The probability of the personality of September 2nd individuals are derived by the mutual influence of the planet Mercury and Moon. While the former rules the zodiacal group, the latter governs the actual date in which these individuals are born. Amiable and friendly, individuals with this birthdate are charismatic in their disposition and have a compelling and captivating personality. Great at negotiating, organizing and compromising, these people are fair, just and unpretentious in their dealings. Affinity for intelligence and practicality helps in increasing the wisdom of these individuals. However, September 2nd individuals have a streak of stubbornness and adaptability problem in them. These can result in a moody behaviour and give rise to emotional outbursts.

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Keanu ReevesKeanu Reeves
55, Canadian, Lebanese
Salma HayekSalma Hayek
53, Mexican, American

Mark HarmonMark Harmon
68, American
American television actor

Lennox Lewis Lennox Lewis
54, American

Jimmy ConnorsJimmy Connors
67, American
Tennis Player

Justine MuskJustine Musk
47, Canadian
Author, Elon Musk’s Ex-wife
Katt WilliamsKatt Williams
48, American
Stand-up Comedian, Actor

Terry BradshawTerry Bradshaw
71, American
Former NFL Star & TV Analyst

30, German, Russian
Record Producer

Alexander PovetkinAlexander Povetkin
40, Russian
Professional Boxer
Aimee OsbourneAimee Osbourne
36, British

Billy PrestonBilly Preston
59, American
Musician & Songwriter
Cynthia WatrosCynthia Watros
51, American

Amelia Warren TyagiAmelia Warren Tyagi
48, American
Elizabeth Warren's Daughter

Bill ShanklyBill Shankly
68, British, Scottish
Scottish Footballer and Manager
Ahmad Shah MassoudAhmad Shah Massoud
48, Afghan
Former Afghan Military & Political Leader

Gyasi ZardesGyasi Zardes
28, American
Soccer Player
Henry GeorgeHenry George
58, American
Economist, Politician, Writer

Merritt PattersonMerritt Patterson
29, Canadian

Allison MillerAllison Miller
34, Italian, American
Louis BonaparteLouis Bonaparte
67, French, Italian
King of Holland from 1806 to 1810

Yani GellmanYani Gellman
34, American
Alan K. SimpsonAlan K. Simpson
88, American
Former United States Senator

Sungha JungSungha Jung
23, South Korean

Madilyn BaileyMadilyn Bailey
27, American

Wilhelm OstwaldWilhelm Ostwald
78, German
Frederick SoddyFrederick Soddy
79, British
Kirkpatrick MacmillanKirkpatrick Macmillan
65, Scottish
Inventor of Pedal Bicycle

Leah AsheLeah Ashe
26, American

Kian Robert LawleyKian Robert Lawley
24, American
Actor, YouTuber

Du-Shaunt StegallDu-Shaunt Stegall
25, American
Dancer, Actor
Hayley LeBlancHayley LeBlanc
11, American
YouTube Personality

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27, American

Roman SerfatyRoman Serfaty
11, American
YouTube Star

Isabelle InghamIsabelle Ingham
14, British
YouTube Star

Natalie JillNatalie Jill
48, American
Fitness Trainer/Nutritionist/Author/TV Personality
Chance SuttonChance Sutton
23, American
YouTube Star

Charles TrippyCharles Trippy
35, American
TwoSync MatTwoSync Mat
31, British
YouTube Star

Nia RaderNia Rader
31, American

Romina GafurRomina Gafur
20, American
TikTok Star
Thomas PetrouThomas Petrou
21, American

Pawan KalyanPawan Kalyan
48, Indian
Film director, Actor, Choreographer, Screenwriter
46, Indian
Film director, Actor, Screenwriter

Eugenio DerbezEugenio Derbez
58, Mexican
Actor, Television actor, Film actor

Camille GrammerCamille Grammer
51, American
Television personality

Christa McAuliffeChrista McAuliffe
37, American
Astronaut, Teacher

Alexandre PatoAlexandre Pato
30, Brazilian
Association football player
Keir StarmerKeir Starmer
57, British

Vance DeGeneresVance DeGeneres
65, American
Actor, Television actor, Screenwriter

Joan Bennett KennedyJoan Bennett Kennedy
83, American
American musician

Ishant SharmaIshant Sharma
31, Indian
Sadhana ShivdasaniSadhana Shivdasani
74, Indian

Nandamuri HarikrishnaNandamuri Harikrishna
63, Indian
Politician, Actor
Marcus EricssonMarcus Ericsson
29, Swedish
Racecar driver

Carlos ValderramaCarlos Valderrama
58, Colombian
Association football player

Joey BartonJoey Barton
37, British
Association football player, Journalist
Eric DickersonEric Dickerson
59, American
American Football Players

Harvey LevinHarvey Levin
69, American
David BaleDavid Bale
62, British

Javi MartínezJavi Martínez
31, Spanish
Association football player

Derek FowldsDerek Fowlds
82, British
79, American

Leslie CockburnLeslie Cockburn
67, American
Humberto ZuritaHumberto Zurita
65, Mexican
Actor, Television actor, Film actor

79, American

Daniel arap MoiDaniel arap Moi
95, Kenyan

Frédéric KanoutéFrédéric Kanouté
42, French
Werner von BlombergWerner von Blomberg
67, German, Polish
Politician, Officer, Military personnel
Andrew GroveAndrew Grove
79, Hungarian

Shauna SandShauna Sand
48, American
Model, Actor, Playboy Playmate, Television actor

Hans-Hermann HoppeHans-Hermann Hoppe
70, German
Economist, Philosopher, Academic, University

Yuen WahYuen Wah
Actor, Film actor
Archduchess Elisabeth Marie of AustriaArchduchess Elisabeth Marie of Austria
79, Austrian

Marge ChampionMarge Champion
100, American
Actor, Choreographer, Dancer, Stage actor

Glen SatherGlen Sather
76, Canadian
Ice hockey player

Andreas MöllerAndreas Möller
52, German

Tom HallTom Hall
55, American
Computer scientist
Romare BeardenRomare Bearden
76, American
Writer, Artist, Painter

Olivier PanisOlivier Panis
53, French
Racing driver
Darren MattocksDarren Mattocks
29, Jamaican
Association football player

Michelle YimMichelle Yim

Joseph RothJoseph Roth
44, Austrian
Writer, Journalist
Russ ConwayRuss Conway
75, British
Musician, Pianist, Songwriter

Ron NgRon Ng
Actor, Singer
Giuliano GemmaGiuliano Gemma
75, Italian
Actor, Sculptor

Gary HollywoodGary Hollywood
40, British
Actor, Film actor

Stanislav CherchesovStanislav Cherchesov
56, Russian
Association football player, Association football

Albert BormannAlbert Bormann
86, German
Mario TremblayMario Tremblay
63, Canadian
Ice hockey player

Giovanni VergaGiovanni Verga
81, Italian
Italian writer
Sam RiversSam Rivers
42, American
bassist, musician

Ivar JacobsonIvar Jacobson
80, Swedish
Computer scientist, Engineer, Inventor
Eric AllmanEric Allman
64, American
Engineer, Programmer, Computer scientist

Montana CoxMontana Cox
26, Australian
René ThomRené Thom
79, French
Mathematician, University teacher

Personality Traits & Characteristic of Famous People Born on September 2

The personality traits and characteristic of individuals born on September 2nd include intelligence, practicality and organizational powers. Influenced by the Moon, they are well mannered and emotionally balanced than their counterparts. Unlike other Virgoan’s, these individuals are diplomatic in their disposition and have a less critical attitude towards things, people and situations. Another positive trait in September 2nd people is that they are highly intuitive, persuasive and straightforward. Though these people are open to compromise and have a relaxed approach towards life, on certain occasions they may get rigid and strongly refuse to do something that they do not want to indulge in. Ambitious and efficient, they like to be in the driving seat and have full control over life. September 2nd individuals rarely are unfair or unjust in their behaviour and conduct.

The general health condition of those born on September 2nd is not an extremely sound one. Due to vulnerability to fatigue and stress, these people are likely to experience bad health and illness. September 2nd individuals need to indulge in effective relaxation techniques to avoid stress and tension. They even need to indulge in a disciplined healthy diet to stay fit. Getting knowledge about the nutritional content in food and the best nourishment option for optimum vitality is valuable for the healthy being of these people.

Earning money is not a problem for individuals with this birthdate. However, it is the saving part that seems to be a tricky affair. People with this birthday may suffer from periods of financial insecurity and instability due to their spendthrift ways. Dominated by emotions rather than common sense, September 2nd people tend to spend more than what is actually required while shopping.

Unlike other Virgo’s, individuals born on the second of September are absolutely serious about their career and usually take a well-informed and a well-researched decision while picking one. Since these people are interested in the why and how of things, they do well in technical departments or in educational and promotional sectors. Additionally, their friendly ways and diplomatic nature assists them in making themselves an asset in any organization.

Relationships, Marriage & Children
Love to individuals born on this date is a vital component of life. They feel incomplete without loving or being loved by someone. However, finding a true soul mate often props up as a difficult task for these people as they have idealistic option about romance. These people look for a partner who is equally intellectual and passionate. Fidelity and loyalty are also sacred for those born on this date. September 2nd natives are extremely tender, caring and affectionate but they can be fiercely protective as well. They need a partner who understands this need of theirs and accepts them the way they are. Though these individuals may come across as shy and reserved people, once a rapport is built, they open up and are easy to talk to.  September 2nd individuals share a commendable relationship with their children. They are tender and kind hearted towards them but may not be able to show their feelings and emotions quite often.

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Lucky Numbers: 2, 11, 20, 29, 38, 47
Lucky Days (of the week): Monday, Thursday, Sunday
Lucky Days (of the month): 2, 11, 12, 22