Famous People Who Died At 26

The list of famous people who died at 26 includes Mac Miller, Sharon Tate, Otis Redding, John Wilkes Booth, Gia Carangi. Famous personalities featured on this list, include emperors & kings, political leaders, artists and poets and from other domains of life. This list of celebrities who died at 26 includes people from United States, United Kingdom, France & Italy and many more countries.

Sharon TateSharon Tate
24 January 1943, American
Model, Film Actress, Television Actress
Mac MillerMac Miller
19 January 1992, American
American Rapper, Singer

John Wilkes BoothJohn Wilkes Booth
10 May 1838, American
Assassinated Abraham Lincoln

Otis ReddingOtis Redding
09 September 1941, American

Aaron SwartzAaron Swartz
08 November 1986, American
Computer Programmer

Jean HarlowJean Harlow
03 March 1911, American
Hollywood Sex Symbol of the 1930s
Gia CarangiGia Carangi
29 January 1960, American

Hillel SlovakHillel Slovak
13 April 1962, American
Musician, Songwriter

Merlin SantanaMerlin Santana
14 March 1976, American

Jon-Erik HexumJon-Erik Hexum
05 November 1957, American
Ankhesenamun Ankhesenamun
1348 BC, Egyptian
Ancient Egyptian Queen

21 December 1401, Italian
Ashleigh Aston MooreAshleigh Aston Moore
30 September 1981, American
Child Actor

Niels Henrik AbelNiels Henrik Abel
05 August 1802, Norwegian

Alexander SeverusAlexander Severus
01 October 0208, Italian
Roman Emperor
Chairil AnwarChairil Anwar
26 July 1922, Indonesian

Nick DrakeNick Drake
19 June 1948, Burmese
Singer-songwriter, Songwriter, Guitarist, Composer
Gram ParsonsGram Parsons
05 November 1946, American
Singer, Singer-songwriter, Songwriter, Musician,

Louis X of FranceLouis X of France
04 October 1289, French

William B. TravisWilliam B. Travis
01 August 1809, American
Military personnel
Mohamed BouaziziMohamed Bouazizi
29 March 1984, Tunisian
Street vendor

Adolfo ConstanzoAdolfo Constanzo
01 November 1962, American
Serial killer
Jadwiga of PolandJadwiga of Poland
1373 AD, Hungarian

Guy GibsonGuy Gibson
12 August 1918, Indian, British
Military personnel

Jimmy McCullochJimmy McCulloch
04 June 1953, British, Scottish
Musician, Songwriter, Guitarist

Elisabeth VolkenrathElisabeth Volkenrath
05 September 1919, German
Leon BothaLeon Botha
04 June 1985, South African
Painter, Singer, Disc jockey
Mikhail LermontovMikhail Lermontov
15 October 1814, Russian

Louis Antoine de Saint-JustLouis Antoine de Saint-Just
25 August 1767, French
Politician, Writer

Toše ProeskiToše Proeski
25 January 1981, Macedonian

Charlie ChristianCharlie Christian
1916 AD
Syed ModiSyed Modi
1962 AD, Indian
badminton player

Daniel JarqueDaniel Jarque
01 January 1983, Spanish
Association football player

Gerda TaroGerda Taro
01 August 1910, German
Photographer, Artist, War photographer,

Giovanni Battista PergolesiGiovanni Battista Pergolesi
04 January 1710, Italian
Composer, Organist

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Alexander I of SerbiaAlexander I of Serbia
14 August 1876, Serbian
Shahnawaz BhuttoShahnawaz Bhutto
21 November 1958, Pakistani

George BeurlingGeorge Beurling
06 December 1921, Canadian
Aviator, Military personnel
Frank P. RamseyFrank P. Ramsey
22 February 1903, British
Mathematician, Philosopher, Economist

Daijiro KatoDaijiro Kato
04 July 1976, Japanese
Motorcycle racer

Barbara YungBarbara Yung
07 May 1959, Hong Konger
Conrad IV of GermanyConrad IV of Germany
25 April 1228, Italian

Charlotte SalomonCharlotte Salomon
16 April 1917, German
Artist, Painter
Amaziah of JudahAmaziah of Judah
0802 BC, Israeli

Fats NavarroFats Navarro
24 September 1923, American
American jazz trumpet player

Wouter WeylandtWouter Weylandt
27 September 1984, Belgian

Helmut LentHelmut Lent
13 June 1918, German
Aviator, Military personnel

Richard Parkes BoningtonRichard Parkes Bonington
25 October 1801, British
Sigebert IIISigebert III
0630 AD, French

Arnold PeraltaArnold Peralta
29 March 1989, Honduran
Association football player

Theuderic IITheuderic II
0587 AD, French

Theudebert IITheudebert II
0586 AD, French
Marcus Annaeus LucanusMarcus Annaeus Lucanus
0039 AD, Spanish
Roman poet

Anita CobbyAnita Cobby
02 November 1959, Australian
1348 BC, Egyptian
Akhenaten's daughter

Peter CollinsPeter Collins
06 November 1931, British
Formula One driver, motorcycle racer

Publius Terentius AferPublius Terentius Afer
0185 BC, Ancient Roman
Margarita of AustriaMargarita of Austria
25 December 1584, Austrian, Spanish, Portuguese

Alonso Álvarez de PinedaAlonso Álvarez de Pineda
1494 AD, Spanish
Ğabdulla TuqayĞabdulla Tuqay
26 April 1886, Russian