Died On October 16th

Discover the most famous people who died on October 16. The list includes people like Marie Antoinette, Deborah Kerr, George Marshall, Moshe Dayan, Alfred Jodl. Famous personalities featured on this list, include political leaders, lawyers, military leaders and actresses and from other domains of life. This list includes people from United States, Germany, Italy & Austria and many more countries.

Marie AntoinetteMarie Antoinette
02 November 1755, Austrian, French
Queen of France
Deborah Kerr Deborah Kerr
30 September 1921, British

Joachim von RibbentropJoachim von Ribbentrop
30 April 1893, German
Nazi Minister

Wilhelm KeitelWilhelm Keitel
22 September 1882, German
German Commanding Officer

George MarshallGeorge Marshall
31 December 1880, American
Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army

Barbara BillingsleyBarbara Billingsley
22 December 1915, American
Moshe DayanMoshe Dayan
20 May 1915, Israeli
Israeli Military & Political Leader

Alfred RosenbergAlfred Rosenberg
12 January 1893, German
Nazi Party Ideologue, Author

Alfred JodlAlfred Jodl
10 May 1890, German
Military Commander, Nazi War Criminal

Ernst KaltenbrunnerErnst Kaltenbrunner
04 October 1903, Austrian
Nazi Leader
Audra LindleyAudra Lindley
24 September 1918, American

Julius StreicherJulius Streicher
12 February 1885, German
A Member of National Socialist German Workers'
Shirley BoothShirley Booth
30 August 1898, American

James A. MichenerJames A. Michener
03 February 1907, American

Arthur Seyss-InquartArthur Seyss-Inquart
22 July 1892, Austrian, Czech
War Criminal
John DunsworthJohn Dunsworth
12 April 1946, Canadian

Cecilia HartCecilia Hart
19 February 1948, American
Hans FrankHans Frank
23 May 1900, German
Lawyer, Politician

Stu HartStu Hart
03 May 1915, Canadian
Professional wrestler

Horatio SpaffordHoratio Spafford
20 October 1828, American
Jean ShepherdJean Shepherd
26 July 1921, American
Actor, Radio personality

Art BlakeyArt Blakey
11 October 1919, American
Dan WheldonDan Wheldon
22 June 1978, British
Motorcycle racer, Racecar driver

Roy DotriceRoy Dotrice
26 May 1923, British

Wilhelm FrickWilhelm Frick
12 March 1877, German
Politician, Diplomat, Lawyer

Ed LauterEd Lauter
30 October 1938, American
Gene KrupaGene Krupa
15 January 1909, American
American drummer
Cornel WildeCornel Wilde
13 October 1912, Hungarian, Slovak, American

Lucas Cranach the ElderLucas Cranach the Elder
04 October 1472, German

Leonard ChessLeonard Chess
12 March 1917, American
Record producer

Jon PostelJon Postel
06 August 1943, American
Computer scientist
11 October 1924, Indian
mathematician, physicist, university teacher

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Toše ProeskiToše Proeski
25 January 1981, Macedonian

Fritz SauckelFritz Sauckel
27 October 1894, German

Gaston BachelardGaston Bachelard
27 June 1884, French
Philosopher, Poet, Writer, University teacher

Hans SelyeHans Selye
26 January 1907, Austrian, Canadian, Hungarian
Jules RimetJules Rimet
14 October 1873, French
Football administrator

Ole BeichOle Beich
1955 AD, Danish
bassist, guitarist
Luca SignorelliLuca Signorelli
1450 AD, Italian

Victor Amadeus III of SardiniaVictor Amadeus III of Sardinia
26 June 1726, Italian

Jan Pieterszoon SweelinckJan Pieterszoon Sweelinck
30 April 1562, Dutch
composer, organist, teacher, musicologist
László PappLászló Papp
25 March 1926, Hungarian

Alexander WilsonAlexander Wilson
1714 AD, British, Scottish
Ahmed Shah AbdaliAhmed Shah Abdali
1722 AD, Afghan

Grigori Alexandrovich PotemkinGrigori Alexandrovich Potemkin
11 October 1739, Russian

John HunterJohn Hunter
13 February 1728, Scottish
military physician, physician, university teacher

Mario del MonacoMario del Monaco
27 July 1915, Italian

Hōjō UjiyukiHōjō Ujiyuki
19 September 1845, Japanese
Pierre Emil George SalingerPierre Emil George Salinger
14 June 1925, American
Journalist, U.S. Representative