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Birthday: May 31, 1980 (Gemini)

Born In: Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, United States

Andy Hurley is an American musician popular as the star drummer of Chicago based band ‘Fall Out Boy’. In the past, Andy has been associated with several other bands and produced music to critical and commercial acclaim. However, no other association would give him as much exposure as Fall Out Boy. Andy played full time for the band until its hiatus in the year 2009. Some of the hardcore punk rock bands that Andy has been associated with in the past are Race traitor, Kill the slave master, Project Rocket and The Kill Pill. Fall out Boy’s Pete Wentz has been a great friend of Andy and their musical association go back to their teenager days. They both have been part of four different rock bands together. After the Fall Out Boy stopped playing in 2009, Andy joined ‘The Damned Thing’ and also played briefly for another band ‘Enabler’ and became a part of several other big and small bands, releasing many albums and singles. Fall Out Boy came back into the musical scene together in 2013 with the release of their album ‘Save Rock and Roll’ and the band went for a tour and achieved some great success with their subsequent albums and ever since, it is going strong.
Childhood & Early Life
Andy Hurley was born Andrew John Hurley in Wisconsin on 31st May 1980 and lost his father when he was just 5. His mother took care of him for the rest of his childhood and teenage. Andy had saxophone as his very first musical instrument that he learned playing well and along with that, he also played percussion in his school’s marching band.
He studied anthropology and history in college as making a serious career in music wasn’t on his mind at that time. Ever since he was a kid, he followed the belief that humans are supposed to live the way they used to live thousands of years ago, in their primitive state, but as he grew up, most of his beliefs faded.
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Andy’s introduction to professional music happened back when he was in the high school and was slowly gaining interest in playing drums. The year was 1996 and Andy was searching for opportunities to play with some big bands and in the pursuit of his dreams, he became part of several hardcore punk and heavy metal bands such as Killtheslavemaster, Racetraitor, Project Rocket and The Kill Pill. He was unable to find his true calling and kept trying different bands during this time.
The hardcore metal was getting popular in the late 90s and Andy’s drumming skills got him gigs here and there but nothing concrete was coming across his way. However, things changed for the best in the year 2003, when one of his best high school friends Pete Wentz invited Andy to be a part of their band which was called the Fall Out Boy as they were in dire need of an additional drummer due to some troubles with their previous one, and it didn’t take Andy much time to become a regular with Fall Out Boy.
His association with the band was extremely successful and despite the fact that this was the fourth band Andy was in, he got the fame in such a short time which he wasn’t able to achieve through his previous stints in more than 5 years. Andy recorded the album ‘Take This To Your Grave’ with the band Fall Out Boy in 2003 to a mega universal success which helped Andy to become one of the hottest drummers around.
It was the first album by the band which was considered to be an actual hit and the band was reported by the media outlets to be the next big thing. The success continued with their next album titled ‘From Under the Cork Tree’, which climbed at the 9th spot in the Billboard 200 chart and the band spent the year 2005 touring around with their new found success. The album later went on to earn a Grammy nomination for the best New Artist.
The next two studio albums by the band titled ‘Infinity on High’ and ‘Folie a Deux’ also went on to achieve mega success in their concerts and digital downloads. However, Wentz faced severe emotional trouble during that time which also included a failed suicide attempt. It was being said that he is unable to handle the new found success the band was having and that, among several other things, led the band to take a break for some time in 2009.
Andy got himself busy with several other projects and played for different bands such as a heavy metal band The Damned Things. The band was mostly a collaborative effort and featured members from Fall Out Boy, Anthrax and Every Time I Die and released their very first album titled ‘Ironiclast’. Enabler, another hard core band, hired Andy and in summer 2012, Enabler released their first album with Andy as a drummer titled ‘All Hail the Void’.
Later in 2012, Andy joined a straight edge hard rock band named FocusedXminds, and during that time, media speculations were ripe about Fall Out Boy making a comeback and it was said that Andy will leave FocusedXminds when that happens. Fall Out Boy made a reappearance onto the musical sky in 2013, but Andy continued his association with FocusedXminds.
In 2013, Fall Out Boy came with their next studio album titled ‘Save Rock and Roll’ and it was followed with ‘American Beauty/American Psycho’, which later settled on the top spot in the Billboard 200 chart. The band went on a world tour with the albums and carried on with their success streak.
Personal Life
Andy Hurley is a hardcore vegan from the age of 16 and for a long time held on to the belief that human beings have ruined the planet and that we shall live the way our ancestors used to live 10,000 years ago from now. When media questioned about why isn’t he not following the lifestyle of primitive humans, he said that he had to make a living one way or the other.
He currently owns a mansion in Oregon and has kept his very first drum set safe there.

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