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(Instagram Star)

Birthday: March 31, 2000 (Aries)

Born In: Stillwater, Minnesota

Esther Grace Frantzich is an American Instagram star and social media personality. She has garnered fame for posting lifestyle and selfie photos on her popular ‘esthergrace__’ Instagram account, on which she has accumulated over a hundred thousand followers to date. A Minnesota native, Frantzich grew up alongside her three siblings. She became active on social media in late 2013. After her brother Jonah Marais gained popularity as a member of the five-piece boy band Why Don’t We’, Frantzich and the rest of the siblings have received their shares of attention as well. Frantzich also has a Twitter account but has not posted any update there since November 2017.
Quick Facts

Age: 24 Years, 24 Year Old Females


father: Timothy

mother: Carrie Frantzich

siblings: 1991) and Jonah (born June 16, 1998) and one sister, 2007), Svea (born March 21, Zebulon Wilder (born January 26

U.S. State: Minnesota

Rise to Fame
The oldest photograph on Frantzich’s Instagram handle was posted on October 9, 2013. It is a picture of a tree canopy as seen from the ground. Her next upload was a photograph of Lake Superior. Her social media experience was quite ordinary until her brother became famous. These days, she receives tens of thousands of likes on each of her posts. She predominantly uploads lifestyle and selfie pictures. Jonah has made several appearances on her page as well. On Twitter, she used to share news and information about Why Don’t We. Despite having over ten thousand followers on the platform, she is apparently not active on it any more.
In 2016, she accompanied her brother to the Teen Choice Awards ceremony.
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Family & Personal Life
Esther Frantzich was born on March 31, 2000, in Stillwater, Minnesota, USA, to Timothy and Carrie Frantzich. She has two older brothers, Zebulon Wilder (born January 26, 1991) and Jonah (born June 16, 1998) and one sister, Svea (born March 21, 2007). Her father, Timothy “Tim” Frantzich (born June 5, 1953) is also a songwriter and musician. In 2012, using the professional name Brother Timothy, he put out his debut solo CD of Christian music, ‘Our Lost and Wild Daughter’. He then joined City of Lakes Waldorf School, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, as a music teacher. After spending four years on that job, he returned to his career as a full-time musician. Since then, he has been regularly performing in churches and pubs.
Carrie Frantzich (March 13, 1964) is a certified nurse midwife currently affiliated with a hospital in Stillwater. Over the course of her career, she has helped numerous pregnant women. On July 1, 2013, her doctors diagnosed her with breast cancer, but she has since made a full recovery. Esther’s oldest brother, Zebulon, is highly supportive of all his siblings’ endeavours. He is known for regularly posting photographs on his Instagram of his younger brother from his pre-Why-Don’t-We days.
Jonah, along with Corbyn Besson, Daniel Seavey, Jack Avery, and Zach Herron, formed Why Don’t We on September 27, 2016, and made the announcement the following day through their YouTube channel. The group put out their debut extended play, ‘Only the Beginning’, on November 25, 2016. Since then, they have released four more EPs, ‘Something Different’ (April 21, 2017), ‘Why Don’t We Just’ (June 2, 2017), ‘Invitation’ (September 26, 2017), and ‘A Why Don’t We Christmas’ (November 23, 2017), and one album, ‘8 Letters’ (August 31, 2018). ‘A Why Don’t We Christmas’ topped the US Heat chart after its release, while ‘8 Letters’ reached the ninth spot on the US Billboard 200 chart.
Esther’s youngest sister, Svea, often performs with her father. She is also part of the basketball program of her school.

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