People born on June 18 fall under the zodiac sign Gemini. Mars and Mercury are the ruling planets of this zodiac sign. These individuals are blunt, truthful, dedicated and honest. The duality of the sign makes this person both careful and a risk taker, those traits mixed into one individual make it extremely important that those born on this date are extra cautious in their lives. Pushing forward to make a new path can be the one downfall these people have to guard against as they strive to make tracks in fresh territory.

Richard MaddenRichard Madden
33, British
Paul McCartneyPaul McCartney
77, British

Blake SheltonBlake Shelton
43, American

Pierre-Emerick AubameyangPierre-Emerick Aubameyang
30, Gabonese

Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of RussiaGrand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia
17, Russian
Daughter of Tsar Nicholas II

Isabella RosselliniIsabella Rossellini
67, Italian
Kim DickensKim Dickens
54, American

Trippie ReddTrippie Redd
20, American

Roger EbertRoger Ebert
70, American

Scooter BraunScooter Braun
38, American
Uday HusseinUday Hussein
39, Iraqi
Saddam Hussein’s Son

Barack Obama Sr.Barack Obama Sr.
46, Kenyan
Kenyan Official
Willa HollandWilla Holland
28, American
Actress, Model, Voice Actress

Jeremy IrvineJeremy Irvine
29, British

Marsha Garces WilliamsMarsha Garces Williams
63, Filipino, American
Emma HemingEmma Heming
41, British
Model, Actress

Carol KaneCarol Kane
67, American
David GiuntoliDavid Giuntoli
39, American

Brian BenbenBrian Benben
63, American

George MalloryGeorge Mallory
37, British, Tibetan
Fabio CapelloFabio Capello
73, Italian
Football Player

Meaghan RathMeaghan Rath
33, Canadian
Alex HirschAlex Hirsch
34, American
Animator, Voice Actor

Jay RockefellerJay Rockefeller
82, American
Political Leader

Lindsay ShookusLindsay Shookus
39, American
TV Producer

Bruce SmithBruce Smith
56, American
American Football Player
Priyanka Chaudhary RainaPriyanka Chaudhary Raina
33, Indian
Wife of Suresh Raina
E. G. MarshallE. G. Marshall
84, American

Romeo CrennelRomeo Crennel
72, American
American Football Coach

Melanie IglesiasMelanie Iglesias
32, American
Actress, Model, Singer

Brady HaranBrady Haran
43, Australian
Video Journalist, Documentary Filmmaker, Podcaster
Chris Van AllsburgChris Van Allsburg
70, American

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Jung Bahadur Rana Jung Bahadur Rana
60, Nepalese
Former Ruler & Prime Minister of Nepal

Ulla JonesUlla Jones
73, Swedish
Former Model, Actress

Marguerite McNamaraMaggie McNamara
49, American

Baburam BhattaraiBaburam Bhattarai
65, Nepalese
35th Prime Minister of Nepal
Kirshnik BallKirshnik Ball
25, American

Dudley Robert HerschbachDudley R. Herschbach
87, American

Manuel GonzalezManuel González Flores
59, Mexican
31st President of Mexico

Joshua DunJoshua Dun
31, American
Jerome KarleJerome Karle
94, American
Physical Chemist

Jack BarakatJack Barakat
31, American
Jhacari BluntJhacari Blunt
18, American
Dancer, Instagram Star

Ricky IrelandRicky Ireland
20, American

Keith HabersbergerKeith Habersberger
32, American
Comedian, YouTuber

Orvan HessOrvan Hess
96, American

Lauren TaylorLauren Taylor
21, American
Veronica WangVeronica Wang
27, Canadian

Christopher LloydChristopher Lloyd
59, American
screenwriter, film producer

Tash SultanaTash Sultana
24, Australian

Richard PerryRichard Perry
77, American
Record producer, Composer
Ray LaMontagneRay LaMontagne
46, American

Antonio GatesAntonio Gates
39, American
American Football Players
Richard BooneRichard Boone
63, American
Stage actor, Film actor, Television actor

Jürgen HabermasJürgen Habermas
90, German
Sociologist, Philosopher, University teacher

Thabo MbekiThabo Mbeki
77, South African
Politician, Economist
Alison MoyetAlison Moyet
58, British
Singer, Singer-songwriter

Rick FamuyiwaRick Famuyiwa
46, American
Film director, Screenwriter
George MikanGeorge Mikan
80, American
American basketball player

Delia SmithDelia Smith
78, British
Chef, Broadcaster, Cookery writer

Tara PlattTara Platt
41, American
Jacob AndersonJacob Anderson
29, British

Robert MondaviRobert Mondavi
94, American
Miklós HorthyMiklós Horthy
88, Hungarian
Politician, Diplomat, Officer

Pierre AubameyangPierre Aubameyang
30, French

Charles IV of FranceCharles IV of France
33, French

Ivonne CollIvonne Coll
72, American
Singer, Actor, Beauty pageant contestant
Cameron SmithCameron Smith
36, Australian
Rugby league player
Frédéric Prinz von AnhaltFrédéric Prinz von Anhalt
76, German, American
Musician, Socialite

Nathan MorrisNathan Morris
48, American

Silkk the ShockerSilkk the Shocker
44, American
Musician, Rapper

Denny HulmeDenny Hulme
56, New Zealander
Formula One driver, Racecar driver
Barbara BroccoliBarbara Broccoli
59, British, American

25, American

Randy SpearsRandy Spears
58, American

Paul EddingtonPaul Eddington
68, British

Richard PowersRichard Powers
62, American
Novelist, Writer, Science fiction writer
Vincenzo MontellaVincenzo Montella
45, Italian
Association football player, Association football

Jeanette MacDonaldJeanette MacDonald
61, American
Film actor
Richard GasquetRichard Gasquet
33, French
Tennis player

Jack HererJack Herer
70, American

Katie DerhamKatie Derham
49, British
Journalist, Television presenter
Billy SlaterBilly Slater
36, Australian
Rugby league player

Renee OlsteadRenee Olstead
30, American
Ralph BrownRalph Brown
62, British

Jamel DebbouzeJamel Debbouze
44, French, Moroccan
Actor, Cabaret artist, Radio personality,

Sean TealeSean Teale
27, British

Jill GibsonJill Gibson
77, American
Painter, Photographer, Singer, Songwriter
Idriss DébyIdriss Déby
67, Chadian
President of Chad

Michael MiuMichael Miu
Fernando Henrique CardosoFernando Henrique Cardoso
88, Brazilian
Politician, Diplomat, Sociologist, Writer

Édouard DaladierÉdouard Daladier
86, French
Robert Stewart, Viscount CastlereaghRobert Stewart, Viscount Castlereagh
53, Irish, British

Stephen Thomas ErlewineStephen Thomas Erlewine
46, American
Journalist, Writer, Musicologist, Music critic
Lisa RandallLisa Randall
57, American
Physicist, Writer, University teacher, Theoretical

Personality Traits & Characteristics of Famous People Born on June 18th

People born on June 18 are of independent spirit. This independence is fuelled by common restless thoughts, which is a characteristic of all the Geminis. These individuals are full of vivacity of life and have the bright light in their spirit to bring a new zest to the lives of others. June 18th individuals are extremely intelligent and highly intuitive but they suffer from just as extreme moodiness, giving them the Gemini duality.

Geminis born on the 18th of June are physically fit because of their strong desire to be on the fit and healthy side of life. This typical health freak works extra hard, follows healthy diet and strives to maintain proper exercise routine. Their weak nervous system requires that they follow a healthy regimen even more than the rest of the signs; this weak link in their body can lead those from the 18th of June to become ill. It is important that these individuals follow their natural tendencies to belie those weak areas.

For those born on June 18 their high intelligence plays heavily in the pursuit of wealth. Combining the traits of fun and seriousness, leads them to the path of wealth. While not trusting in relationships at first this Gemini will prove to be a risk taker when gambling issues are involved.

People born on June 18 seek a career that is interesting as well as intellectually stimulating. Their intelligence will work in their favor as they seek a job that will feed both sides of that coin. While they look for a career, the one thing these Geminis should guard against is their tendency to get bored easily and make sure that their career keeps their interest alive.

Relationships, Marriage and Children
For individuals born on June 18, getting into a Romantic relationship is, at times, bit difficult. They are less likely to trust matters of the heart, which can lead to romantic difficulties. Their friendly and emotional nature can make them wonderful mates. Sexuality is a strong part of the psyche of these people and their tastes for a partner can be completely a physical attraction. When someone gains the rust of this Gemini they will be rewarded with the most trustworthy and loyal of companion that will also possess a strong sexual appetite.

Lucky Colors: Red, Maroon, Scarlet and Autumn tones.
Lucky Numbers: 9, 18, 27, 36. 45, 54, 63, 72.
Lucky Days (of the week): Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.
Lucky Days (of the month): 9th