Throughout history, there have been many Swedish women film & theater personalities who have made significant contribution to the field. The list includes many familiar and great Swedish female film & theater personalities such as Ingrid Bergman, Greta Garbo, Izabella Scorupco, Malin Akerman, Kristina Wayborn.
Rebecca FergusonRebecca Ferguson
19 October 1983, Swedish
Alicia VikanderAlicia Vikander
03 October 1988, Swedish

Noomi RapaceNoomi Rapace
28 December 1979, Swedish

28 April 1941, Swedish, American

Ingrid BergmanIngrid Bergman
29 August 1915, Swedish

Greta GarboGreta Garbo
18 September 1905, Swedish, American
Film actress
Mercedes MasonMercedes Mason
03 March 1983, Swedish, American

Hanna AlströmHanna Alström
07 July 1981, Swedish

Izabella ScorupcoIzabella Scorupco
04 June 1970, Swedish
Film actress

May BrittMay Britt
22 March 1934, Swedish
Gunilla HuttonGunilla Hutton
15 May 1944, Swedish, American

Kristina WaybornKristina Wayborn
24 September 1950, Swedish
Ulla JonesUlla Jones
18 June 1946, Swedish
Former Model, Actress

Malin AkermanMalin Akerman
12 May 1978, Swedish

Anna LundbergAnna Lundberg
1993 AD, Swedish
Actress, Girlfriend of Michael Sheen
MyAnna BuringMyAnna Buring
22 September 1979, Swedish, British

Neneh CherryNeneh Cherry
10 March 1964, Swedish
Emily BaldoniEmily Baldoni
03 August 1984, Swedish

Viveca PaulinViveca Paulin
24 April 1969, Swedish

Britt EklandBritt Ekland
06 October 1942, Swedish
Actor, Writer, Autobiographer, Television
20 April 1967, Swedish

Lena OlinLena Olin
22 March 1955, Swedish
Stage actor, Film actor, Beauty pageant contestant
Victoria, Crown Princess of SwedenVictoria, Crown Princess of Sweden
14 July 1977, Swedish
Socialite, Diplomat

Hanna AlströmHanna Alström
05 March 1981, Swedish

Anita EkbergAnita Ekberg
29 September 1931, Swedish
Actor, Model, Film actor, Beauty pageant

Erika LinderErika Linder
11 May 1990, Swedish
Ulrika JonssonUlrika Jonsson
16 August 1967, Swedish
Actor, Television presenter, Journalist
Pernilla AugustPernilla August
13 February 1958, Swedish
Actor, Film director, Screenwriter, Director

Maud AdamsMaud Adams
12 February 1945, Swedish
Actor, Model, Film actor

Puma SwedePuma Swede
13 September 1976, Swedish
Adult Film Star, Autobiographer, Actor, Model

Queen Silvia of SwedenQueen Silvia of Sweden
23 December 1943, German, Swedish
Pia LindströmPia Lindström
20 September 1938, Swedish
Actor, Journalist

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Helena MattssonHelena Mattsson
30 March 1984, Swedish, American

Princess Estelle, Duchess of ÖstergötlandPrincess Estelle, Duchess of Östergötland
23 February 2012, Swedish

Ingrid of SwedenIngrid of Sweden
28 March 1910, Swedish

Bibi AnderssonBibi Andersson
11 November 1935, Swedish
Erika LustErika Lust
1977 AD, Swedish
writer, film director, film producer,

Victoria SilvstedtVictoria Silvstedt
19 September 1974, Swedish
Melinda KinnamanMelinda Kinnaman
09 November 1971, Swedish, American

Elli AvramElli Avram
29 July 1990, Swedish

Astrid of SwedenAstrid of Sweden
17 November 1905, Swedish
Maryam ZakariaMaryam Zakaria
27 September 1985, Swedish
actor, model

Sofia HelinSofia Helin
25 April 1972, Swedish
Anna BergmanAnna Bergman
05 May 1948, Swedish
Actor, Film actor

Katia WinterKatia Winter
13 October 1983, Swedish

Carin GöringCarin Göring
21 October 1888, Swedish

Mai ZetterlingMai Zetterling
24 May 1925, Swedish
Actor, Film director, Screenwriter, Writer,

Marika GreenMarika Green
21 June 1943, French, Swedish
Uschi DigardUschi Digard
15 August 1948, Swedish
Film actor, Film producer, Actor, Glamour model,

Princess Birgitta of SwedenPrincess Birgitta of Sweden
19 January 1937, Swedish

Hillevi RombinHillevi Rombin
14 September 1933, Swedish
Actor, Model, Beauty pageant contestant

Johanna SällströmJohanna Sällström
30 December 1974, Swedish
Mini AndénMini Andén
07 June 1978, Swedish
Actor, Model, Socialite

Ingrid ThulinIngrid Thulin
27 January 1926, Swedish
Actor, Director
Marina HedmanMarina Hedman
29 September 1944, Italian, Swedish
Actor, Adult Film Star, Model

Camilla SparvCamilla Sparv
03 June 1943, Swedish

Maria BonnevieMaria Bonnevie
26 September 1973, Norwegian, Swedish
Vendela KirsebomVendela Kirsebom
12 January 1967, Norwegian, Swedish
Model, Actor, Television presenter

Alexandra RapaportAlexandra Rapaport
26 December 1971, Swedish
Harriet AnderssonHarriet Andersson
14 February 1932, Swedish

Christina LindbergChristina Lindberg
06 December 1950, Swedish
Actor, Journalist, Glamour model, Model

Zarah LeanderZarah Leander
15 March 1907, Swedish
Singer, Actor, Autobiographer
Lina LeanderssonLina Leandersson
27 September 1995, Swedish
Actor, Film actor

Marie RichardsonMarie Richardson
06 June 1959, Swedish
Aliette OpheimAliette Opheim
21 July 1985, Swedish

Ulla JacobssonUlla Jacobsson
23 May 1929, Austrian, Swedish
Actor, Film actor

Ewa AulinEwa Aulin
13 February 1950, Swedish

Lena EndreLena Endre
08 July 1955, Swedish
Eva BergmanEva Bergman
05 September 1945, Swedish
Film director, Director
Monica ZetterlundMonica Zetterlund
20 September 1937, Swedish
Singer, Actor, Jazz musician

Gina DirawiGina Dirawi
11 December 1990, Swedish
Television presenter, Comedian, Singer

Yvonne RydingYvonne Ryding
14 December 1962, Swedish
Model, Beauty pageant contestant

Mercedes MasöhnMercedes Masöhn
03 March 1982, Swedish
Barbro Hjort af OrnäsBarbro Hjort af Ornäs
28 August 1921, Swedish