Died On January 24th

Discover the most famous people who died on January 24. The list includes people like Ted Bundy, Winston Churchill, Caligula, Amedeo Modigliani, Thurgood Marshall. Famous personalities featured on this list, include political leaders, artists, emperors & kings and physicists and from other domains of life. This list includes people from United States, India, United Kingdom & Germany and many more countries.

Ted BundyTed Bundy
24 November 1946, American
Serial Killer
Winston ChurchillWinston Churchill
30 November 1874, British
Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

31 August 0012, Ancient Roman
Roman Emperor

Thurgood MarshallThurgood Marshall
02 July 1908, American
Former Associate Justice of the United States

Pernell RobertsPernell Roberts
18 May 1928, American

Larry FineLarry Fine
05 October 1902, American
Amedeo ModiglianiAmedeo Modigliani
12 July 1884, Italian
Painter & Sculptor

George CukorGeorge Cukor
07 July 1899, American
Film Director

Homi BhabhaHomi Bhabha
30 October 1909, Indian
Indian physicist

L Ron HubbardL Ron Hubbard
13 March 1911, American
Founder of Church of Scientology
Kevin JamesKevin James
17 November 1954, American

L. Ron HubbardL. Ron Hubbard
13 March 1911, American
Officer, Novelist, Musician, Writer, Screenwriter,
Chris PennChris Penn
10 October 1965, American

Homi J. BhabhaHomi J. Bhabha
30 October 1909, Indian

Marvin MinskyMarvin Minsky
09 August 1927, American
Mathematician, Computer scientist, University
Ira HayesIra Hayes
12 January 1923, American

Gianni AgnelliGianni Agnelli
12 March 1921, Italian
Entrepreneur, Engineer, Politician, Businessperson
Gordon MacRaeGordon MacRae
12 March 1921, American

Mark E. SmithMark E. Smith
05 March 1957, British

Paritala RavindraParitala Ravindra
29 August 1958, Indian
Butch TrucksButch Trucks
11 May 1947, American

23 May 1946, Indian
Film director, Screenwriter, Film editor
Tina ChowTina Chow
18 April 1950, American

Herta OberheuserHerta Oberheuser
15 May 1911, German
Military physician, Physician

Maria MandlMaria Mandl
10 January 1912, Austrian
Prison officer, Torturer

Gregory of NazianzusGregory of Nazianzus
0329 AD, Turkish
Marie-Adélaïde, Grand Duchess of LuxembourgMarie-Adélaïde, Grand Duchess of Luxembourg
14 June 1894, Luxembourgian
Grand Duchess of Luxembourg
David IV of GeorgiaDavid IV of Georgia
1073 AD, Georgian

Theo AngelopoulosTheo Angelopoulos
27 April 1935, Greek

Fayard NicholasFayard Nicholas
20 October 1914, American
American choreographer

Ferdinand II, Archduke of AustriaFerdinand II, Archduke of Austria
14 June 1529, Austrian
Coin collecting
Wolfgang IserWolfgang Iser
22 July 1926, German
Linguist, Writer, University teacher, Literary

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Gaspare SpontiniGaspare Spontini
14 November 1774, Italian
Italian opera composer

John BurnsJohn Burns
20 October 1858, British
Politician, Trade unionist

Friedrich von FlotowFriedrich von Flotow
27 April 1812, German
German composer

Edwin FischerEdwin Fischer
06 October 1886, Swiss
Swiss classical pianist
Ali PashaAli Pasha
1750 AD, Albanian

William AlexanderWilliam Alexander
02 April 1915, German, American
İsmail Cem İpekçiİsmail Cem İpekçi
15 February 1940, Turkish

William BarclayWilliam Barclay
05 December 1907, British