‘Living out of the box’ is one of the characteristic features of those born on March 6. This does not mean they are rebellious in nature. Instead, March 6 natives have a respect for structure and rules but do not tend to abide by the same as they have their own vision and line of thinking which they religiously follow. Free spirited, March 5 natives have a perfectionist attitude and thus are inspirational for others. They are lovers of beauty, elegance and etiquettes.

88, Italian
Moira KellyMoira Kelly
51, American

Stedman GrahamStedman Graham
68, American

Alan GreenspanAlan Greenspan
93, American
American economist

Shaun EvansShaun Evans
39, British

Judy LoeJudy Loe
72, British
Valentina TereshkovaValentina Tereshkova
82, Russian

Kevin-Prince BoatengKevin-Prince Boateng
32, German, Ghanaian
Football Player

Alan DaviesAlan Davies
53, British

Lou CostelloLou Costello
52, American
Alisha BoeAlisha Boe
22, American

Marion BarryMarion Barry
83, American
Jacob BertrandJacob Bertrand
19, American
Child Actor, Voice Actor

Tyler, The CreatorTyler, The Creator
28, American

Suzanne CroughSuzanne Crough
52, American

Milo ManheimMilo Manheim
18, American
Ellen MuthEllen Muth
38, American

Timothy DeLaGhettoTimothy DeLaGhetto
33, American
YouTuber, Rapper

Cyrano de BergeracCyrano de Bergerac
36, French
Dramatist and Playwright
Jakob FuggerJakob Fugger
66, German
Entrepreneur, Banker

Philip SheridanPhilip Sheridan
57, American
Military Leader
Yvette WilsonYvette Wilson
48, American

Ashley IaconettiAshley Iaconetti
31, American
Reality TV Star

Shaukat AzizShaukat Aziz
70, Pakistani
Former Prime Minister of Pakistan

Shaquille O’ NealShaquille O’ Neal
47, American
Basketball player
Aaron FullerAaron Fuller
19, American
Instagram Star
Gabriel Garcia MarquezGabriel Garcia Marquez
87, Colombian
Nobel Prize Winner in Literature

Biannca RainesBiannca Raines
22, American
YouTuber, Instagram Star

Ava StanfordAva Stanford
15, American
Jack Avery's Sister & Instagram Star

24, American
Gamer & Twitch Streamer
Tom ArnoldTom Arnold
60, American
American actor

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Anna SeaveyAnna Seavey
18, American
Internet Celebrity

Zhavia VercettiZhavia Vercetti
18, American
R&B Singer, Songwriter, Musician

Ashley Mariee SurcombeAshley Mariee Surcombe
23, British
YouTuber, Gamer

Crystal WestbrooksCrystal Westbrooks
26, American
Instagram Star
Kelli PetersonKelli Peterson
17, American
TikTok (Musical.ly) Star

Thomas S. FoleyThomas S. Foley
84, American
Derrick CummingsDerrick Cummings
16, American
Instagram Star

Halston Blake FisherHalston Blake Fisher
16, American
YouTube star

Rob ReinerRob Reiner
72, American
Activist, Screenwriter, Filmmaker, Actor
Connie BrittonConnie Britton
52, American
Actress, television producer, singer, television

David GilmourDavid Gilmour
73, British
Guitarist, Singer-songwriter, Songwriter,
Yael StoneYael Stone
34, Australian

Timo WernerTimo Werner
23, German
Association football player

Tim HowardTim Howard
40, American
Soccer player

Kiki DeeKiki Dee
72, British
Singer, Musician, Songwriter

Martin KoveMartin Kove
73, American
Glenn GreenwaldGlenn Greenwald
52, American
Lawyer, Journalist, Writer, Pundit, Blogger

Ed McMahonEd McMahon
actor, officer, radio personality

Alaska ThunderfuckAlaska Thunderfuck
34, American
Recording Artist

Guy GarveyGuy Garvey
45, British
Composer, Radio personality, Singer, Disc jockey,
Gesine Bullock-PradoGesine Bullock-Prado
49, American
Chef, Lawyer

John StosselJohn Stossel
72, American
Television presenter, Journalist, Writer
Aracely ArámbulaAracely Arámbula
44, Mexican
Actor, Singer, Television actor, Model

Eddie DeezenEddie Deezen
62, American
Actor, Voice actor, Film actor, Television actor

Simon MignoletSimon Mignolet
31, Belgian
Association football player
Garry MonkGarry Monk
40, British
Association football player, Association football

Gordon CooperGordon Cooper
77, American
Officer, Astronaut, Test pilot, Aerospace
Bubba SparxxxBubba Sparxxx
42, American

Beanie SigelBeanie Sigel
45, American
American Rapper

Roger WilliamsRoger Williams
75, British
Obafemi AwolowoObafemi Awolowo
78, Nigerian
politician, lawyer, trade unionist

Kiri Te KanawaKiri Te Kanawa
75, New Zealander
Opera singer, Singer, Jazz musician, Actor
Ankit TiwariAnkit Tiwari
29, Indian
Singer, Composer

Anna Maria HorsfordAnna Maria Horsford
71, American

Willie StargellWillie Stargell
61, American
Baseball player

Rufus HoundRufus Hound
40, British
Comedian, Presenter, Actor
Angie ThomasAngie Thomas
31, American
Eli MarienthalEli Marienthal
33, American
Actor, Stage actor, Television actor

Ivan BoeskyIvan Boesky
stock trader

Jake ArrietaJake Arrieta
33, American
Baseball player

Will EisnerWill Eisner
87, American
Dick FosburyDick Fosbury
72, American
Athletics competitor, Politician

Tom FoleyTom Foley
84, American

Andrzej WajdaAndrzej Wajda
90, Polish
Polish film director

John II of CastileJohn II of Castile
49, Spanish

Walter TroutWalter Trout
68, American
Guitarist, Singer, Writer, Autobiographer
Leïla BekhtiLeïla Bekhti
35, French

John of Gaunt, 1st Duke of LancasterJohn of Gaunt, 1st Duke of Lancaster
58, Belgian
Michael FinleyMichael Finley
46, American
Basketball player

Alberta WatsonAlberta Watson
60, Canadian

Sandro RosellSandro Rosell
55, Spanish
Entrepreneur, Businessperson
Giorgos KaragounisGiorgos Karagounis
42, Greek
Association football player

Antoine-Henri JominiAntoine-Henri Jomini
90, Swiss, French
Stockbroker, Writer, Officer, Military personnel,
Esti GinzburgEsti Ginzburg
29, Israeli
Actor, Model, Television presenter

Joseph von FraunhoferJoseph von Fraunhofer
39, German
Physicist, Astronomer, Chemist

George DaytonGeorge Dayton
80, American

George du MaurierGeorge du Maurier
62, French, British
Writer, Illustrator
Paul AguilarPaul Aguilar
33, Mexican
Association football player

Ring LardnerRing Lardner
48, American
Lefty GroveLefty Grove
75, American
Baseball Pitcher

Henry LaurensHenry Laurens
68, American
Lewis GilbertLewis Gilbert
99, British
Film director, Screenwriter, Film producer, Writer

Lorin MaazelLorin Maazel
84, French, American
Joey DeMaioJoey DeMaio
65, American
Bassist, Musician

Personality Traits & Characteristics of Famous People Born on March 6

People born on this day are known for a free spirit and warm heart. These people are great at communication and make great friends. People born on March 6th have a great sense of fairness. This is why they make great mediators who are able to balance harmony in a relationship. A person born on March 6th will devote everything to a loved one, though he/she may act a bit scatterbrained at times when distracted. Overall, people born on this day are kind, spirited, and fair.

People born on this day are blessed with good health. However, stress tends to bog them down. As such, it becomes essential for them to find a way to relax. A person with this birthday enjoys art. So reading a book or watching a movie may be helpful to alleviate stress. Stomach problems also frequently occur to those born on this day. Refraining from eating processed food is the best way to avoid the problem.

People born on this day experience a great deal of satisfaction from working hard. Even though these people are financially blessed, they do not indulge in spending their hard-earned fortune carelessly and instead, believe in saving for a rainy day.

People born in this date have great imagination and work well without supervision. They are creative souls and do well in fields where creativity is required. Also, since these people have a religious and spiritual bent of mind, they tend to work well in this segment as well.

Relationships, Marriage, And Children
People born on this day are choosy when it comes to picking a mate. They are looking for an emotional connection. Long term relationships make these people happy. They will go to great lengths to avoid discourse, which sometimes makes them open to be taken advantage of by partners. People born on this day make excellent parents. These people are very devoted, yet give children enough space to grow independently.

Lucky Colors: White, Silver, Mauve
Lucky Numbers: 6, 15, 24, 33, 42, 51, 60, 69, 78
Lucky Days (by the month): 6th, 15th, and 23rd
Lucky Days (by the week): Wednesday, Friday, Saturday