Aspen Rae Loeffler Bio

(American Instagram Star and Influencer)

Birthday: July 13, 1999 (Cancer)

Born In: Salt Lake City, Utah

Aspen Rae Loeffler is an Instagram model and social media influencer who gained fame for being affiliated with the boy band ‘Why Don’t We’. While the exposure came from her being the daughter of the manager of the band, David Loeeffler, it has been a boon for her career. She has been able to capitalize on the fame by becoming a successful Instagram model with a massive fan base. Her posts showcasing the latest fashion trends, lifestyle choices, and swimwear have been viewed thousands of times. However, her affiliation with the band has also led to internet trolling from fans of the band. In spite of all these, Aspen Rae Loeffler has made a successful career for herself. Aside from being a model, Aspen is also a vocal advocate for body positivity. Loeffler suffers from an eating disorder and that results in fluctuating weight issues. Consequently, she has used her Twitter handle to advise people to be more accepting of all body types and be proud of who they are.
Quick Facts

Age: 24 Years, 24 Year Old Females


father: David Loeffler

mother: Lisa Loeffler

siblings: Atallia Loeffler (Sister)

U.S. State: Utah

City: Salt Lake City, Utah

Rise To Fame
The American boy band ‘Why Don’t We’ came into limelight on September 2016, under the guidance of music mogul David Loeffler, who became the manager of the band. Aspen Rae Loeffler is the oldest daughter of David and she was featured in a number of the band’s music videos. This gave her overnight exposure and fame as fans of the band started following her on social media. This prompted Aspen to be a bit more regular on her Instagram, since 2017. She started posting pictures of herself sporting the latest fashion trends. However, being the daughter of a media mogul and being close to an upcoming boy band didn’t always sit well with young girls who were fans of the band members. Many of them started trolling her on social media, posting negative comments, and criticizing her as a ‘trust fund baby’.
However, Aspen Rae Loeffler was able to brush off most of the criticism and started focusing more on her work. Her Instagram posts on fashion choices and how to wear bikinis and swimwear garnered thousands of views. She also started posting throwback pictures of herself with her mother and father. This endeared her to many who realized that despite her fame, she was still humble.
Aspen also started gaining some negative attention for her fitness and bikini photos in 2018. It appeared that she had lost a lot of weight and was looking too skinny. On July 10, 2018, Aspen finally addressed the issue on her Twitter. She tweeted a picture of herself in a bikini and the caption that she has been suffering from an eating disorder for two years. The disorder had resulted in her losing more than 45 pounds in two years and she was aware of how skinny she had become.
Loeffler also mentioned that she still posted swimsuit pictures, because, in spite of her struggles, she was starting to accept her body type. She preached the same to every one of her followers. This message on body positivity was applauded by her social media followers. Although Aspen continues to post swimwear pictures, she clearly mentions that being skinny to the point of anorexic should never be ‘body goals’.
The combination of her natural style, beauty, and body positive image have contributed to making Aspen Rae Loeffler one of rising Instagram models of 2018. Displaying an impressive number of 91.6k followers on Instagram, with just 90 posts, her Instagram is gradually nearing its first million. Additionally, she turned her Instagram account to ‘private’ on August 24, 2018.
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Although she herself has not done anything controversial, Aspen Rae Loeffler often finds herself being bullied online by fans of the ‘Why Don’t We’ boy band, due to her close association with members, Jack Avery and Zach Herron. It doesn’t help that she and band member Daniel Seavey stopped following each other on Instagram. Rumors started spreading that she had broken up with Daniel and Jack was the reason. However, she never actually dated any band member and the rumors were spread by young fans, mostly girls, of the band members. Aspen has been able to take most of it in her stride. She even tweeted a picture of Disney star Dylan Sprouse on October 3, 2017, as a joke, with the caption ‘Happy National Boyfriend Day’ and continues to be great friends with Jack.
Personal Life
Aspen Rae Loeffler was born on July 13, 1999, in Salt Lake City, Utah, to David and Lisa Loeffler. She has a younger sister named Atallia. It is unknown if she is dating anyone or not.

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