Died On March 23rd

Discover the most famous people who died on March 23. The list includes people like Elizabeth Taylor, Bhagat Singh, Lee Kuan Yew, Stendhal, Peter of Castile. Famous personalities featured on this list, include soldiers, economists, actors and military leaders and from other domains of life. This list includes people from United States, United Kingdom, France & Russia and many more countries.

Elizabeth TaylorElizabeth Taylor
27 February 1932, British, American
Bhagat SinghBhagat Singh
27 September 1907, Indian

Desmond DossDesmond Doss
07 February 1919, American
U. S. Army Corporal

Lee Kuan YewLee Kuan Yew
16 September 1923, Singaporean
Founding Father of Modern Singapore

Paul I of RussiaPaul I of Russia
01 October 1754, Russian
Russian Emperor (1796-1801)

Agrippina the YoungerAgrippina the Younger
06 November 0015, Ancient Roman
Roman Empress
Peter LorrePeter Lorre
26 June 1904, American

23 January 1783, French

Lola AlbrightLola Albright
20 July 1924, American

Peter of CastilePeter of Castile
30 August 1334, Spanish
King of Castile and León
Delores TaylorDelores Taylor
27 September 1932, American

Friedrich von HayekFriedrich von Hayek
08 May 1899, Austrian, German, British
Franklin Pierce AdamsFranklin Pierce Adams
15 November 1881, American

Assia WevillAssia Wevill
15 May 1927, German
Socialite, Poet

Ken HowardKen Howard
28 March 1944, American
Joe WeiderJoe Weider
29 November 1920, Canadian, American
Functionary, Editor

Luis Donaldo ColosioLuis Donaldo Colosio
10 February 1950, Mexican
Politician, Economist
Bhupinder Singh of PatialaBhupinder Singh of Patiala
12 October 1891, Indian

Zell MillerZell Miller
24 February 1932, American

Claude AuchinleckClaude Auchinleck
21 June 1884, British
Gilbert N. LewisGilbert N. Lewis
23 October 1875, American
Chemist, Physicist, University teacher,

Mike HailwoodMike Hailwood
02 April 1940, British
Formula One driver, Motorcycle racer
Giulia FarneseGiulia Farnese
1474 AD, Italian

Giulietta MasinaGiulietta Masina
22 February 1920, Italian

Mao AnqingMao Anqing
02 November 1923
Writer, Translator

Arne JacobsenArne Jacobsen
11 February 1902, Danish
Danish architect
Pope Julius IIIPope Julius III
10 September 1487, Italian
Robert NivelleRobert Nivelle
15 October 1856, French
Military personnel

Abdullahi Yusuf AhmedAbdullahi Yusuf Ahmed
15 December 1934, Emirati
Somali Politician

Otto KummOtto Kumm
01 October 1909, German
soldier, military personnel

Moshe FeinsteinMoshe Feinstein
03 March 1895, American
Theologian, Rabbi, Philosopher
Patricia Roberts HarrisPatricia Roberts Harris
31 May 1924, American
Former United States Secretary of Housing and

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Alice PrinAlice Prin
02 October 1901, French
Actor, Painter, Art model, Amy Elise Boyfriend,

Franz Walter StahleckerFranz Walter Stahlecker
10 October 1900, German
Jurist, Lawyer

Mitsuyasu MaenoMitsuyasu Maeno
1947 AD, Japanese
actor, film actor

Paul CohenPaul Cohen
02 April 1934, American
Mathematician, Logician, University teacher
Nikolai RubinsteinNikolai Rubinstein
14 February 1835, Russian
composer, pianist, conductor, musician

Neal E. MillerNeal E. Miller
03 August 1909, American
Psychologist, University teacher
Jean ProuvéJean Prouvé
08 April 1901, French
Architect, Designer, Artist, Politician

Mona MarisMona Maris
07 November 1903, Argentinian
Argentine film actress

20 April 1876, Indian
Friedrich August von HayekFriedrich August von Hayek
08 May 1899, Austrian

Boris BerezovskyBoris Berezovsky
23 January 1946, British, Russian
entrepreneur, mathematician, politician, economist
Adolfo Suárez, 1st Duke of SuárezAdolfo Suárez, 1st Duke of Suárez
25 September 1932, Spanish
Former Prime Minister of Spain