Died On February 12th

Discover the most famous people who died on February 12. The list includes people like Immanuel Kant, Charles M. Schulz, Lady Jane Grey, Ethan Allen, Tom Landry. Famous personalities featured on this list, include actors, artists, poets and novelists and from other domains of life. This list includes people from United States, Germany, France & United Kingdom and many more countries.

Lady Jane GreyLady Jane Grey
1537 AD, British
Immanuel KantImmanuel Kant
22 April 1724, German

Sal MineoSal Mineo
10 January 1939, American

Tom LandryTom Landry
11 September 1924, American
Former American Football Player & Coach

Charles M. Schulz Charles M. Schulz
26 November 1922, American

Sid CaesarSid Caesar
08 September 1922, American
Comedian, Actor
Nicholas ColasantoNicholas Colasanto
19 January 1924, American

Lyndon LaRoucheLyndon LaRouche
08 September 1922, American
Political Activist

Ethan AllenEthan Allen
21 January 1738, American
Revolutionary War Hero

Movita CastanedaMovita Castaneda
12 April 1916, American
Jean RenoirJean Renoir
15 September 1894, French, American
Film Director, Actor, Producer

Richard DedekindRichard Dedekind
06 October 1831, German
Kemmons WilsonKemmons Wilson
05 January 1913, American

Julio CortazarJulio Cortazar
26 August 1914, Argentinian

Albrecht AltdorferAlbrecht Altdorfer
1480 AD, German
Anna AndersonAnna Anderson
16 December 1896, Polish

Al JarreauAl Jarreau
12 March 1940, American
Singer, Singer-songwriter, Jazz musician, Social
Fanny CrosbyFanny Crosby
24 March 1820, American
composer, poet, singer, writer, teacher,

Kenneth MarsKenneth Mars
04 April 1935, American
Actor, Voice actor, Film actor, Television actor

Kurt LewinKurt Lewin
09 September 1890, German, Polish, American
Psychologist, University teacher
Hassan al-BannaHassan al-Banna
14 October 1906, Egyptian

Gary OwensGary Owens
10 May 1934, American
Disc jockey
Steve StrangeSteve Strange
28 May 1959, British
Singer, Actor, Businessperson

Donald JuddDonald Judd
03 June 1928, American
Artist, Architect, Sculptor, Painter

James Cash PenneyJames Cash Penney
16 September 1875, American

Thomas BernhardThomas Bernhard
09 February 1931, Austrian, Dutch
Writer, Novelist, Playwright, Screenwriter, Poet
Lazzaro SpallanzaniLazzaro Spallanzani
10 January 1729, Italian
Biologist, Zoologist, Scientist, Naturalist,
S. Z. SakallS. Z. Sakall
02 February 1883, Hungarian
actor, screenwriter, writer, stage actor

George AntheilGeorge Antheil
08 July 1900, American

Imad MughniyahImad Mughniyah
07 December 1962, Lebanese

Dziga VertovDziga Vertov
02 January 1896, Russian
Film director
Mahadaji ShindeMahadaji Shinde
1727 AD, Indian

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Marc Isambard BrunelMarc Isambard Brunel
25 April 1769, French, British
Engineer, Civil engineer, Architect

Leonard HowellLeonard Howell
16 June 1898, Jamaican

Philip Taylor KramerPhilip Taylor Kramer
12 July 1952, American

Eubie BlakeEubie Blake
07 February 1887, American
American composer
Nodar KumaritashviliNodar Kumaritashvili
25 November 1988, Georgian

Oskar von HindenburgOskar von Hindenburg
31 January 1883, German
Military personnel
Avraham SternAvraham Stern
23 December 1907, Polish
Poet, Writer

Vali MyersVali Myers
02 August 1930, Australian

Anton ArenskyAnton Arensky
12 July 1861, Russian
composer, conductor, music educator, university
Pierre de MarivauxPierre de Marivaux
04 February 1688, French
Playwright, Writer, Journalist, Novelist

Gerhard Armauer HansenGerhard Armauer Hansen
29 July 1841, Norwegian
Isaac Burns MurphyIsaac Burns Murphy
01 January 1861, American
American jockey

Ambroise ThomasAmbroise Thomas
05 August 1811, French

Adolf Frederick of SwedenAdolf Frederick of Sweden
14 May 1710, Swedish

Alice CaryAlice Cary
26 April 1820, American
Poet, Author, Novelist, Writer

Andrew CherryAndrew Cherry
11 January 1762, Irish
Actor, Songwriter
Albert MalboisAlbert Malbois
17 November 1915, French
Theologian, Catholic priest

Alexander DuffAlexander Duff
15 April 1806, Scottish

Stanisław August PoniatowskiStanisław August Poniatowski
17 January 1732, Belarusian