Died On September 19th

Discover the most famous people who died on September 19. The list includes people like James A. Garfield, Slim Dusty, Michael Ancher, Gram Parsons, Mayer Amschel Rothschild. Famous personalities featured on this list, include country musicians, physicists, guitarists and science fiction writers and from other domains of life. This list includes people from United States, United Kingdom, Denmark & Germany and many more countries.

James A. GarfieldJames A. Garfield
19 November 1831, American
President of the U.S.A
Mayer Amschel RothschildMayer Amschel Rothschild
23 February 1744, German

Giles CoreyGiles Corey
31 July 1611, American
Accused in Salem Witch Trial

Konstantin TsiolkovskyKonstantin Tsiolkovsky
17 September 1857, Russian
Russian-Soviet Rocket Scientist

Slim DustySlim Dusty
13 June 1927, Australian
Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist

Michael AncherMichael Ancher
09 June 1849, Danish
Gram ParsonsGram Parsons
05 November 1946, American
Singer, Singer-songwriter, Songwriter, Musician,

Jackie CollinsJackie Collins
04 October 1937, British, American

Skeeter DavisSkeeter Davis
30 December 1931, American
Singer-songwriter, Singer, Writer, Children's

Bernie CaseyBernie Casey
08 June 1939, American
Italo CalvinoItalo Calvino
15 October 1923, Italian, American
Writer, Poet, Politician, Journalist, Reporter,

Rich MullinsRich Mullins
21 October 1955, American
Singer, Musician, Composer
Kenneth E. HaginKenneth E. Hagin
20 August 1917, American

Orville RedenbacherOrville Redenbacher
16 July 1907, American

Guy GibsonGuy Gibson
12 August 1918, Indian, British
Military personnel
Dolores HopeDolores Hope
27 May 1909, American

Emperor Go-DaigoEmperor Go-Daigo
26 November 1288, Japanese
Emperor, Sovereign
Thomas CapanoThomas Capano
11 October 1949, American

Brian SewellBrian Sewell
15 June 1931, British
journalist, autobiographer, art critic, art

Marie Henriette of AustriaMarie Henriette of Austria
23 August 1836, Belgian
David Starr JordanDavid Starr Jordan
19 January 1851, American
Botanist, Peace activist, Zoologist,

Ole RømerOle Rømer
25 September 1644, Danish
Astronomer, Physicist, Scientist, University
Rudolf PeierlsRudolf Peierls
05 June 1907, German, British
Theoretical physicist, University teacher

Einar GerhardsenEinar Gerhardsen
10 May 1897, Norwegian
Norwegian Politician

Francis DarwinFrancis Darwin
16 August 1848, British

Gaspard-Gustave CoriolisGaspard-Gustave Coriolis
21 May 1792, French
David LowDavid Low
07 April 1891, British
caricaturist, journalist
Étienne GilsonÉtienne Gilson
13 June 1884, French
Philosopher, Historian, Politician, Professor,

William Jacob Will CuppyWilliam Jacob Will Cuppy
23 August 1884, American