Famous People Who Died At 44

The list of famous people who died at 44 includes Pablo Escobar, Mary, Queen of Scots, Steve Irwin, Marvin Gaye, Heinrich Himmler. Famous personalities featured on this list, include political leaders, emperors & kings, poets and composers and from other domains of life. This list of celebrities who died at 44 includes people from United States, Italy, United Kingdom & Russia and many more countries.

Mary, Queen of ScotsMary, Queen of Scots
08 December 1542, Scottish
Queen of Scotland
Pablo EscobarPablo Escobar
01 December 1949, Colombian
Colombian Drug Lord

Steve IrwinSteve Irwin
22 February 1962, Australian
Television Personality

Marvin GayeMarvin Gaye
02 April 1939, American
Singer, Musician

Heinrich HimmlerHeinrich Himmler
07 October 1900, German
Nazi Commander

F. Scott FitzgeraldF. Scott Fitzgerald
24 September 1896, American
Mary BoleynMary Boleyn
1499 AD, British
Mistress of Henry VIII

Billie HolidayBillie Holiday
07 April 1915, American

Jackson PollockJackson Pollock
28 January 1912, American

Henry David ThoreauHenry David Thoreau
12 July 1817, American
Writer and Philosopher
Robert Louis StevensonRobert Louis Stevenson
13 November 1850, Scottish
Novelist, Poet

Martin BormannMartin Bormann
17 June 1900, German
Private Secretary of Adolf Hitler
Anton ChekhovAnton Chekhov
29 January 1860, German, Russian

Baruch SpinozaBaruch Spinoza
24 November 1632, Dutch
Dutch philosopher

Harold GodwinsonHarold Godwinson
1022 AD, British
King of England
D. H. LawrenceD. H. Lawrence
11 September 1885, British

24 October 0051, Ancient Roman
Roman Emperor
William II of EnglandWilliam II of England
1056 AD, British
King of England

Bonnie Lee BakleyBonnie Lee Bakley
07 June 1956, American

Joe MasseriaJoe Masseria
17 January 1887, Italian, American
Mafia Boss
Peggy ShippenPeggy Shippen
11 July 1760, American

BalboaVasco Núñez de Balboa
1475 AD, Spanish
Spanish Explorer
Carlos GardelCarlos Gardel
11 December 1890, Argentinian

Jean MoulinJean Moulin
20 June 1899, French
An Emblem of the Resistance

Karl BrandtKarl Brandt
08 January 1904, German
Personal Physician of Adolf Hitler

Hermann MinkowskiHermann Minkowski
22 June 1864, German
Arshile GorkyArshile Gorky
15 April 1904, American
Abstract Painter
Francisco Vásquez de CoronadoFrancisco Vásquez de Coronado
1510 AD, Spanish

Antoine de Saint-ExuperyAntoine de Saint-Exupery
29 June 1900, French
French writer

Anicius Manlius Severinus BoethiusAnicius Manlius Severinus Boethius
0480 AD, Italian
Philosopher, Theologian, Statesman

Tommy MorrisonTommy Morrison
02 January 1969, American
Boxer, Actor
Maria Theresa of SpainMaria Theresa of Spain
10 September 1638, Spanish

Luis Donaldo ColosioLuis Donaldo Colosio
10 February 1950, Mexican
Politician, Economist

Tyrone PowerTyrone Power
05 May 1914, American

Mary of GuiseMary of Guise
22 November 1515, French

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Heavy DHeavy D
24 May 1967, American
Actor, Musician, Rapper, Television actor, Record
Dana ReeveDana Reeve
17 March 1961, American
singer, actor, musician, stage actor, television

Curt HennigCurt Hennig
28 March 1958, American
Professional wrestler
Seti ISeti I
1323 BC, Egyptian

Hasan ibn AliHasan ibn Ali
04 March 0625, Saudi Arabian

Nikolai YezhovNikolai Yezhov
19 April 1895, Russian
Pieter Bruegel the ElderPieter Bruegel the Elder
1525 AD, Dutch

Theodor HerzlTheodor Herzl
02 May 1860, Hungarian
Journalist, Writer, Poet lawyer, Lawyer,
Steve MarriottSteve Marriott
30 January 1947, British
Singer-songwriter, Guitarist, Actor, Record

Tim HortonTim Horton
12 January 1930, Canadian
Ice hockey player

Anne of DenmarkAnne of Denmark
12 December 1574, Danish

John II of FranceJohn II of France
26 April 1319, British

Alexander LitvinenkoAlexander Litvinenko
1962 AD, British, Russian
Leopold II, Holy Roman EmperorLeopold II, Holy Roman Emperor
05 May 1747, Austrian, Hungarian

Stamford RafflesStamford Raffles
06 July 1781, Jamaican, British

0480 AD, Italian, Ancient Roman

Guy of LusignanGuy of Lusignan
1150 AD, Cypriot
Gerard Manley HopkinsGerard Manley Hopkins
28 July 1844, British
Poet, Writer

Carlos I of PortugalCarlos I of Portugal
28 September 1863, Portuguese
King of Portugal
Ernie PyleErnie Pyle
03 August 1900, American
American journalist

Edith FrankEdith Frank
16 January 1900, German

Paul ButterfieldPaul Butterfield
17 December 1942, American
Singer, Musician
15 October 0099, Ancient Roman
Poet, philosopher, writer

Constantius IIConstantius II
07 August 0317, Ancient Roman
Roman ruler
Kevin RandlemanKevin Randleman
10 August 1971, American

Mikhail TukhachevskyMikhail Tukhachevsky
16 February 1893, Russian
Military personnel, Officer

Tony HancockTony Hancock
12 May 1924, British
Comedian, Actor
Francis MagalonaFrancis Magalona
04 October 1964, Filipino

Pope Benedict IXPope Benedict IX
1012 AD, Italian
Alexander III of ScotlandAlexander III of Scotland
04 September 1241, New Zealander

Amadeo I of SpainAmadeo I of Spain
30 May 1845, Spanish, Italian

19 August 0232, Italian

Prince Friso of Orange-NassauPrince Friso of Orange-Nassau
25 September 1968
Andrey VlasovAndrey Vlasov
14 September 1901, Russian
Italo BalboItalo Balbo
06 June 1896, Italian
politician, military personnel

Vincenzo PeruggiaVincenzo Peruggia
08 October 1881
Art thief, House painter, Glazier

23 May 1946, Indian
Film director, Screenwriter, Film editor

Maya DerenMaya Deren
29 April 1917, Russian
Jean-Dominique BaubyJean-Dominique Bauby
23 April 1952, French
Journalist, Autobiographer, Writer

Kate WolfKate Wolf
27 January 1942, American
Composer, Singer-songwriter

Otto OhlendorfOtto Ohlendorf
04 February 1907, German
Economist, Politician, Military personnel

Michele AlboretoMichele Alboreto
23 December 1956, Italian
Racing driver

Oleg PenkovskyOleg Penkovsky
23 April 1919, Russian
Benjamin Lee WhorfBenjamin Lee Whorf
24 April 1897, American
Anthropologist, Linguist

William Cavendish, 4th Duke of DevonshireWilliam Cavendish, 4th Duke of Devonshire
08 May 1720, British
Prime Minister
Sean SasserSean Sasser
25 October 1968, American

Mike BernardoMike Bernardo
28 July 1967, South African
boxer, kickboxer, karateka

Clara ImmerwahrClara Immerwahr
21 June 1870
Chemist, Feminist
Joseph RothJoseph Roth
02 September 1894, Austrian
Writer, Journalist

Lam Ching-yingLam Ching-ying
27 December 1952
Actor, Film director
Henryk WieniawskiHenryk Wieniawski
10 July 1835, Polish
Composer, Music educator

Giovanni SforzaGiovanni Sforza
05 July 1466, Italian

12 October 1970, Russian
Singer-songwriter, Singer

Orlando LetelierOrlando Letelier
13 April 1932, Chilean
Politician, Diplomat
Antonio da CorreggioAntonio da Correggio
31 July 1489, Italian

Michel BergerMichel Berger
28 November 1947, French
Singer-songwriter, Music executive, Composer,
Andronikos III PalaiologosAndronikos III Palaiologos
25 March 1297, Turkish

Augustus PabloAugustus Pablo
21 June 1954, Jamaican
Musician, Pianist, Record producer, Composer

Léon GambettaLéon Gambetta
02 April 1838, French
Politician, Lawyer

Gregg TolandGregg Toland
29 May 1904, American
Don EllisDon Ellis
25 July 1934, American
Composer, Bandleader, Conductor, Jazz musician,