Died On December 12th

Discover the most famous people who died on December 12. The list includes people like Anne Baxter, Robert Browning, Joseph Heller, Heydar Aliyev, Menelik II. Famous personalities featured on this list, include political leaders, emperors & kings, actors and poets and from other domains of life. This list includes people from United States, Germany, United Kingdom & Denmark and many more countries.

Peter BoylePeter Boyle
18 October 1935, American
Tallulah BankheadTallulah Bankhead
31 January 1902, American

Van JohnsonVan Johnson
25 August 1916, American

Anne BaxterAnne Baxter
07 May 1923, American

Robert BrowningRobert Browning
07 May 1812, British
Poet & Playwright

Menelik IIMenelik II
17 August 1844, Ethiopian
Emperor of Ethiopia
Joseph HellerJoseph Heller
01 May 1923, American

Heydar Aliyev Heydar Aliyev
10 May 1923, Azerbaijani
Former President of Azerbaijan

Henrietta Swan LeavittHenrietta Swan Leavitt
04 July 1868, American

Daniel Carleton GajdusekDaniel Carleton Gajdusek
09 September 1923, American
Physician and medical researcher
Andrew Taylor StillAndrew Taylor Still
06 August 1828, American

Albrecht von HallerAlbrecht von Haller
16 October 1708, Swiss
Ike TurnerIke Turner
05 November 1931, American
Guitarist, Pianist, Actor, Singer-songwriter,

Josef BicanJosef Bican
25 September 1913, Austrian
Association football player, Association football

Jack CassidyJack Cassidy
05 March 1927, American
Clementine ChurchillClementine Churchill
01 April 1885, British
Wife of Winston Churchill

Tom LaughlinTom Laughlin
10 August 1931, American
Selim IISelim II
28 May 1524, Turkish
Sultan of the Ottoman Empire

William I of the NetherlandsWilliam I of the Netherlands
24 August 1772, Dutch
Politician, Judge

Ramanand SagarRamanand Sagar
29 December 1917, Indian
Film director, Screenwriter, Film producer, Writer
Anthony ProvenzanoAnthony Provenzano
17 May 1917, American
trade unionist

Maithili Sharan GuptMaithili Sharan Gupt
03 August 1886, Indian
Linguist, Poet, Politician, Translator
Theodor HeussTheodor Heuss
31 January 1884, German
Politician, University teacher, Journalist

Charles GoodnightCharles Goodnight
05 March 1836, American

Libertad LamarqueLibertad Lamarque
24 November 1908, Argentinian
Actor, Singer, Television actor, Film actor

Stuart RoosaStuart Roosa
16 August 1933, American
Officer, Astronaut, Aviator
J. L. MackieJ. L. Mackie
25 August 1917, Australian
Philosopher, University teacher
John Sparrow David ThompsonJohn Sparrow David Thompson
10 November 1845, Canadian
Politician, Lawyer

Luitpold, Prince Regent of BavariaLuitpold, Prince Regent of Bavaria
12 March 1821, German

Annette StroybergAnnette Stroyberg
07 December 1936, Danish
Actor, Model

Tom WalkinshawTom Walkinshaw
14 August 1946, British
businessperson, racecar driver
Grethe RaskGrethe Rask
1930 AD, Danish
physician, surgeon

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Avery DullesAvery Dulles
24 August 1918, American
Theologian, Officer, Writer, University teacher,

Guy III of SpoletoGuy III of Spoleto
0850 AD, Italian

Tassos PapadopoulosTassos Papadopoulos
07 January 1934, Cypriot

Gebran TueniGebran Tueni
17 September 1957, Lebanese
politician, journalist, entrepreneur, socialite
Stefan BatoryStefan Batory
27 September 1533, Polish

Yasujiro OzuYasujiro Ozu
12 December 1903, Japanese
Japanese film director
David MarshallDavid Marshall
12 March 1908, Singaporean
diplomat, politician, lawyer

Trần Anh TôngTrần Anh Tông
17 September 1276, Vietnamese

Ed LeeEd Lee
05 May 1952, American
Menelek II of EthiopiaMenelek II of Ethiopia
17 August 1844, Ethiopian

George MontgomeryGeorge Montgomery
29 August 1916, American
Film actor
Milutin MilankovićMilutin Milanković
28 May 1879, Croatian, Serbian
Mathematician,Astronomer, Climatologist,