People born on May 31 share the Gemini Zodiac Sign. For this particular birthday, the ruling planet is Uranus, which provides these individuals with intelligence and a wild imagination. These individuals make it a priority to give the impression to others that they have a bad streak. This impression is mostly an act, and generally these individuals follow a more conventional lifestyle. May 31st natives take life in the present, and give little thought to the past, and future. These individuals will make life-altering decisions, with little thought about the consequences that will follow. Luckily these individuals possess the trait of adaptability, and will easily progress through any consequence.

Clint EastwoodClint Eastwood
89, American
Joe NamathJoe Namath
76, American
American Football Quarterback

Brooke ShieldsBrooke Shields
54, American
Actress and Model

Colin FarrellColin Farrell
43, Irish

Lady Margaret BeaufortLady Margaret Beaufort
66, British
Mother of King Henry VII

John BonhamJohn Bonham
32, British
Drummer of Rock Band Led Zeppelin
Farrah AbrahamFarrah Abraham
28, American
Reality Star

Walt WhitmanWalt Whitman
72, American
Poet & humanist

Chris ElliottChris Elliott
59, American

Azealia BanksAzealia Banks
28, American
Rapper, Actress
Archie PanjabiArchie Panjabi
47, British

Marco ReusMarco Reus
30, German
Casper Van DienCasper Van Dien
51, American

Viktor OrbánViktor Orbán
56, Hungarian
Prime Minister of Hungary
Waka FlockaWaka Flocka Flame
33, American
Singer, Rapper

Phillipa SooPhillipa Soo
29, American
Vir DasVir Das
40, Indian

Don AmecheDon Ameche
85, American

Denholm ElliottDenholm Elliott
70, Spanish, British
22, American

Wesley WillisWesley Willis
40, American
Erik KarlssonErik Karlsson
29, Swedish
Ice Hockey Player

Svetlana AlexievichSvetlana Alexievich
71, Belarusian
Write and Nobel Prize Winner in Literature

Andy HurleyAndy Hurley
39, American

28, American
Shim Eun-kyungShim Eun-kyung
25, South Korean
Fred AllenFred Allen
61, American
American comedian

Judith Wright Judith Wright
85, Australian
Poet, Environmentalist, Campaigner for Aboriginal

John Robert SchriefferJohn Robert Schrieffer
88, American

Maurice AllaisMaurice Allais
99, French
Francisco MorenoFrancisco Moreno
67, Argentinian
Naturalist, Explorer, Anthropologist, Geographer

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Edgar SavisaarEdgar Savisaar
69, Estonian
Estonian Politician

Charles Greeley AbbotCharles Greeley Abbot
69, American

Everly TatumEverly Tatum
6, British
Channing Tatum's Daughter

Normani HamiltonNormani Hamilton
23, American
Pop Singer, Actress
Evan FongEvan Fong
27, Canadian
Video game commentator

Louis J. IgnarroLouis J. Ignarro
78, American
Henry AronofskyHenry Aronofsky
13, American
Darren Aronofsky's Son

Kirsten CorleyKirsten Corley
26, American
Chance the Rapper's Wife

Stephanie Rose BongioviStephanie Rose Bongiovi
26, American
Jon Bon Jovi's Daughter
Lea ThompsonLea Thompson
58, American

Eric Christian OlsenEric Christian Olsen
42, American
Yael GrobglasYael Grobglas
35, Israeli
Actor, Film actor, Model, Stage actor

Jordy NelsonJordy Nelson
34, American
American Football Player

Tom BerengerTom Berenger
70, American
American television actor

Marty SampsonMarty Sampson
40, Australian

Jim HuttonJim Hutton
45, American
Nate RobinsonNate Robinson
35, American
Basketball player, American football player,

Jonathan TuckerJonathan Tucker
37, American

Robert RinderRobert Rinder
41, British

Reggie YatesReggie Yates
36, British
Actor, Presenter, Disc jockey
Brodie RetallickBrodie Retallick
28, New Zealander
Rugby union player

Bas DostBas Dost
Association football player
June SarpongJune Sarpong
42, British
Television presenter

Johnny PaycheckJohnny Paycheck
64, American

Taylor ArmstrongTaylor Armstrong
48, American
Reality TV Personalities
Sharon GlessSharon Gless
76, American

Merle DandridgeMerle Dandridge
44, Japanese, American
Rainer Werner FassbinderRainer Werner Fassbinder
37, German
Screenwriter, Playwright, Film director, Actor,

Darryl Darryl McDaniels
55, American
Musician, Rapper

Tommy EmmanuelTommy Emmanuel
64, Australian
Guitarist, Songwriter, Jazz musician,
Peter YarrowPeter Yarrow
81, American
Singer, Composer, Songwriter, Singer-songwriter,

Steve BucknorSteve Bucknor
73, Jamaican
Cricket umpire, Association football referee
Paolo SorrentinoPaolo Sorrentino
49, Italian
Film director, Screenwriter, Actor, Playwright

Gregory HarrisonGregory Harrison
69, American

Victoria RuffoVictoria Ruffo
57, Mexican
Actor, Television actor, Film actor

Pope Pius XIPope Pius XI
81, Italian
Catholic priest, Librarian, Diplomat, Mountaineer
Sebastian KochSebastian Koch
57, German
Television actor, Actor
John HodgmanJohn Hodgman
48, American

Feodor I of RussiaFeodor I of Russia
40, Russian

Susie EssmanSusie Essman
64, American
Screenwriter, Film producer, Television actor,

Gregor StrasserGregor Strasser
42, German
Politician, Pharmacist
Manuel I of PortugalManuel I of Portugal
52, Portuguese

Patti StangerPatti Stanger
58, American

William NordhausWilliam Nordhaus
78, American

Curtis WarrenCurtis Warren
56, British

52, Canadian
Professional wrestler, Singer, Journalist
Alida ValliAlida Valli
84, Italian
Actor, Singer

Daniel WassDaniel Wass
30, Danish
Danish footballer
Hugh DillonHugh Dillon
56, Canadian
Actor, Singer, Musician

Walter SickertWalter Sickert
81, German

Chien-Shiung WuChien-Shiung Wu
84, Chinese
Bernard LewisBernard Lewis
84, British
Historian, University teacher

William RockefellerWilliam Rockefeller
81, American
Roma MaffiaRoma Maffia
61, American

Martin HannettMartin Hannett
42, British
Record producer, Composer

Ellsworth KellyEllsworth Kelly
92, American
Sculptor, Painter, Artist

Henry M. JacksonHenry M. Jackson
71, American
Politician, Lawyer
Daryl KatzDaryl Katz
58, Canadian

Sandrine BonnaireSandrine Bonnaire
52, French
Actor, Film director, Screenwriter
Salmaan TaseerSalmaan Taseer
66, Pakistani
politician, businessperson, entrepreneur,

Menahem GolanMenahem Golan
85, Israeli
Film director, Film producer, Screenwriter
Pablo AlboránPablo Alborán
30, Spanish
Singer-songwriter, Singer, Guitarist, Pianist,

Jim VallanceJim Vallance
67, Canadian
Composer, Songwriter, Record producer
Andrea de CesarisAndrea de Cesaris
55, Italian
Racecar driver

Personality Traits & Characteristics of Famous People Born on May 31

People born on this day are charming and known to be witty. These individuals approach any issue in life, with a calmness and good judgment. They are confident, and can resolve any issue that is thrown their way. These individuals are usually quite popular, but can be argumentative, if they strongly do not believe in an idea. They are self-assured in their thoughts, and have no issue stating that to others. They generally do not upset others in their arguments though, since they throw in their charming wit, and cleverness into the debate. These individuals do need to monitor their quarrelsome ways, and learn to accept other people’s opinions and thoughts.

People born on this day, rarely visit the doctor, and are mostly seen having a casual approach to their health and any illness. They feel as though they are invincible, and their health cannot be negatively affected. Due to this logic, these individuals are frequently experiencing health issues. Diet is important in regulating moodiness and temperament for them; therefore they should focus on eating several healthy meals a day. As they get older, they generally take a stronger approach in their health and well-being. These individuals are prone to experiencing mental health issues in life, and should try to eliminate stress and anxiety from their lives.

May 31st natives are very generous, which usually ends them up in financial hardship. These natives need to work on budgeting, for they are known to spend carelessly, and rarely save their money. These individuals find it a difficult task, when trying to save money for a special purchase, and generally will live paycheck to paycheck.

People having this birthdate prefer a career path, which provides a bit of danger in their job. They desire a career that includes daily challenges, therefore making each workday unique and exciting. The best professions for these individuals are those that have a hint of danger with a different challenge to face.

Relationships, Marriage & Children
People born on May 31st are generally popular, and are seen as the leaders in social circles. People are drawn to their charm and good looks, and unique perspective on life. Their popularity may lead them to live a promiscuous life, while they are young. Once in a relationship, they will put in an abundance of effort to make it successful. With their own children, these individuals tend to use the same disciplinary methods, which they were brought up on. They will build a comfortable life for their family, and will express affection towards their spouse and children. They are loyal and devoted, and are rather protective of the ones they love.

Lucky Colors: Electric White and Blue
Lucky Numbers: 22, 31, and 40
Lucky Days (of the week): Sunday and Tuesday
Lucky Days (of the month): 4, 13, 22, 31