starkey
03 January 1945, British
Historian, Radio personality, Writer

Tony HancockTony Hancock
12 May 1924, British
Comedian, Actor
Griff Rhys JonesGriff Rhys Jones
16 November 1953, British
Actor, Comedian

William B. DavisWilliam B. Davis
13 January 1938, Canadian
Actor, Screenwriter, Film actor
Peter GreenawayPeter Greenaway
05 April 1942, British
Theatre director, Film director, Writer,

Sarah KaneSarah Kane
03 February 1971, British
Playwright, Writer

Tom LeykisTom Leykis
01 August 1956, American
Radio personality

Elyse SewellElyse Sewell
10 June 1982, American
Tom TykwerTom Tykwer
23 May 1965, German
Film director, Film producer, Screenwriter,