Died On August 11th

Discover the most famous people who died on August 11. The list includes people like Robin Williams, Andrew Carnegie, Jackson Pollock, Edith Wharton, Thaddeus Stevens. Famous personalities featured on this list, include mathematicians, actors, political leaders and surgeons and from other domains of life. This list includes people from United States, Italy, Germany and many more countries.

Robin WilliamsRobin Williams
21 July 1951, American
American stand-up comedian
Andrew CarnegieAndrew Carnegie
25 November 1835, American, Scottish
Industrialist, Businessman, Entrepreneur and a

Leonidas ILeonidas I
0540 BC, Greek
King of Ancient Sparta

Jackson PollockJackson Pollock
28 January 1912, American

Thaddeus StevensThaddeus Stevens
04 April 1792, American
Former United States Representative

Peter CushingPeter Cushing
26 May 1913, British
Edith WhartonEdith Wharton
24 January 1862, American

V. S. NaipaulV. S. Naipaul
17 August 1932, British

Anne RamseyAnne Ramsey
27 March 1929, American

Peggie CastlePeggie Castle
22 December 1927, American
Herb BrooksHerb Brooks
05 August 1937, American
Ice Hockey Coach, Player

Max TheilerMax Theiler
30 January 1899, South African
Eunice Kennedy ShriverEunice Kennedy Shriver
10 July 1921, American
Political Activists

Phil HarrisPhil Harris
24 June 1904, American

Clare of AssisiClare of Assisi
1193 AD, Italian
Möngke KhanMöngke Khan
11 January 1209, Mongolian
Khagan of the Mongol Empire

John HunyadiJohn Hunyadi
1407 AD, Hungarian
condottiero, politician
Alfred A. KnopfAlfred A. Knopf
12 September 1892, American
New York City, New York, United States

Alonzo ChurchAlonzo Church
14 June 1903, American
Mathematician, Philosopher, University teacher,

Nicholas of CusaNicholas of Cusa
1401 AD, German
mathematician, astronomer, diplomat, philosopher
Hans MemlingHans Memling
1430 AD, German

Johann TetzelJohann Tetzel
1465 AD, German
Galen RowellGalen Rowell
23 August 1940, American
Photographer, Mountaineer, Rock climber

Lavinia FontanaLavinia Fontana
24 August 1552, Italian

0303 AD, French

George DevolGeorge Devol
20 February 1912, American
Entrepreneur, Inventor
Maximinus DaiaMaximinus Daia
20 November 0270, Serbian
Armand BorelArmand Borel
21 May 1923, Swiss, American
Swiss mathematician

John Benjamin MurphyJohn Benjamin Murphy
21 December 1857, American

John Henry Cardinal NewmanJohn Henry Cardinal Newman
21 February 1801, British
Poet, Theologian