While talking about the Nazis, one is almost instantly reminded of the infamous German dictator Adolf Hitler. The man propagated, or rather forced, his ideology – Nazism among the masses. His political outfit, the Nazi party was also built on the same ideology. The admirers of Hitler, members of the Nazi party as well as the army and police personnel of yesteryear Germany (ruled by Hitler) were collectively called the Nazis. The Nazis had occupied several parts of Europe and imposed one of the most notorious styles of governance ever, perhaps one of the worst in history. The Nazis are remembered for their hatred towards Jews and atrocities committed on the members of the community. Several concentration camps were set up by the Nazis to cage the Jews residing in Germany, Austria and Poland. Millions of Jews were forcefully imprisoned in these concentration camps and subjected to inhuman treatment. Most of these prisoners succumbed to the pathetic living conditions and many others were mercilessly shot dead by the Nazis. Interestingly, Nazi chief Adolf Hitler seldom spoke about his hatred towards the Jews and the atrocities committed in the concentration camps. Several celebrities during recent times have received the title of being ‘Nazi sympathizers’ for speaking high of Adolf Hitler. Hollywood heartthrob Arnold Schwarzenegger was the subject of controversy quite recently for being a fan of the Nazi dictator. However, the ‘Terminator’ star has rubbished these claims. The internet is flooded with stories of many Nazis, who came into the limelight for their brutality.
Hermann GoringHermann Goring
12 January 1893, German
German Military Leader
Wernher Von BraunWernher Von Braun
23 March 1912, German, Polish, American

Eva BraunEva Braun
06 February 1912, German

Reinhard HeydrichReinhard Heydrich
07 March 1904, German
Nazi Official

Rudolf HessRudolf Hess
26 April 1894, German
Deputy Führer

Karl DönitzKarl Dönitz
16 September 1891, German
Naval Officer
Albert SpeerAlbert Speer
19 March 1905, German
German Architect

Alfred RosenbergAlfred Rosenberg
12 January 1893, German
Nazi Party Ideologue, Author

Julius StreicherJulius Streicher
12 February 1885, German
A Member of National Socialist German Workers'
Hjalmar SchachtHjalmar Schacht
22 January 1877, German, Danish

Nancy AstorNancy Astor
19 May 1879, British
First Woman MP in the House of Commons
J. F. C. FullerJ. F. C. Fuller
01 September 1878, British

Lutz Graf Schwerin von KrosigkLutz Graf Schwerin von Krosigk
22 August 1887, German
Politician, Jurist, Diplomat, Economist

Franz StanglFranz Stangl
26 March 1908, Austrian
Police officer, Officer

Wilhelm FrickWilhelm Frick
12 March 1877, German
Politician, Diplomat, Lawyer

Robert LeyRobert Ley
15 February 1890, German
Erhard MilchErhard Milch
30 March 1892, German
Politician, Military personnel

Artur AxmannArtur Axmann
18 February 1913, German

Kurt Georg KiesingerKurt Georg Kiesinger
06 April 1904, German
Politician, Lawyer, Judge

Konstantin von NeurathKonstantin von Neurath
02 February 1873, German
Herta BotheHerta Bothe
08 January 1921, German

Otto StrasserOtto Strasser
10 September 1897, German
Journalist, Politician, Writer
Erich PriebkeErich Priebke
29 July 1913, German

Gustav WagnerGustav Wagner
18 July 1911, Austrian
Nazi concentration camp commandant

Emil JanningsEmil Jannings
23 July 1884, Austrian, German
Walther FunkWalther Funk
18 August 1890, Bulgarian, German
Journalist, Banker, Economist, Politician

Fritz SauckelFritz Sauckel
27 October 1894, German
Wilhelm StuckartWilhelm Stuckart
16 November 1902, German
Lawyer, Judge, Politician, Jurist

Hans FritzscheHans Fritzsche
21 April 1900, German
Journalist, Politician

Oswald PohlOswald Pohl
30 June 1892, German
Politician, Torturer
Karl GebhardtKarl Gebhardt
23 November 1897, German
Surgeon, Torturer, University teacher

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Herta OberheuserHerta Oberheuser
15 May 1911, German
Military physician, Physician
Eduard RoschmannEduard Roschmann
25 November 1908, Argentinian, Austrian
Torturer, Lawyer

Eduard DietlEduard Dietl
21 July 1890
Military personnel

Hanns-Martin SchleyerHanns-Martin Schleyer
01 May 1915, German

Hans LammersHans Lammers
27 May 1879, German
Judge, Politician, Jurist
Arthur RudolphArthur Rudolph
09 November 1906, German
Aerospace engineer, Engineer
Lothar RendulicLothar Rendulic
23 October 1887, German
military personnel

Viktor BrackViktor Brack
09 November 1904, German

Fritz ThyssenFritz Thyssen
09 November 1873, German

Gottfried FederGottfried Feder
27 January 1883, German
Economist, Politician, University teacher
Richard Walther DarréRichard Walther Darré
14 July 1895, German
Politician, Agronomist

Max AmannMax Amann
24 November 1891, German
Politician, Journalist

Otto HofmannOtto Hofmann
16 March 1896, German
Military personnel

Luise DanzLuise Danz
11 December 1917, German
Female guards in Nazi concentration camps

Gustav Krupp von Bohlen und HalbachGustav Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach
07 August 1870, German
Banker, Diplomat
Wolfram SieversWolfram Sievers
10 July 1905, German

Heinz LammerdingHeinz Lammerding
27 August 1905, German
Ernst von WeizsäckerErnst von Weizsäcker
12 May 1881, German
politician, diplomat

Franz SixFranz Six
12 August 1906, German
publisher, docent, propagandist, university

Ludolf von AlvenslebenLudolf von Alvensleben
17 March 1901, Argentinian, German
Politician, Farmer
Hermann RauschningHermann Rauschning
07 August 1887, German, American
Politician, Writer

Erhard EpplerErhard Eppler
09 December 1926, German