Died On June 12th

Discover the most famous people who died on June 12. The list includes people like Gregory Peck, Saul Alinsky, Norma Shearer, Medgar Evers, William Cullen Bryant. Famous personalities featured on this list, include poets, journalists, actors and soldiers and from other domains of life. This list includes people from United States, Austria, France & United Kingdom and many more countries.

Gregory PeckGregory Peck
05 April 1916, American
Henry HillHenry Hill
11 June 1943, American

Nicole Brown SimpsonNicole Brown Simpson
19 May 1959, German, American
Murdered Wife of O. J. Simpson

Ron GoldmanRon Goldman
02 July 1968, American
American Waiter

Peter MaiviaPeter Maivia
06 April 1937, American Samoan

Medgar EversMedgar Evers
02 July 1925, American
Saul AlinskySaul Alinsky
30 January 1909, American
Community Organizer

Norma ShearerNorma Shearer
10 August 1902, Canadian, American

Milburn StoneMilburn Stone
05 July 1904, American

Menachem Mendel SchneersonMenachem Mendel Schneerson
18 April 1902, Ukrainian, American, Russian
Jiroemon KimuraJiroemon Kimura
19 April 1897, Japanese
Oldest Living Male Recorded in History

William Cullen BryantWilliam Cullen Bryant
03 November 1794, American
Romantic Poet
Bill BlassBill Blass
22 June 1922, American
American fashion designer

Karl von FrischKarl von Frisch
20 November 1886, Austrian

Frederic PassyFrédéric Passy
20 May 1822, French
Economist & Nobel Peace Prize Winner
Gyorgy LigetiGyorgy Ligeti
28 May 1923, Austrian

Teresa CarrenoTeresa Carreno
22 December 1853, Venezuelan
Singer, Pianist, Composer
Elinor OstromElinor Ostrom
07 August 1933, American
Economist, Political scientist, University teacher

Purushottam Laxman DeshpandePurushottam Laxman Deshpande
08 November 1919, Indian
Author, Film director, Actor, Composer, Poet,

George V of HanoverGeorge V of Hanover
27 May 1819, German
Mikhail TukhachevskyMikhail Tukhachevsky
16 February 1893, Russian
Military personnel, Officer

Vittorio MussoliniVittorio Mussolini
27 September 1916, Italian
Screenwriter, Film producer, Film critic,
Laura ZiskinLaura Ziskin
03 March 1950, American
Film producer

Pope Leo IIIPope Leo III
0750 AD, Italian

Ronald GoldmanRonald Goldman
02 July 1968, American

Ludwig von BertalanffyLudwig von Bertalanffy
19 September 1901, Austrian, Canadian
Biologist, University teacher
Erich MarcksErich Marcks
06 June 1891, German
Military personnel
Edmund WilsonEdmund Wilson
08 May 1895, American
Journalist, Poet, Playwright, Literary critic,

Guy de RothschildGuy de Rothschild
21 May 1909, French
Art collector, Banker, Lawyer

Emmanuelle ArsanEmmanuelle Arsan
19 January 1932, French, Thai
Writer, Actor, Screenwriter, Model

Herbert ReadHerbert Read
04 December 1893, British
Art historian, Poet, Writer, Philosopher,
John HospersJohn Hospers
09 June 1918, American
Philosopher, University teacher, Politician,

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Imagawa YoshimotoImagawa Yoshimoto
1519 AD, Japanese
samurai, daimyo

Bulat OkudzhavaBulat Okudzhava
09 May 1924, Russian
Screenwriter, Poet, Actor, Singer, Writer,

Arturo Benedetti MichelangeliArturo Benedetti Michelangeli
05 January 1920, Italian

Philip LivingstonPhilip Livingston
15 January 1716, British, American
Merchant, Politician
Zawisza CzarnyZawisza Czarny
1379 AD, Polish

Jean-Étienne LiotardJean-Étienne Liotard
22 December 1702, Swiss, French
John IrelandJohn Ireland
13 August 1879, British
composer, music educator, film score composer

Karl KrausKarl Kraus
28 April 1874, Austrian, Czech
writer, poet, journalist, essayist

1050 AD, Iranian
Władysław TempkaWładysław Tempka
22 August 1889, Polish
Politician, Lawyer

Felice Leonardo BuscagliaFelice Leonardo Buscaglia
31 March 1924, American