The planetary influence on the personality and characteristic of individuals born on November 1st is dependent on Pluto and Sun. While the former is the reigning planet for the zodiacal group Scorpio, the latter governs the actual date in which these individuals are born. Together, the two celestial bodies determine the uniqueness and individuality of these folks. November 1st individuals are passionate, determined and focussed. They have a drive for power and success which makes them become go-getters. These individuals do not settle for anything but the best and have an ambitious mind. However, November 1st people can be blunt and aggressive en-route to realize their dreams and aspirations. They also possess a pushy attitude and can be utmost demanding. Streak of impatience and recklessness is also seen in these folks.

Lil PeepLil Peep
21, American
Aishwarya RaiAishwarya Rai
45, Indian

David FosterDavid Foster
69, Canadian
Jenny McCarthyJenny McCarthy
46, American

Tim CookTim Cook
58, American
CEO of Apple Inc.

Nita AmbaniNita Ambani
55, Indian
Chairperson of Reliance Foundation
Anthony KiedisAnthony Kiedis
56, American
American musician

Gary PlayerGary Player
83, South African
South African golfer
Larry FlyntLarry Flynt
76, American

NLE ChoppaNLE Choppa
16, American
Charles KochCharles Koch
83, American
Co-Owner of Koch Industries

Rachel TicotinRachel Ticotin
60, American
Coco MartinCoco Martin
37, Filipino
Peter OstrumPeter Ostrum
61, American
Former Child Actor

Bermane StiverneBermane Stiverne
40, Canadian, Haitian
Professional Boxer
Edward SaidEdward Said
67, American

Alfred WegenerAlfred Wegener
49, German
Rocky LynchRocky Lynch
24, American

Rafic HaririRafic Hariri
60, Lebanese
Business tycoon

Kinky FriedmanKinky Friedman
74, American
Country Singer, Songwriter, Novelist
Jayden BartelsJayden Bartels
14, American
Dancer, Actress, TikTok ( Star

Buddy HandlesonBuddy Handleson
19, American
American actor
Robert B. LaughlinRobert B. Laughlin
68, American

Philip Noel-BakerPhilip Noel-Baker
92, British
Carlos Saavedra LamasCarlos Saavedra Lamas
80, Argentinian
First Latin American Nobel Peace Prize Recipient

Jack TenneyJack Tenney
24, American
Carlos Páez VilaróCarlos Páez Vilaró
90, Uruguayan
Anthony RamosAnthony Ramos
27, American

Patrick MinorPatrick Minor
19, American
John WilliamsonJohn Williamson
73, Australian

Kaylee BryantKaylee Bryant
21, American
29, American

Joe GriffinJoe Griffin
20, American

Jay GilbertJay Gilbert
16, American
Singer, Beatboxer
Reece KingReece King
24, British

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Paige Mackenzie HylandPaige Mackenzie Hyland
18, American
Dancer, Model & Social Media Personality
19, American
Instagram Star

Libby OffuttLibby Offutt
43, American
Ex-Partner of Randy Moss
Toni ColletteToni Collette
46, Australian
Actor, Singer, Voice actor, Film actor

Manuel FerraraManuel Ferrara
43, French
Adult Film Star, Film director
Lyle LovettLyle Lovett
61, American
Singer, Actor, Singer-songwriter
Billy GunnBilly Gunn
55, American
professional wrestler

Tisca ChopraTisca Chopra
45, Indian
V. V. S. LaxmanV. V. S. Laxman
44, Indian

Mark HughesMark Hughes
55, British
Association football player, Association football
Scott ArfieldScott Arfield
30, Scottish
Association football player

Harald QuandtHarald Quandt
45, German
Entrepreneur, Aviator

Bobby HeenanBobby Heenan
74, American
Manager (professional wrestling), Professional
Fernando ValenzuelaFernando Valenzuela
58, Mexican
Baseball player

Masahiro TanakaMasahiro Tanaka
30, Japanese
Professional baseball player, Baseball player
L. S. LowryL. S. Lowry
88, British

Tina ArenaTina Arena
51, Australian
Singer, Songwriter, Television presenter, Actor,
Tie DomiTie Domi
49, Canadian
Ice hockey player

Stephen CraneStephen Crane
28, American
Writer, Journalist, Poet, Baseball player,
Spencer PercevalSpencer Perceval
49, British
Politician, Lawyer
Adolfo ConstanzoAdolfo Constanzo
26, American
Serial killer

Gerald RatnerGerald Ratner
69, British
Paul DickovPaul Dickov
46, British
Association football player, Association football

Magne FuruholmenMagne Furuholmen
56, Norwegian
Musician, Composer, Guitarist, Pianist, Songwriter
Ric GrechRic Grech
43, British

Antonio CanovaAntonio Canova
64, Italian
Italian sculptor

Gustav IV Adolf of SwedenGustav IV Adolf of Sweden
64, Swedish
Ralph KleinRalph Klein
70, Canadian
Politician, News presenter, Journalist,

Süleyman DemirelSüleyman Demirel
90, Turkish
Politician, Civil engineer, Engineer
Louis the StammererLouis the Stammerer
32, French

Barbara BeckerBarbara Becker
52, German
Les MillsLes Mills
84, New Zealander
Athletics competitor

Jacques AttaliJacques Attali
75, French
Economist, Banker, Writer, Engineer, University
Salvatore AdamoSalvatore Adamo
75, Belgian, Italian
Singer-songwriter, Singer, Composer
Philippa PerryPhilippa Perry
61, British
Psychotherapist, Novelist

Umberto AgnelliUmberto Agnelli
69, Italian
Entrepreneur, Politician, Engineer, Businessperson
Karsh KaleKarsh Kale
44, Indian, American
composer, record producer

William Merritt ChaseWilliam Merritt Chase
66, American
Majed AbdullahMajed Abdullah
59, Saudi Arabian
Football striker

Francis ArinzeFrancis Arinze
86, Nigerian
Theologian, University teacher, Catholic priest

Bernard KouchnerBernard Kouchner
79, French
Physician, Politician, Diplomat
Robert LuketicRobert Luketic
45, Australian
Film director, Film producer, Screenwriter

Yanic WildschutYanic Wildschut
Association football player
Erich RudorfferErich Rudorffer
98, German
Aviator, Military personnel

Pietro da CortonaPietro da Cortona
72, Italian
Painter, Architect, Artist
Jules Bastien-LepageJules Bastien-Lepage
36, French

Selma ErgeçSelma Ergeç
40, German, Turkish
Actor, Psychologist, Model
Hermann BrochHermann Broch
64, Austrian
Writer, Playwright
Kristina AkheevaKristina Akheeva
32, Australian
Actor, Model

Nicolas Boileau-DespréauxNicolas Boileau-Despréaux
74, French
French poet
Joseph Karl StielerJoseph Karl Stieler
76, German

Roger QuilterRoger Quilter
75, British
62, Austrian

Andrew SheridanAndrew Sheridan
39, British
Composer, Rugby union player
Zhang GaoliZhang Gaoli
72, Chinese

Henri TroyatHenri Troyat
95, Russian
Novelist, biographer, historian
Philip Noel-Baker, Baron Noel-BakerPhilip Noel-Baker, Baron Noel-Baker
92, British
British Politician

James WoodJames Wood
53, British
Writer, Literary critic, University teacher
Rick AllenRick Allen
55, British

Kevin PearceKevin Pearce
31, American
Antonio SánchezAntonio Sánchez
47, Mexican

Personality Traits & Characteristic of Famous People Born on November 1

Energetic, enthusiastic and spirited are words that perfectly describe the personality of individuals born on November 1. These individuals are endowed with a charming disposition and have a charismatic personality that adds a strong sense of appeal to their being. They are much more sociable than their Scorpion counterparts and can be called people’s people. November 1st folks are ambitious, passionate and intellectual. Additionally, their inherent leadership qualities give them the ability to turn even the most awkward of situations in their favor and emerge out victorious. Due to this, people hold these individuals in high regard and esteem. What’s more, November 1st individuals have the ability to stay totally calm, composed and collected in a situation.  

The general well-being of individuals born on November 1st is decently average. These people do not believe in pursuing a complicated routine for staying healthy and fit. Instead, they aim at achieving optimum vitality and a stable condition by following a healthy lifestyle such as indulging in a sensible diet and including moderate exercise. November 1st folks also incorporate meditation and yoga in their daily routine to stay blessed. Also, since they do not indulge in idling their time by worrying about the future and usually take life as it comes, psychological health also remains stable and unwavering.

Financially, November 1st individuals are blessed with a stable income. These people aren’t the spendthrift types. As such, they manage their money well and do not indulge in any sort of impulsive buying or gambling. Additionally, these people have a great luck in case of investments and mostly take their own decisions while buying or selling an asset, stock or shares.
Naturally intellectual and ambitious, November 1st individuals have the ability to turn every opportunity that comes their way into success. These people look forward for a vocation that gives them personal and professional satisfaction and makes them feel important and well in demand. Once these requirements are met, they pursue their career with a fierce determination and focussed mind. Financially aware, November 1st individuals make a good career out of sales and banking. However, their other fortes make them perfect for the fields of science, business, and law as well.

Relationships, Marriage & Children
Relationships are special, precious and valued by individuals born on this date. They take their association with family members and friends very seriously and stay true to them at every step of their life. In matters of love, these people are pure romantics. They believe in the institution of marriage and hence do not partake in any kind of trifling or two-timing with their lovers. Only when they feel truly about someone do they commit. Once committed, they are loyal and trustworthy in the relationship. They are affection, attentive and caring towards their lover. November 1st folks can be a bit demanding but they compensate the same by being overtly giving as well. Traits of jealousy and possessiveness are seen in these individuals. As parents, November 1st men and women are versatile. They can be the best friend to their little ones at one moment and in the next they can be like a strict disciplinarian. November 1st individuals expect their children to be perfect, take up responsibility early and behave courteously.

Lucky Color: Copper, Gold
Lucky Number: 1, 10, 19, 28, 37, 46, 55
Lucky Days (of the week): Monday, Thursday, Sunday
Lucky Days (of the month): 1, 10, 19