Astrologically, the probability of the personality of Librans born on October 18 is dependent on the planetary position of Venus and Mars. The zodiacal group is ruled by Venus, while Mars governs the actual date in which these individuals are born. Together, the two play a dominating role in determining the individuality and uniqueness of those with this birthday. Talking about the positive attributes, October 18 people are creative, cooperative and talented. They have a penchant for problem solving and are just and honest in their dealings. Strong will, confidence and determination makes these people immensely unique from their other zodiacal counterparts. However, not all is well with these individuals as they are susceptible to being aloof and outspoken and may even act uncharacteristically bothered in unfavorable situation. These signs become more prevalent in stressful conditions.

Zac EfronZac Efron
32, American
Actor, Singer
Jean-Claude Van DammeJean-Claude Van Damme
59, Belgian
Martial Artist & Actor

Lee Harvey OswaldLee Harvey Oswald
24, American
Armed force officer

Bob WeinsteinBob Weinstein
35, American
Film Producer

Lindsey VonnLindsey Vonn
35, American
Alpine Ski Racer

Pierre TrudeauPierre Trudeau
80, Canadian
15th Prime Minister of Canada
Tyler PoseyTyler Posey
28, American

Chuck BerryChuck Berry
90, American

Pam DawberPam Dawber
68, American
Chuck LorreChuck Lorre
67, American
Writer, Television Producer, Director

Freida PintoFreida Pinto
35, Indian
40, American
American singer-songwriter

Peter BoylePeter Boyle
71, American

Milo YiannopoulosMilo Yiannopoulos
35, British

Dawn WellsDawn Wells
81, American

George C. ScottGeorge C. Scott
71, American
American film actor
Mike DitkaMike Ditka
80, American
American Football Player, NFL Coach

Martina NavratilovaMartina Navratilova
63, American
Former Tennis Champion

Joy BryantJoy Bryant
45, American

Arliss HowardArliss Howard
65, American
Inger Stevens Inger Stevens
35, American

Joe MortonJoe Morton
72, American

Henri BergsonHenri Bergson
81, French
Philosopher and Writer

Zhou XunZhou Xun
45, Chinese
Actress, Singer
Margo ReyMargo Rey
53, Mexican

Miriam HopkinsMiriam Hopkins
69, American
Laci GreenLaci Green
30, American

Matthew HenryMatthew Henry
51, British

Violeta ChamorroVioleta Chamorro
90, Nicaraguan
Political leader
Mark FerrisMark Ferris
29, British

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Mauricio FunesMauricio Funes
60, Salvadoran
Former President of El Salvador
Ethan HamiltonEthan Hamilton
21, Scottish

A. J. LieblingA. J. Liebling
59, American

Ricky BanksRicky Banks
28, American
Vlogger, Gamer, CEO of FaZe Clan

19, Turkish
YouTube Star
Ramon Hervey IIRamon Hervey II
69, American
Music Executive, Producer
Luca MarenzioLuca Marenzio
45, Italian
Composer & Singer

FaZe JevFaZe Jev
26, American

Noah AtwoodNoah Atwood
15, American
Son of YouTuber Roman Atwood

Levi Morales Levi Morales
4, American
Breland EmoryBreland Emory
32, American
YouTuber, Fashion & Beauty Guru

Justin HakutaJustin Hakuta
37, American
Ali Wong's Husband, Executive, Entrepreneur

Bob WeinsteinBob Weinstein
65, American

41, Indian

Om PuriOm Puri
66, Indian
Zakir NaikZakir Naik
54, Indian
Physician, Writer, Intellectual, Preacher

Erin MoranErin Moran
56, American
Thomas HearnsThomas Hearns
61, American

Klaus KinskiKlaus Kinski
93, German, American

Mike TindallMike Tindall
41, British
Rugby union player
Brittney GrinerBrittney Griner
29, American
Basketball player

Bristol PalinBristol Palin
29, American
Reality Star
Sam QuekSam Quek
31, British
Hockey player

Kunal KapoorKunal Kapoor
42, Indian

Howard ShoreHoward Shore
73, Canadian
Composer, Conductor, Film score composer

Toby RegboToby Regbo
28, British

Robbie SavageRobbie Savage
45, British
Association football player
Esperanza SpaldingEsperanza Spalding
35, American
Music educator, Jazz musician, Singer

Wynton MarsalisWynton Marsalis
58, American

63, Thai
King of Thailand

Bobby TroupBobby Troup
80, American
Singer-songwriter, Pianist, Actor, Songwriter,
Laura NyroLaura Nyro
49, American

Amish TripathiAmish Tripathi
45, Indian
Jesse HelmsJesse Helms
86, American

Rhod GilbertRhod Gilbert
51, British

Huell HowserHuell Howser
67, American
Television presenter, Actor, Voice actor,
Talitha GettyTalitha Getty
Actor, Model

Jaydev UnadkatJaydev Unadkat
28, Indian
Indian cricketer
Willie HortonWillie Horton
77, American
Baseball Player

Prince Eugene of SavoyPrince Eugene of Savoy
72, French

Lotte LenyaLotte Lenya
83, Austrian
Singer, Stage actor, Film actor
John John FlorenceJohn John Florence
27, American

Swwapnil JoshiSwwapnil Joshi
42, Indian
Derrick ColemanDerrick Coleman
29, American
American football fullback

Nick HoughtonNick Houghton
65, British
Military personnel

Ivan CavaleiroIvan Cavaleiro
26, Portuguese
Association football player

36, Brazilian
Yoenis CéspedesYoenis Céspedes
34, Cuban
Baseball player
John SchwartzmanJohn Schwartzman
59, American

Charles StrossCharles Stross
55, British

James BoswellJames Boswell
54, British, Scottish

Cynthia WeilCynthia Weil
79, American
Composer, Songwriter
Marina PriorMarina Prior
56, Australian
Singer, Opera singer

Max GersonMax Gerson
77, German, American

Calvin LockhartCalvin Lockhart
72, American
Actor, Stage actor

Lisa ChappellLisa Chappell
51, New Zealander
Actor, Singer

Heinrich von KleistHeinrich von Kleist
34, German
Playwright, Poet, Short story writer, Novelist,
Ntozake ShangeNtozake Shange
70, American

Félix Houphouët-BoignyFélix Houphouët-Boigny
88, Ivorian
Former President of the Ivory Coast
D. T. SuzukiD. T. Suzuki
95, Japanese
Writer, Philosopher, University teacher,

Terry McMillanTerry McMillan
68, American
American author
Pope Pius IIPope Pius II
68, Italian
Catholic priest, Diplomat, Writer, University
Ramiz AliaRamiz Alia
85, Albanian

Personality Traits & Characteristic of Famous People Born on October 18

Individuals born on October 18th are unique in their disposition. Their characteristic is determined by two planets, Venus and Mars. While Venus provides these individuals with an inquisitive, persuasive and alert mind, Mars’ brings in the much needed diplomacy, purposefulness and fearless attitude. Individuals with this birthday have a futuristic attitude in life and are confident, ambitious and well in control.  They are honest and self-sufficient, with a kind hearted and unselfish nature.  Though these people often look for the assurance and approval of others, they are overall optimistic, determined and focussed in their approach. Since these are creative folks, they have a soft corner which appreciates fine food, wine, artwork and fashion.

The overall healthiness of individuals born on October 18 is generally robust due to their interest to look and feel good. These people are highly motivated to flaunt a refreshing appearance and thus, take care to include lots of exercise and a sensible diet in their daily routine. Additionally, their immaculate care in keeping the sleep pattern regular and steady also ensures good health. The only thing that these individuals need to work on is dealing with stress caused by too many responsibilities. Also, October 18 borns need to be cautious as they are susceptible to being addicted to caffeine, nicotine and alcohol.

Financial security comes naturally to those born on October 18. These people are conscious about spending money wisely and have a careful eye on budgeting. This proficiency in handling money makes these individuals deter from the impulsive route. Their patience also assists them in saving for expensive purchases rather than borrowing money or taking credit.

Ambitious and determined, individuals sharing their birthday on October 18 tend to have a preference for working in a prominent position. These people are blessed with an analytical mind and are intelligent and quick witted. They are also quick to learn and usually prepared to study or gain training for a favoured vocation. What acts in their favour is their clever charm and tact that makes them wonderful co-worker. The only thing that October 18 folks are not comfortable with is working at the background but if the opportunity is a decent one, they compromise on it as well.

Relationships, Marriage & Children
For Librans who shares the birthdate of October 18, relationships hold a quintessential place in the mind and heart of these individuals. These people are on the lookout for a partner with whom they can share the bond of love and romance. An ideal mate for those born on this day is one who share the same frequency as their’s and has similar interest and liking. Incredibly loving and passionate, these people will shower lots of affection and attention to their special someone. Since these people possess a mature serious attitude to love and romance, they will make every effort to keep a soul mate happy and contented. What’s more, the romantic idealism that these people believe in goes a long way in assuring harmony and gratification in a relationship. October 18 men and women make excellent parents. They are concerned about making life less stressful and happier for their children. Though they are attentive and affectionate towards the little ones, this may sometimes go to the extent of being overprotective as well.

Lucky Color: Red, Maroon, Scarlet
Lucky Number: 9, 18, 27, 36, 45
Lucky Days (of the week): Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
Lucky Days (of the month): 9, 18, 27