Died On February 18th

Discover the most famous people who died on February 18. The list includes people like Martin Luther, Michelangelo, J. Robert Oppenheimer, Kublai Khan, Dale Earnhardt. Famous personalities featured on this list, include novelists, political leaders, artists and composers and from other domains of life. This list includes people from United States, Germany, France & Italy and many more countries.

Martin LutherMartin Luther
10 November 1483, German
Father of Protestantism and Church Reformer
06 March 1475, Italian

J. Robert OppenheimerJ. Robert Oppenheimer
22 April 1904, American

Dale EarnhardtDale Earnhardt
29 April 1951, American
Race car driver

Kublai KhanKublai Khan
23 September 1215, Mongolian
Founder of the Yuan dynasty in Mongolia and China,

Frank CostelloFrank Costello
26 January 1891, American
Crime Boss
Angela RaiolaAngela Raiola
30 June 1960, American
Reality TV Star

Harry CarayHarry Caray
01 March 1914, American

Frank JamesFrank James
10 January 1843, American

Carl Gustav Jacob JacobiCarl Gustav Jacob Jacobi
10 December 1804, German
Marguerite McNamaraMaggie McNamara
18 June 1928, American

Robert RossenRobert Rossen
16 March 1908, American
Film Director, Producer, Screenwriter
Tayeb SalihTayeb Salih
12 July 1929, Sudanese

09 April 1336, Uzbekistan
Military leader

Jerry BussJerry Buss
27 January 1933, American
Andy DevineAndy Devine
07 October 1905, American

Fra AngelicoFra Angelico
1395 AD, Italian
Heinrich Cornelius AgrippaHeinrich Cornelius Agrippa
14 September 1486, German

Albert BierstadtAlbert Bierstadt
07 January 1830, German, American

Omar Abdel-RahmanOmar Abdel-Rahman
03 May 1938, Egyptian
29 February 1908, French, Polish
Painter, Artist

Ngaio MarshNgaio Marsh
23 April 1895, New Zealander
Writer, Theatre director, Novelist,
Charles TrenetCharles Trenet
18 May 1913, French
Composer, Singer, Singer-songwriter, Songwriter

Isser HarelIsser Harel
1912 AD, Israeli
spy, politician, writer

Alain Robbe-GrilletAlain Robbe-Grillet
18 August 1922, French
Actor, Film director, Screenwriter, Writer,

Clyde StubblefieldClyde Stubblefield
18 April 1943, American
George DaytonGeorge Dayton
06 March 1857, American
Gyula AndrássyGyula Andrássy
03 March 1823, Hungarian
Politician, Diplomat, Economist

Michelangelo BuonarrotiMichelangelo Buonarroti
06 March 1475, Italian
Sculpture, Painter, Architect, Poet

Sophus LieSophus Lie
17 December 1842, Norwegian

Pope Gregory VPope Gregory V
0972 AD, German
19 January 0399, Turkish
Theodosius II's sister

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Jean RouchJean Rouch
31 May 1917, French
Anthropologist, Film director, Screenwriter

Richard SchickelRichard Schickel
10 February 1933, American
Journalist, Writer, Film critic, Documentary

1750 AD, American

Niceto Alcalá-ZamoraNiceto Alcalá-Zamora
06 July 1877, Spanish
Politician, Jurist, Diplomat, Lawyer
Laurel HesterLaurel Hester
15 August 1956, American
Police officer

John BabcockJohn Babcock
23 July 1900, Canadian
Yūko TsushimaYūko Tsushima
30 March 1947, Japanese
Writer, Novelist, Short story writer, Literary

Günter BlobelGünter Blobel
21 May 1936, German, Polish, American

Andreas FeiningerAndreas Feininger
27 December 1906, French, American
Photographer, Writer, Architect
Henry Norris RussellHenry Norris Russell
25 October 1877, American

Harald SzeemannHarald Szeemann
11 June 1933, Swiss
Swiss curator
Clarence Budington KellandClarence Budington Kelland
11 July 1881, American
Writer, Journalist, Novelist

Abdul Rashid KhanAbdul Rashid Khan
19 August 1908, Indian
Composer, Singer

Grigoriy OrdzhonikidzeGrigoriy Ordzhonikidze
24 October 1886, Georgian, Russian

Carl Gustav Jakob JacobiCarl Gustav Jakob Jacobi
10 December 1804, German

Kim Seong-suKim Seong-su
11 October 1891, South Korean
Former Vice President of South Korea
Dmitri Borisovich KabalevskyDmitri Borisovich Kabalevsky
30 December 1904, Russian

Carl G. J. JacobiCarl G. J. Jacobi
10 December 1804, German

Harry Christopher CarabinaHarry Christopher Carabina
01 March 1914, American