The astral influence of the planet Jupiter is said to dominate the probability of the personality of individuals born under the zodiac sign, Sagittarius. What’s more, Jupiter is also the ruling planet for the particular date in which November 30 individuals are born, thus intensifying the anticipated typicalities and qualities of these folks. November 30 people are diligent and receptive with an inquisitive mind and admirable eloquence. They are easy to approach, have warm and polite mannerism and a heartfelt kindness and compassion towards others. These people are endowed with a sharp intuition which makes them optimistic and look at the brighter side of life.  Though these people mostly display positive behavior, in times of discontentment or when disappointed, they may get agitated and show touchy, nervously wary and reactive behaviour.

Winston ChurchillWinston Churchill
90, British
Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
Kaley CuocoKaley Cuoco
34, American

Chrissy TeigenChrissy Teigen
34, American

Ben StillerBen Stiller
54, American

Mark TwainMark Twain
74, American
Author and Humorist

Magnus CarlsenMagnus Carlsen
29, Norwegian
World Chess Champion
Ridley ScottRidley Scott
82, British
Film Producer, Director

Bo JacksonBo Jackson
57, American
Former Baseball & Football Player

Billy IdolBilly Idol
64, British

Mia GothMia Goth
26, Brazilian, Canadian, British
Actress, Model
Gary LinekerGary Lineker
59, British

Mandy PatinkinMandy Patinkin
67, American
Steve AokiSteve Aoki
42, American

Deborra-Lee FurnessDeborra-Lee Furness
64, Australian

Clay AikenClay Aiken
41, American
Jagadish Chandra BoseJagadish Chandra Bose
78, Indian

Jonathan SwiftJonathan Swift
77, Irish
Author and Satirist
Nelsan EllisNelsan Ellis
39, American

Abbie HoffmanAbbie Hoffman
52, American
Anti-War Activist

David MametDavid Mamet
72, American
Richard CrennaRichard Crenna
93, American

Jessalyn GilsigJessalyn Gilsig
48, Canadian
Lucy Maud MontgomeryLucy Maud Montgomery
67, Canadian

Shirley ChisholmShirley Chisholm
80, American

Christel KhalilChristel Khalil
32, American

Simonetta StefanelliSimonetta Stefanelli
65, Italian
Gordon ParksGordon Parks
93, American

Albert KesselringAlbert Kesselring
74, German
War Criminal

Chandra Bahadur DangiChandra Bahadur Dangi
75, Nepalese
Shortest Adult Male in Recorded History

Josh KoscheckJosh Koscheck
42, American
Mixed Martial Artist
Allan ShermanAllan Sherman
48, American

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Wallace ChungWallace Chung
45, Hong Konger
Actor & Recording Artist

Furious PeteFurious Pete
34, Canadian, Polish
Competitive Eater

Henry TaubeHenry Taube
89, Canadian, American

Jushin Thunder LigerJushin Thunder Liger
55, Japanese
Japanese Professional Wrestler & MMA
Jahi Di'Allo WinstonJahi Di'Allo Winston
16, American

Andrzej Viktor ‘Andrew’ SchallyAndrew Schally
93, Canadian, Polish, American
Gustaf Dalén Gustaf Dalén
68, Swedish
Inventor of Automatic Regulators, AGA Cookers,

Andrea dal Pozzo Andrea Pozzo
66, Italian
Painter, Architect

Emily SkinnerEmily Skinner
17, American
Andres BonifacioAndres Bonifacio
33, Filipino
Filipino Revolutionary

Neal CarterNeal Carter
10, American
Lil Wayne's Son
Edgar Adrian, 1st Baron AdrianEdgar Adrian, 1st Baron Adrian
87, British

Ian HecoxIan Hecox
32, American
YuTube Star, Comedian

Trinity FatuTrinity Fatu
32, American
WWE Wrestler

Frank GioiaFrank Gioia
26, American

Kaelynn Gobert-HarrisKaelynn Gobert-Harris
24, American
Hannah bagshaweHannah bagshawe
37, British
Wife of Eddie Redmayne

Gustav SuitsGustav Suits
72, Estonian

Efrem Zimbalist JrEfrem Zimbalist Jr
95, American

Trill SammyTrill Sammy
22, American
Tziporah MalkahTziporah Malkah
46, Australian, American
Model, Actress

Dimitri Portwood KutcherDimitri Portwood Kutcher
3, American
Mila Kunis' Son
Jorge GarayJorge Garay
18, Spanish
TikTok Star

Julian OzanneJulian Ozanne
54, Kenyan
Film Producer

Larissa SchotLarissa Schot
24, American
Rachel BrosnahanRachel Brosnahan
30, American

Elisha CuthbertElisha Cuthbert
37, Canadian
Television actor, Film actor, Actor, Model
Irrfan KhanIrrfan Khan
57, Indian

Rebecca RittenhouseRebecca Rittenhouse
31, American

Kevin ConroyKevin Conroy
64, American
Dub actor, Film actor, Television actor, Stage
Tony BellewTony Bellew
37, British

Phillip HughesPhillip Hughes
25, Australian
Dick ClarkDick Clark
82, American
Television presenter, Entrepreneur, Radio

Terrence MalickTerrence Malick
76, American
American film director

Gael García BernalGael García Bernal
41, Mexican
actor, film director, television actor, film actor

Robert GuillaumeRobert Guillaume
89, American
George DiCaprioGeorge DiCaprio
76, American
Hiam AbbassHiam Abbass
59, French, Israeli
Actor, Film director, Photographer, Screenwriter,

Bo WelchBo Welch
68, American
Film director, Screenwriter

Stephen Campbell MooreStephen Campbell Moore
40, British

Richard BrakeRichard Brake
55, American, Welsh
M. SasikumarM. Sasikumar
44, Indian
film director, film editor, screenwriter

Diego KlattenhoffDiego Klattenhoff
40, Canadian

Mindy McCreadyMindy McCready
37, American
Singer, Songwriter

Rajiv DixitRajiv Dixit
43, Indian

War MachineWar Machine
38, American
mixed martial artist, actor, Adult Film Star
Colin MochrieColin Mochrie
62, Canadian
Television actor, Comedian, Stage actor, Film

G. Gordon LiddyG. Gordon Liddy
89, American
Subhash ChandraSubhash Chandra
69, Indian

Nyjah HustonNyjah Huston
25, American

David YatesDavid Yates
56, British
Screenwriter, Film director
Christian CageChristian Cage
46, Canadian
professional wrestler

Cherie CurrieCherie Currie
60, American
Actor, Singer, Wood carver, Musician, Songwriter,
Lorraine KellyLorraine Kelly
60, British, Scottish
Television presenter

Dougie PoynterDougie Poynter
32, British
Bassist, Musician

Lawrence SummersLawrence Summers
65, American
Economist, University teacher, Professor,

Vikas BahlVikas Bahl
49, Indian
Max RichterMax Richter
38, German, British

Richard BurrRichard Burr
64, American
Virginia MayoVirginia Mayo
84, American

Severn Cullis-SuzukiSevern Cullis-Suzuki
40, Canadian
Television presenter, Writer
Marcellus WileyMarcellus Wiley
45, American
American Football Player

Michelle BurkeMichelle Burke
49, American
John BishopJohn Bishop
53, British
Comedian, Actor, Association football player,

Personality Traits & Characteristic of Famous People Born on November 30

Naturally charming, eloquent and enthusiastic folks, individuals born on November 30 have unique and distinctive traits. They have the typical Sagittarian patience, wit and optimism. What’s more, these people have a tolerant and thoughtful temperament. November 30 natives do not intend to follow the clichéd route and instead like to be different and follow their own path. They have a very ambitious mind and spontaneous nature. These people are bold and forthright and excellent at planning. Individuals with a November the thirtieth birthday are naturally kind, generous, sociable and adventurous with a passion for travel and education. Other qualities include persuasiveness, affability, intuitiveness and cheerful temperament.  

November 30 individuals have a conservative approach to health and mostly stick to the tried and tested health routine to stay fit and blessed. These people believe in simple routines, like eating right, including nutritious food in the daily diet, exercising and so on. They mostly use their common sense in finding out what works best for them.  It is recommended for November 30 folks to include lots of fruits and vegetable in their daily diet. Having a pet would also act favourably in maintaining sound health and general well-being. November 30 folks should avoid stress and relax and not burden themselves with too much work.

Financial matters require professional advice for November 30 natives as these people are not good at taking money-related decision. Though they are lucky regarding money and mostly earn well, they have the habit of overspending or frivolously wiling their money away. Gambling and likes are other temptations that November 30 folk need to be cautious of. Only when these individuals attain self-control, would they be able to not only earn but save money and hence fulfil the demands.

Monotonous or a routine nine to five job is not what November 30 individuals look for while picking a particular profession. These people mostly look for an occupation that offers some kind of variety and the chance to use initiative. Since these people are endowed with a calm disposition and a generous nature, they can do well in care professions and like. Additionally, individuals with this birthdate are excellent at sales and have just the right skills to sell a product or service. Therefore, they can do amazingly well in sales and marketing profession as well.

Relationships, Marriage & Children
Relationships are valued and treasured by individuals born on November 30. These people are excellent at interpreting body language and giving confidence to other tyo be what they are. In matters of love, these people are flirtatious but faithful as well. They long for a partner with whom they can grow emotionally and who makes them feel comfortable in expressing their emotions. Also, the person has to be supportive but not too pushy or clingy. Though November 30 natives take long to commit to a relationship, once they do, they do so with complete devotion and trust. Towards the partner, these people are romantic, passionate and idealistic. They love sharing their interest with their loved one and visualizing the bright future of the two. November 30 men and women make excellent parents. They give their children complete freedom and independence.

Lucky Color: Yellow, Lemon, Sandy Shades
Lucky Number: 3, 12, 21, 30, 39, 48, 57
Lucky Days (of the week): Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday
Lucky Days (of the month): 3, 12, 30