Died On December 3rd

Discover the most famous people who died on December 3. The list includes people like Robert Louis Stevenson, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Francis Xavier, Dhyan Chand, Mary Baker Eddy. Famous personalities featured on this list, include poets, artists, spiritual & religious leaders and novelists and from other domains of life. This list includes people from United States, United Kingdom, Russia & Spain and many more countries.

Oswald MosleyOswald Mosley
16 November 1896, French
British Politician
Scott WeilandScott Weiland
27 October 1967, American
Singer, Lyricist, Songwriter, Record producer

Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark
02 February 1882, Greek
Son of King of Greece and Denmark, King George I

Dhyan ChandDhyan Chand
29 August 1905, Indian

Robert Louis StevensonRobert Louis Stevenson
13 November 1850, Scottish
Novelist, Poet

22 December 0244, Ancient Roman
Roman Emperor
Francis XavierFrancis Xavier
07 April 1506, Spanish

Pierre-Auguste RenoirPierre-Auguste Renoir
25 February 1841, French

Mary Baker Eddy Mary Baker Eddy
16 July 1821, American
Religious Leader, Founder of Christian Science,

David HemmingsDavid Hemmings
18 November 1941, British
Richard ToddRichard Todd
11 June 1919, Irish

Gwendolyn BrooksGwendolyn Brooks
07 June 1917, American
Elin PelinElin Pelin
08 July 1877, Bulgarian

Dev AnandDev Anand
26 September 1923, Indian, Pakistani

Scatman JohnScatman John
13 March 1942, American
Musical artist
Ian McLaganIan McLagan
12 May 1945, British
Autobiographer, Composer, Musician, Keyboardist,

Frederick VI of DenmarkFrederick VI of Denmark
28 January 1768, Norwegian
Alexander RodchenkoAlexander Rodchenko
05 December 1891, Russian
Painter, Photographer, Sculptor, Architect,

Edmond SafraEdmond Safra
06 August 1932, Brazilian
Banker, Philanthropist

Babrak KarmalBabrak Karmal
06 January 1929, Afghan
Politician, Diplomat, Lawyer
William Grant StillWilliam Grant Still
11 May 1895, American
Conductor, Songwriter

Vasili III of RussiaVasili III of Russia
25 March 1479, Russian
Shiing-Shen ChernShiing-Shen Chern
26 October 1911, Chinese
Mathematician, University teacher

Carl ZeissCarl Zeiss
11 September 1816, German
Scientific instrument maker

Alexander Farnese, Duke of ParmaAlexander Farnese, Duke of Parma
27 August 1545, Spanish
Officer, Military personnel, Diplomat

Honda TadakatsuHonda Tadakatsu
17 March 1548, Japanese
Mary GilmoreMary Gilmore
16 August 1865, Australian
Journalist, Poet, Writer
Giovanni Battista BelzoniGiovanni Battista Belzoni
05 November 1778, Italian
Explorer, Antiquarian, Egyptologist,

Sergey NechayevSergey Nechayev
20 September 1847, Russian
writer, militant

Geoffrey EltonGeoffrey Elton
17 August 1921, German, British
Writer, Historian of the modern age, Historian,

Attila JózsefAttila József
11 April 1905, Hungarian
Hungarian poet
Robert ZajoncRobert Zajonc
23 November 1923, Polish, American
Psychologist, University teacher

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Lewis ThomasLewis Thomas
25 November 1913, American
Physician, Writer, Naturalist, Poet

Claude Joseph VernetClaude Joseph Vernet
14 August 1714, French

John CarrollJohn Carroll
08 January 1735, American
Catholic priest

John BartlettJohn Bartlett
14 June 1820, American