Died On July 19th

Discover the most famous people who died on July 19. The list includes people like James Garner, Petrarch, Syngman Rhee, Margaret Fuller, Humayun Ahmed. Famous personalities featured on this list, include poets, political leaders, journalists and military leaders and from other domains of life. This list includes people from United States, United Kingdom, Italy & Myanmar and many more countries.

James GarnerJames Garner
07 April 1928, American
Mary BoleynMary Boleyn
1499 AD, British
Mistress of Henry VIII

Garry MarshallGarry Marshall
13 November 1934, American
Film Director

20 July 1304, Italian
Poet & Philosopher

Syngman RheeSyngman Rhee
26 March 1875, South Korean

Skye McCole BartusiakSkye McCole Bartusiak
28 September 1992, American
Agustín de IturbideAgustín de Iturbide
27 September 1783, Mexican
Emperor of Mexico

Matthew FlindersMatthew Flinders
16 March 1774, British

Alan LomaxAlan Lomax
31 January 1915, American

Humayun AhmedHumayun Ahmed
13 November 1948, Bangladeshi
Writer, Filmmaker
Margaret FullerMargaret Fuller
23 May 1810, American

Philippa of LancasterPhilippa of Lancaster
31 March 1359, British
Francesco PetrarchFrancesco Petrarch
20 July 1304, Italian
Poet, Scholar and Humanist

General Aung SanGeneral Aung San
13 February 1915, Burmese

Ada CambridgeAda Cambridge
21 November 1844, Australian
Australian-English writer
Bert TrautmannBert Trautmann
22 October 1923, German
Association football player, Association football

Jack WardenJack Warden
18 September 1920, American
William WestmorelandWilliam Westmoreland
26 March 1914, American
Officer, Politician

Edward BunkerEdward Bunker
31 December 1933, American

Mel SmithMel Smith
03 December 1952, British
Television actor, Film actor, Actor, Comedian,
Frank McCourtFrank McCourt
19 August 1930, Irish, American

Aung SanAung San
13 February 1915, Burmese
Politician, Military personnel
Sarah GoodSarah Good
11 July 1653

Hans MorgenthauHans Morgenthau
17 February 1904, German
Judge, Political scientist, Writer, Philosopher,

Paolo BorsellinoPaolo Borsellino
19 January 1940, Italian

Louise of Mecklenburg-StrelitzLouise of Mecklenburg-Strelitz
10 March 1776, German, Prussian
Stefano MagaddinoStefano Magaddino
10 October 1891, American
Funeral director
Hugh Grosvenor, 2nd Duke of WestminsterHugh Grosvenor, 2nd Duke of Westminster
19 March 1879, British

Frank MurphyFrank Murphy
13 April 1890, American
jurist-consultant, lawyer, politician, judge

David EastonDavid Easton
24 June 1917, Canadian
Political scientist, University teacher

Allen NewellAllen Newell
19 March 1927, American
Psychologist, Computer scientist, Mathematician,
0688 AD, Spanish

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Omar SuleimanOmar Suleiman
28 April 1936, Egyptian
diplomat, politician, military personnel

Hannes MeyerHannes Meyer
18 November 1889, Swiss
Swiss architect

Curzio MalaparteCurzio Malaparte
09 June 1898, Italian
Film director, Screenwriter, Journalist, Diplomat,

Elvira MadiganElvira Madigan
04 December 1867, Danish
Acrobat, Circus performer
Pope SymmachusPope Symmachus

Ingrid JonkerIngrid Jonker
19 September 1933, South African
Poet, Writer
18 September 1935, Swiss
Swiss clown

Paul M. FleissPaul M. Fleiss
08 September 1933, American

Lionel FerbosLionel Ferbos
17 July 1911, American
Jazz musician
Nigel Forbes DennisNigel Forbes Dennis
16 January 1912, British