Died On June 17th

Discover the most famous people who died on June 17. The list includes people like Rodney King, Thomas Kuhn, Joseph Addison, Donald J. Cram, A. C. Benson. Famous personalities featured on this list, include essayists, actors, poets and chemists and from other domains of life. This list includes people from United Kingdom, United States, Germany and many more countries.

Rodney KingRodney King
02 April 1965, American
Victim of Police Abuse
Tsutomu MiyazakiTsutomu Miyazaki
21 August 1962, Japanese
Serial Killer

Jeff ChandlerJeff Chandler
15 December 1918, American

Thomas KuhnThomas Kuhn
18 July 1922, American

Joseph AddisonJoseph Addison
01 May 1672, British
Essayist & Poet

Clement Vallandigham Clement Vallandigham
29 July 1820, American
Donald J. CramDonald J. Cram
22 April 1919, American

A.C BensonA. C. Benson
24 April 1862, British
English essayist

Arthur Harden Arthur Harden
12 October 1865, British

Mumtaz MahalMumtaz Mahal
06 April 1593, Indian
John MatuszakJohn Matuszak
25 October 1950, American

Cyd CharisseCyd Charisse
08 March 1922, American
Tom CollinsTom Collins
07 June 1913, American

Ron LesterRon Lester
04 August 1970, American

John III SobieskiJohn III Sobieski
17 August 1629, Polish
Military leader, Politician
Kate SmithKate Smith
01 May 1907, American

Joseph WarrenJoseph Warren
11 June 1741, American
Military physician, Physician
Edward Burne-JonesEdward Burne-Jones
28 August 1833, British

Alan Brooke, 1st Viscount AlanbrookeAlan Brooke, 1st Viscount Alanbrooke
23 July 1883, British
Military personnel

Uthman ibn AffanUthman ibn Affan
0579 AD, Saudi Arabian
Süleyman DemirelSüleyman Demirel
01 November 1924, Turkish
Politician, Civil engineer, Engineer

Ralf DahrendorfRalf Dahrendorf
01 May 1929, German, British
Philosopher, Politician, Sociologist, Political
Brian HibbardBrian Hibbard
26 November 1946, British
Actor, Singer

Antony C. SuttonAntony C. Sutton
14 February 1925, British
Economist, Engineer, Historian, University teacher

Fritz WalterFritz Walter
31 October 1920, German
Association football player, Association football

Ambrogio LorenzettiAmbrogio Lorenzetti
1290 AD, Italian
Ron ClarkeRon Clarke
21 February 1937, Australian
Long-distance runner, Politician, Athletics
George EdaljiGeorge Edalji
29 February 1876, British

Pope Adeodatus IIPope Adeodatus II

Willie DavenportWillie Davenport
08 June 1943, American
American olympic athlete

Richard Harris BarhamRichard Harris Barham
06 December 1988, British
Boleslaw I of PolandBoleslaw I of Poland
0967 AD, Polish
Duke of Poland

Mark HopkinsMark Hopkins
04 February 1802, American
Theologian, Educator