Astrological influence of the two planets, Mercury and Uranus, form the probability of the personality of individuals with the September 4 birthday. As such, these two planets are mainly responsible for the uniqueness of their personality. Charming and sensitive, individuals with this birthday are blessed with self-confidence. They are bold in their approach but do not get pushy. Talented and skilled, they excel at any task they put their heart in. What’s more, since these people have great organizational skills, they have the ability to go far in life. However, September 4 individuals have an attention seeking nature which can cause unpredictable behaviour, such as feeling confused, overreacting, being inflexible or getting angry soon. September 4th individuals need to control the same to lead a good life.

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Mark RonsonMark Ronson
44, British
Damon WayansDamon Wayans
59, American

Wes BentleyWes Bentley
41, American

Max GreenfieldMax Greenfield
39, American

Taya KyleTaya Kyle
45, American
Activist, Author

Carmit BacharCarmit Bachar
45, American
Xavier WoodsXavier Woods
33, American
Professional Wrestler

Mickey CohenMickey Cohen
62, American

Gilles de RaisGilles de Rais
36, French
Serial Killer of Children

Dick YorkDick York
63, American
Andrew McCollumAndrew McCollum
36, American
Co-founder of Facebook

Phill LewisPhill Lewis
51, Ugandan, American
Actor, Director
Jason David FrankJason David Frank
46, American
Actor, Mixed Martial Artist

Ione Skye Leitch, Ione Skye LeeIone Skye
49, British

 Dadabhai NaorojiDadabhai Naoroji
91, Indian
Howard MorrisHoward Morris
85, American
Actor, Director

Paul HarveyPaul Harvey
90, American
Radio Broadcaster
Khandi AlexanderKhandi Alexander
62, American
Dancer, Actress

Michael BerrymanMichael Berryman
71, American

Mark TuanMark Tuan
26, American
Musical Artist
Charlotte Le BonCharlotte Le Bon
33, Canadian, French
Actress, TV Host, Model

Danny WorsnopDanny Worsnop
29, British
Antonin ArtaudAntonin Artaud
51, French
Dramatist, Poet, Essayist, Actor, & Theatre

Lewis Howard LatimerLewis Howard Latimer
80, American

Anton BrucknerAnton Bruckner
72, Austrian

Daniel BurnhamDaniel Burnham
65, American
Architect, Urban Designer
Judea PearlJudea Pearl
83, Israeli, American
Computer Scientist
Andrea BrooksAndrea Brooks
33, American

James BayJames Bay
29, British

Gelila BekeleGelila Bekele
33, Ethiopian

Trevor MartinTrevor Martin
27, American
Dallas WillardDallas Willard
77, American

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Edward DmytrykEdward Dmytryk
90, Canadian, American
Film Director

Victoria MorolesVictoria Moroles
23, American
Dancer, Actress

Dawn FraserDawn Fraser
82, Australian

Max DelbrückMax Delbrück
74, German
Beyonce KnowlesBeyonce Knowles
38, American

Brandon RowlandBrandon Rowland
17, American
Instagram star
Joan AikenJoan Aiken
79, American

Edward BatesEdward Bates
75, American

Maryna LinchukMaryna Linchuk
32, Belarusian
Fashion Model
Josh ZerkerJosh Zerker
27, British
YouTuber, Gamer

Stanford Moore Stanford Moore
68, American
Rush Holland ButlerRush Holland Butler
15, American
Instagram Star

Richard WrightRichard Wright
52, American

Anthony De MelloAnthony De Mello
55, Indian
Authored books related to spirituality, lectures

Tenzing TrainorTenzing Trainor
18, American

Livia GiuggioliLivia Giuggioli
50, Italian
Film Producer
Jaydyn PriceJaydyn Price
15, American
TikTok ( Star

Maddi JaneMaddi Jane
21, American
Singer & Youtuber

Brandon Ryan RowlandBrandon Ryan Rowland
17, American
Instagram star, YouNow star, TikTok ( &

Mackenzie SolMackenzie Sol
19, British
Pop Singer
Kady McDermottKady McDermott
24, British
Reality TV Star

Kaitlynn CarterKaitlynn Carter
32, American

21, Serbian
YouTube Gamer

Whitney CummingsWhitney Cummings
37, American
44, Indian
Film director

Drew PinskyDrew Pinsky
61, American
Radio personality, Podcaster
Rishi KapoorRishi Kapoor
67, Indian
Actor, Film director, Film producer

John DiMaggioJohn DiMaggio
51, American
Actor, Dub actor, Television actor

Henry Ford IIHenry Ford II
70, American
Adrienne MaloofAdrienne Maloof
American businesswoman

Anthony WeinerAnthony Weiner
55, American
politician,U.S. Representative
Noah TaylorNoah Taylor
50, Australian
Actor, Screenwriter

Chris LoweChris Lowe
60, British, American

Kia StevensKia Stevens
42, American

Mike PiazzaMike Piazza
51, Italian, American
Professional Baseball catcher
Kyle MooneyKyle Mooney
35, American
Anant NagAnant Nag
71, Indian

Mitzi GaynorMitzi Gaynor
88, American
American actress

Aadesh ShrivastavaAadesh Shrivastava
49, Indian

Cooper HefnerCooper Hefner
28, American
Nona GayeNona Gaye
45, American

Carlos PonceCarlos Ponce
47, Puerto Rican, American

Raúl AlbiolRaúl Albiol
34, Spanish
Association football player

Sarah SolemaniSarah Solemani
33, British

William Kennedy SmithWilliam Kennedy Smith
59, American
Eduard KhilEduard Khil
77, Russian

Lou DoillonLou Doillon
37, French
Actor, Model, Singer
Fatih TerimFatih Terim
66, Turkish
Turkish association football manager

Kiran MoreKiran More
57, Indian
Indian cricketer

Shinya YamanakaShinya Yamanaka
57, Japanese
Biologist, Physician, Professor
Alexander III of ScotlandAlexander III of Scotland
44, Scottish

Ivan IllichIvan Illich
76, Austrian
Writer, Historian, Educationist, Philosopher,
François-René de ChateaubriandFrançois-René de Chateaubriand
79, French
Writer, Politician, Diplomat, Historian, Poet,

Ramon DekkersRamon Dekkers
Sportsperson, Kickboxer, Thai boxer

Poo BearPoo Bear
41, American

Samantha ArmytageSamantha Armytage
42, Australian
Journalist, News presenter
David LagercrantzDavid Lagercrantz
57, Swedish
Writer, Journalist, Biographer

Fritz TodtFritz Todt
50, German
Engineer, Politician, Civil engineer, Architect
Axel von Fersen the YoungerAxel von Fersen the Younger
54, Swedish

Jan ŠvankmajerJan Švankmajer
85, Czech
Jocelyn MoorhouseJocelyn Moorhouse
59, Australian
Film director, Screenwriter, Film producer, Writer

Wanli EmperorWanli Emperor
56, Chinese
Emperor of China
Darius MilhaudDarius Milhaud
81, French
Classical composer, Conductor, Autobiographer,

Personality Traits & Characteristic of Famous People Born on September 4

Ambitious and charming, people born on September 4th are blessed with distinctive traits and characteristic features. Unlike other Virgoan’s, individuals with this birthday are endowed with a careful, analysing and perceptively sensitive nature. In addition to being patient and diligent, there is a strong need for order, stability and structure in these people. As such, these people are quite efficient at planning and blessed with organizational skills. They are confident about their beliefs and tend to keep their insecurities at bay. Though September 4th born individuals would listen to the opinion and advice of others, they trust their abilities and follow their heart while acting on the same. Intellectually proficient, these people are sort of perfectionist at what they do.

Health concern for individuals born on September 4 is a relentless issue. Unlike others, people with this birthdate are overactive and always on the go. This energetic disposition may lead to lack of sleep and proneness to skipping meals. Due to the same, they are more likely to have accidents. It is recommended for these individuals to slow down and relax for some time. Avoiding extreme mental stress, tension and anxiety is a good way to deal with health issues. People with this birthdate should focus their energies towards their well-being. They should not miss on their appointments with dentist as well as dental problems can occur to these individuals.

Financial security is never a concern for individuals with this birthdate. They adopt a prudent attitude towards living and rarely go outside their budget limit. As such, these individuals are able to save a great amount of money. Impulsive buying and gambling are not seen in individuals born on this day.

It is highly unlikely to find an individual born on this date take up a mundane vocation as his/her profile. Regular 9 to 5 jobs are not what September 4th individuals aim for. They are ambitious and look for unusual and challenging occupation as their profession. Work satisfaction holds much more importance than rate of pay while selecting a job or a profession for a September 4th individual. When they take up an ideal job profile, these individual excel due to their diligent, patient and competent temperament.

Relationships, Marriage & Children
Relationships are sacrosanct for Virgo’s born on this date. They greatly esteem their relationships and value them. September 4th people are great at making friends and consider friendship at the stepping stone of love. On the outside, these people may be reserved and indifferent, but inside, they seek for a partner with whom they can share a loving bond. People with this birthday often take a long time to commit to a relationship as they find it hard to open up emotionally. However, once they found the right partner, they are extremely compassionate and devoted. A perfect lover for September 4th individual is one who shares similar aims and satiates the need of the former for being cherished and appreciated. Children form an important part in the life of September 4th individuals. They are liberal in their upbringing method and understanding in their disposition.

Lucky Colors: Electric Blue, White, Multi-Colors
Lucky Numbers: 4, 13, 22, 31, 40, 58, 67
Lucky Days (of the week): Sunday, Tuesday
Lucky Days (of the month): 4, 14, 22, 24