Individuals born on March 12 fall under the twelfth sun sign, which is Pisces. March 12 Pisceans are ruled by planets Neptune and Jupiter. They have a gentle, easy-going temperament. They instinctively follow the lead of others. As a result, March 12 natives get along with everyone although sometimes they do not know when they are being taken advantage of. Their companionship is pleasurable as long as they do not allow their emotions to overwhelm themselves or others. These individuals strive for worldly understanding and harmony and search for spiritual fulfilment through close bonds with friends and family. Those born on March 12 develop talents usually in art, writing, music and dancing.

Liza MinnelliLiza Minnelli
73, American
Actress, Singer
Christina GrimmieChristina Grimmie
22, American

James TaylorJames Taylor
71, American
Mitt RomneyMitt Romney
72, American
Former Governor of Massachusetts

Jaimie AlexanderJaimie Alexander
35, American

Jack KerouacJack Kerouac
47, American
Novelist, Poet
Sammy GravanoSammy Gravano
74, American

Pete DohertyPete Doherty
40, British
Aaron EckhartAaron Eckhart
51, American

Jason BegheJason Beghe
59, American
34, Belgian

Andrea BrillantesAndrea Brillantes
16, Filipino
Tammy DuckworthTammy Duckworth
51, Thai, American
U.S. Representative
Jason LivelyJason Lively
51, American

Holiday ReinhornHoliday Reinhorn
55, American
Fiction Writer
Malina WeissmanMalina Weissman
16, American

Barbara FeldonBarbara Feldon
86, American
Zhao WeiZhao Wei
43, Chinese

George BerkeleyGeorge Berkeley
67, Irish, British

Dave EggersDave Eggers
49, American
Vaslav NijinskyVaslav Nijinsky
61, Ukrainian
Ballet Dancer

Theresa KnorrTheresa Knorr
73, American
Carlton LeachCarlton Leach
60, British
Author, Former Doorman, Former Football Hooligan &

Arlene AldaArlene Alda
86, American
Musician, Photographer, Writer
Gustav KirchhoffGustav Kirchhoff
63, German

Lewis BlissettLewis Blissett
15, British
Pop Singer
Isabella BeetonIsabella Beeton
28, British
Anna ZakAnna Zak
18, Israeli
TikTok ( Star, Model

Vladimir VernadskyVladimir Vernadsky
81, Russian
Tzachi HalevyTzachi Halevy
44, Israeli
TV Actor, Singer

Jessie PaegeJessie Paege
20, American
YouTuber, Vloggers
Jamie DwyerJamie Dwyer
40, Australian
Field Hockey Player

Ayodele AwojobiAyodele Awojobi
47, Nigerien

Parker CoppinsParker Coppins
24, American
YouTube Star
Conner DennisConner Dennis
21, American
Instagram Star, Actor

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26, American
Instagram Star
Scrapp DeLeonScrapp DeLeon
31, American
Reality Star

Shreya GhoshalShreya Ghoshal
35, Indian
Singer, Writer, Actor, Composer
Frank WelkerFrank Welker
73, American
Actor, Dub actor

Courtney B. VanceCourtney B. Vance
59, American
film actor, television actor, stage actor
Atif AslamAtif Aslam
36, Pakistani
Darryl StrawberryDarryl Strawberry
57, American
Baseball Player

Marlon JacksonMarlon Jackson
62, American
American entertainer
Bradley Wright-PhillipsBradley Wright-Phillips
34, British
Association football player

Anish KapoorAnish Kapoor
65, Indian, British
Sculptor, Visual artist, Painter, Architect
Al JarreauAl Jarreau
76, American
Singer, Singer-songwriter, Jazz musician, Social

Gianni AgnelliGianni Agnelli
81, Italian
Entrepreneur, Engineer, Politician, Businessperson

Falguni PathakFalguni Pathak
55, Indian
singer, composer
Rob CohenRob Cohen
70, American

Edward AlbeeEdward Albee
88, American
Playwright, Writer, Screenwriter, University
Wally SchirraWally Schirra
84, American
United States Naval Aviator, Astronaut,

Rhonda ByrneRhonda Byrne
68, Australian
Wilhelm FrickWilhelm Frick
69, German
Politician, Diplomat, Lawyer

Dylan CarlsonDylan Carlson
51, American
Singer, Guitarist
Carl HiaasenCarl Hiaasen
66, American
Writer, Novelist, Children's writer, Journalist
Leonard ChessLeonard Chess
52, American
Record producer

Earl NightingaleEarl Nightingale
68, American
Motivational speaker, Author, Actor, Writer, Radio
Kamaal KhanKamaal Khan
47, British

John AbbottJohn Abbott
72, Canadian
Politician, Lawyer
Felix KroosFelix Kroos
28, German
Association football player

Pierre JoliotPierre Joliot
87, French
Biologist, Biochemist, Professor

Takashi ShimuraTakashi Shimura
76, Japanese
Actor, Film actor
Raúl AlfonsínRaúl Alfonsín
82, Argentinian

Gerard LópezGerard López
40, Spanish
Association football player, Association football
Mikko KoivuMikko Koivu
36, Finnish
Ice hockey player

Julio Dely ValdésJulio Dely Valdés
52, Panamanian
Panamanian footballer
Luitpold, Prince Regent of BavariaLuitpold, Prince Regent of Bavaria
91, German

Andreas KöpkeAndreas Köpke
57, German
Konstantinos MitroglouKonstantinos Mitroglou
31, Greek
Association football player
Georges DelerueGeorges Delerue
67, French
Composer, Film score composer

Simon NewcombSimon Newcomb
74, Canadian, American
Astronomer, Mathematician, Economist, Novelist,
Javier ClementeJavier Clemente
69, Spanish
Association football player, Association football

Casey MearsCasey Mears
41, American
Racecar driver
Dean CundeyDean Cundey
73, American

Leo EsakiLeo Esaki
94, Japanese

Thomas ArneThomas Arne
67, British
Leif G. W. PerssonLeif G. W. Persson
74, Swedish
Criminologist, Writer

Wayne McGregorWayne McGregor
49, British
Choreographer, Dancer
Francisco J. AyalaFrancisco J. Ayala
85, Spanish, American
Biologist, Geneticist, Philosopher, University

Erwin PlanckErwin Planck
51, German
Alberto BurriAlberto Burri
79, Italian
Painter, Sculptor, Artist

Jim SharmanJim Sharman
74, Australian
Theatre director, Film director, Screenwriter
Evert TaubeEvert Taube
85, Swedish
Singer, Composer, Musician, Writer, Poet,
Teimour RadjabovTeimour Radjabov
32, Azerbaijani
Chess player

Jacques BenvenisteJacques Benveniste
69, French
Physician, Immunologist
Aklilu Habte-WoldAklilu Habte-Wold
62, Ethiopian

Tobias SchweinsteigerTobias Schweinsteiger
37, German
Association football player
Katarina SrebotnikKatarina Srebotnik
38, Slovenian
Tennis player

Kenta KobayashiKenta Kobayashi
38, Japanese
Professional wrestler, Kickboxer
Charles of ValoisCharles of Valois
55, French

Steve HarrisSteve Harris
63, British
Yūsuke SantamariaYūsuke Santamaria
48, Japanese
Actor, Singer, Tarento, Film actor

Idris I of LibyaIdris I of Libya
94, Egyptian, Libyan
Political leader
Liza MinelliLiza Minelli
73, American

Harry HarrisonHarry Harrison
87, American
Dileita Mohamed DileitaDileita Mohamed Dileita
61, Djiboutian
Former Prime Minister of Djibouti

Personality Traits & Characteristics of Famous People Born on March 12

March 12 natives are kind, sincere and cheerful. They are social individuals and their charming disposition makes meeting new people an easy effort. Friendship with these individuals are nurturing and rewarding. People born on March 12 are ruled by their emotions. These individuals love being in love. Their desire for unconditional love mostly begins many promising relationships yet ends with a broken heart since they often share their love with undeserving persons. However, March 12 Pisceans accomplish much spiritual growth early in life which leads to a loving, lasting union. People born on this day love life and all it has to offer. They are not the most adventurous individuals but they are open to new experiences.

People born on this day are emotionally sensitive creatures. While sensitivity helps the March 12 Piscean to connect with the people and the world around, they become easily distressed when facing conflict in their personal and professional lives. Receiving criticism from a friend or being admonished by a boss will cut down their confidence and esteem. Stress of this nature impacts their mental, emotional, and even physical well-being. Those born on this day will enjoy the experience and benefits of yoga, ballet, and swimming.

People born on this day enjoy collecting music, books, or original art. They also like to share their prosperity with others. Accumulating wealth may prove difficult since they are often motivated to acquire what they find beautiful and inspiring. It may help to curb the appetite for impulsive splurging by setting a budget.

March 12 Pisceans excel in fields involving art and beauty. Creativity is as essential as oxygen and happiness ensues if it can be incorporated into their work. They thrive when intuitive thinking is an advantage. Do not be surprised if they show interest in building the blocks of culture and society like philosophy, religion and politics. This is Jupiter’s influence.

Relationships, Marriage and Children
March 12 Pisceans are adept at connecting with people on an emotional and spiritual level - this is very helpful in their romantic relationships and with parenting. True to their water sign nature, they are warm, gentle, devoted, and affectionate. The loved ones of these Pisceans rarely go a day without being hugged or kissed. However, since these individuals are prone to jealousy, they need constant reassurance from their lovers. As a parent, March 12 natives are patient and can relate to their children. They can also be too lenient with their children.

Lucky Colors: Sea Green, Cerulean, Cream, Pale Yellow
Lucky Numbers: 3, 12, 21, 30, 48, 57, 66, 75
Lucky Days (by the month): 2nd, 14th and 25th
Lucky Days (by the week): Thursday, Tuesday, Sunday