Died On February 11th

Discover the most famous people who died on February 11. The list includes people like Whitney Houston, René Déscartes, Sylvia Plath, Alexander McQueen, Léon Foucault. Famous personalities featured on this list, include philosophers, poets, physicists and economists and from other domains of life. This list includes people from United States, United Kingdom, Germany & France and many more countries.

Whitney HoustonWhitney Houston
09 August 1963, American
Sylvia PlathSylvia Plath
27 October 1932, American
Poet, Novelist, and Writer

Elizabeth of York Elizabeth of York
11 February 1466, British
Queen Consort of England

Alexander McQueenAlexander McQueen
17 March 1969, British
Fashion designer

Roger VadimRoger Vadim
26 January 1928, French

William ConradWilliam Conrad
27 September 1920, American
Actor, Director
Sorrell BookeSorrell Booke
04 January 1930, American

Henry HathawayHenry Hathaway
13 March 1898, American
Film Director

Léon FoucaultLéon Foucault
18 September 1819, French

Gideon WellesGideon Welles
01 July 1802, American
Robert W HolleyRobert W. Holley
28 January 1922, American

A. J. MusteA. J. Muste
08 January 1885, American
Clergyman & Political Activist
Johannes Hans Daniel JensenJ. Hans D. Jensen
25 June 1907, German

René DéscartesRené Déscartes
31 March 1596, French
Mathematician, Philosopher and Writer

Frank HerbertFrank Herbert
08 October 1920, American
Lee J. CobbLee J. Cobb
08 December 1911, American

Vic DamoneVic Damone
12 June 1928, American
0575 AD, Turkish
Byzantine emperor

Sergei EisensteinSergei Eisenstein
22 January 1898, Russian
Film director

Caroline McWilliamsCaroline McWilliams
04 April 1945, American
Eleanor PowellEleanor Powell
21 November 1912, American
Stage actor, Film actor, Television actor

Fakhruddin Ali AhmedFakhruddin Ali Ahmed
13 May 1905, Indian
President, Politician
Gordian IIIGordian III
20 January 0225, Romanian

Olga KhokhlovaOlga Khokhlova
17 June 1891, Russian
Ballet dancer

Kevin RandlemanKevin Randleman
10 August 1971, American

Kamal AmrohiKamal Amrohi
17 January 1918, Indian
Thomas ColeThomas Cole
01 February 1801, British, American
Neil BonnettNeil Bonnett
30 July 1946, American
Racing driver, NASCAR team owner

Paul FeyerabendPaul Feyerabend
13 January 1924, Austrian
Philosopher, University teacher

Leon FestingerLeon Festinger
08 May 1919, American
Psychologist, University teacher

Elizabeth SiddalElizabeth Siddal
25 July 1829, British
Painter, Poet, Art model, Visual artist, Model
Takashi ShimuraTakashi Shimura
12 March 1905, Japanese
Actor, Film actor

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Shahid AzmiShahid Azmi
1977 AD, Indian
lawyer, human rights activist

Victor KlempererVictor Klemperer
09 October 1881, German
Linguist, Politician, Writer, Autobiographer,

Hugh of Saint VictorHugh of Saint Victor
1096 AD, German
theologian, philosopher, writer

William PlayfairWilliam Playfair
22 September 1759, British
Economist, Mathematician, Engineer, Statistician
Walter Burley GriffinWalter Burley Griffin
24 November 1876, American
Architect, Landscape architect, Urban planner

Charles Algernon ParsonsCharles Algernon Parsons
13 June 1854, British
Engineer, Inventor
Pope Gregory IIPope Gregory II
0669 AD, Italian

Axel MuntheAxel Munthe
31 October 1857, Swedish
Writer, Psychiatrist, Physician, Screenwriter

Isaac IsaacsIsaac Isaacs
06 June 1855, Australian
Judge, Politician, Barrister
Harry MartinsonHarry Martinson
06 May 1904, Swedish
Writer, Poet, Novelist, Science fiction writer

Carl Michael BellmanCarl Michael Bellman
04 February 1740, Swedish
Swedish songwriter
James Bryant ConantJames Bryant Conant
26 March 1893, American
Chemist, Diplomat, Teacher, University teacher

Martin SchongauerMartin Schongauer
1448 AD, German, French
painter, sculptor

Willem Johan KolffWillem Johan Kolff
14 February 1911
Physician, Internist, University teacher,

Rudolf HilferdingRudolf Hilferding
10 August 1877, Austrian, German
Economist, Politician, Writer

Al DubinAl Dubin
10 June 1891, American
Composer, Songwriter, Lyricist, Film score
Alexandr GriboyedovAlexandr Griboyedov
15 January 1795, Iranian
Russian diplomat

04 December 1922, Indian
songwriter, composer, singer

Jean-Bernard-Léon FoucaultJean-Bernard-Léon Foucault
18 September 1819, French

Franklin Patrick Herbert, Jr.Franklin Patrick Herbert, Jr.
08 October 1920, American