Famous People From Idaho
Located in the northwestern region of the United States is the state of Idaho. Idaho’s capital and largest city is Boise and the state is often referred to as the ‘Gem State’. The state was originally occupied by Native Americans, before European settlements were established. Idaho produces one-third of the country’s potato yields. Covering an expansive area of 83,569 miles, the state is the 14th largest in the country and comprises of a population of 1.7 million people. Over time, numerous people who were born and raised in Idaho have gone on to succeeding enormously on an international front. The Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul was born and brought up in the state of Idaho. Various other actors such as Aiden Alexander, Jeremy Shada and the late Lana Turner, all came from the state of Idaho. Various writers such as Vardis Fisher and poet Ezra Pound, also hail from Idaho. The famous WWE diva Torrie Wilson is also from this state. We are quite certain that you will be shocked by the full-list of ‘Idahoans’ who made it huge as celebrities.
Sarah PalinSarah Palin
11 February 1964, American
Former Governor of Alaska
Aaron PaulAaron Paul
27 August 1979, American

Lana TurnerLana Turner
08 February 1921, American

Tara WestoverTara Westover
27 September 1986, American

Jeremy ShadaJeremy Shada
21 January 1997, American
Actor & Singer

1788 AD, American
Ezra PoundEzra Pound
30 October 1885, American

Mark FeltMark Felt
17 August 1913, American
FBI Agent

Maggie CareyMaggie Carey
1975 AD, American
Gutzon BorglumGutzon Borglum
25 March 1867, American

Pappy BoyingtonPappy Boyington
04 December 1912, American
Lillian DisneyLillian Disney
15 February 1899, American
Wife of Walt Disnry

Robyn HiltonRobyn Hilton
13 July 1944, American
Actress, Model

Christina FultonChristina Fulton
26 June 1962, American

Butch OtterButch Otter
03 May 1942, American
Governor of Idaho

Jake PittsJake Pitts
21 August 1985, American
Peter GunzPeter Gunz
06 January 1969, American

James RainwaterJames Rainwater
09 December 1917, American

Joe GriffinJoe Griffin
01 November 1998, American

Logan ButlerLogan Butler
31 January 1995, American
YouTuber, Vlogger
Avia ButlerAvia Butler
04 May 2005, American
YouTuber, Acrobat

Kyler FisherKyler Fisher
16 June 1987, American
Emmi ButlerEmmi Butler
16 August 2007, American
YouTube Star

Shaun McKnightShaun McKnight
05 May 1974, American

Gavin ButlerGavin Butler
03 December 2003, American
YouTube Personality, Author
Aidan AlexanderAidan Alexander
17 February 2000, American
YouTube star, actor, and social media personality

Destery MooreDestery Moore
19 February 1991, American
Scout WillisScout Willis
20 July 1991, American

Brock Vincent ButlerBrock Vincent Butler
10 June 2010, American

Cooper ColonelCooper Colonel
16 November 2007, American
Linda PerryLinda Perry
15 April 1965, American
Singer, Composer, Musician, Songwriter, Record

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Linda PerryLinda Perry
18 August 1912, American
Bowe BergdahlBowe Bergdahl
28 March 1986, American

Torrie WilsonTorrie Wilson
24 July 1975, American
Professional wrestler

Sherry JacksonSherry Jackson
15 February 1942, American

Josh RitterJosh Ritter
21 October 1976, American
Singer-songwriter, Musician, Singer, Songwriter
Marilynne RobinsonMarilynne Robinson
26 November 1943, American
Bryan FullerBryan Fuller
27 July 1969, American
Screenwriter, Television producer

Mike CrapoMike Crapo
20 May 1951, American

Sean Paul LockhartSean Paul Lockhart
31 October 1986, American

Martha RaddatzMartha Raddatz
14 February 1953, American
Larry CraigLarry Craig
20 July 1945, American
Former U.S. senator

Isabella BoylstonIsabella Boylston
13 October 1986, American
Ballet dancer

Victor WootenVictor Wooten
11 September 1964, American
Bassist, Jazz musician

Dree HemingwayDree Hemingway
04 December 1987, American
Actor, Model, Film actor, Playboy Playmate

Jake PlummerJake Plummer
19 December 1974, American
American football player
Harmon KillebrewHarmon Killebrew
29 June 1936, American
Baseball player

Ezra Taft BensonEzra Taft Benson
04 August 1899, American
Religious Leader
Linda Moulton HoweLinda Moulton Howe
20 January 1942, American
Journalist, Essayist

Frank ChurchFrank Church
25 July 1924, American

Picabo StreetPicabo Street
03 April 1971, American
Olympic athlete
Mike RileyMike Riley
06 July 1953, American
American football player

Edwin P. WilsonEdwin P. Wilson
03 May 1928, American
Laurel Thatcher UlrichLaurel Thatcher Ulrich
11 July 1938, American
Historian of the modern age, Historian, University

Branden SteineckertBranden Steineckert
21 April 1978, American

Marjorie ReynoldsMarjorie Reynolds
12 August 1917, American

Howard W. HunterHoward W. Hunter
14 November 1907, American

Lloyd M. BucherLloyd M. Bucher
01 September 1927, American
Military officer
Steve SymmsSteve Symms
23 April 1938, American

Richard G. ScottRichard G. Scott
07 November 1928, American
Nuclear engineer

Jon Huntsman, Sr.Jon Huntsman, Sr.
21 June 1937, American
Business person

Robert J. LamphereRobert J. Lamphere
14 February 1918, American
Intelligence officer
Gary StevensGary Stevens
06 March 1963, American
Horse Racing Jockey

Georgia ColemanGeorgia Coleman
23 January 1912, American
Leonard James ArringtonLeonard James Arrington
02 July 1917, American

Michael Keith SimpsonMichael Keith Simpson
08 September 1950, American

Gordon L. WoodsGordon L. Woods
14 July 1952, American