Died On April 28th

Discover the most famous people who died on April 28. The list includes people like Benito Mussolini, Baji Rao I, Johannes Peter Müller, Arthur Leonard Schawlow, Chairil Anwar. Famous personalities featured on this list, include political leaders, philosophers, soldiers and physicists and from other domains of life. This list includes people from Germany, United States, United Kingdom & Indonesia and many more countries.

Benito MussoliniBenito Mussolini
29 July 1883, Italian
Former Duce
Gavrilo PrincipGavrilo Princip
25 July 1894, Bosnian, Czech, Serbian
Assassinator of Archduke Franz Ferdinand

Baji Rao IBaji Rao I
18 August 1700, Indian
Peshwa of Maratha Empire

Clara PetacciClara Petacci
28 February 1912, Italian
Mistress of Benito Mussolini

Rory CalhounRory Calhoun
08 August 1922, American

Belle GunnessBelle Gunness
11 November 1859, Norwegian, American
Serial Killer
Hermann FegeleinHermann Fegelein
30 October 1906, German
Nazi Leader

Dabbs GreerDabbs Greer
02 April 1917, American

Brandon BurlsworthBrandon Burlsworth
20 September 1976, American
American Football Player

Johannes Peter MüllerJohannes Peter Müller
14 July 1801, German
Chairil AnwarChairil Anwar
26 July 1922, Indonesian

Arthur Leonard Schawlow Arthur Leonard Schawlow
05 May 1921, American
Jim ValvanoJim Valvano
10 March 1946, American
Basketball player, Basketball coach, Coach

Mary ReadMary Read
1685 AD, British

Ed BegleyEd Begley
25 March 1901, American
Mohammed Daoud KhanMohammed Daoud Khan
18 July 1909, Afghan
Politician, Diplomat

Aurora QuezonAurora Quezon
19 February 1888, Filipino
Fuad I of EgyptFuad I of Egypt
26 March 1868, Egyptian
Monarch, King

Johann Friedrich StruenseeJohann Friedrich Struensee
05 August 1737, German
Politician, Physician

Gianna Beretta MollaGianna Beretta Molla
04 October 1922, Italian
Kurt KnispelKurt Knispel
20 September 1921, German

Jacques MaritainJacques Maritain
18 November 1882, French
Philosopher, Educationist, Writer
Sweyn II of DenmarkSweyn II of Denmark
1019 AD, Danish, British

Steve CurrieSteve Currie
19 May 1947, British

Alexander LebedAlexander Lebed
20 April 1950, Russian
Politician, Officer

Antonie PannekoekAntonie Pannekoek
02 January 1873
Astronomer, Historian of science, Philosopher,
Carl Friedrich von WeizsäckerCarl Friedrich von Weizsäcker
28 June 1912, German
Physicist, Writer, Philosopher, University teacher
Charles BellCharles Bell
12 November 1774, British
Anatomist, Neuroscientist, Surgeon, Writer,

Ki Hajar DewantaraKi Hajar Dewantara
02 May 1889, Indonesian
Politician, Philosopher

Heinrich BärHeinrich Bär
21 May 1913, German

Paul DeschanelPaul Deschanel
13 February 1855, Belgian, French
Heinrich von TreitschkeHeinrich von Treitschke
15 September 1834, German
Historian of the modern age, Historian, University

1288 AD, French
astronomer, rabbi, mathematician, philosopher

Charlie PattonCharlie Patton
31 March 1891, American

Léon JouhauxLéon Jouhaux
01 July 1879, French

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Mikhail Illarionovich KutuzovMikhail Illarionovich Kutuzov
16 September 1745, Russian
Military officer
J. Willard GibbsJ. Willard Gibbs
11 February 1839, American

Matilde CamusMatilde Camus
26 September 1919, Spanish
Spanish poet
Richard PrattRichard Pratt
10 December 1934, Australian
Australian rules footballer

Aleksandr LebedAleksandr Lebed
20 April 1950, Russian
Russian military officer

Johann Ludwig TieckJohann Ludwig Tieck
31 May 1773, German
Albert J. NockAlbert J. Nock
13 October 1870, American

James Thomas Anthony ValvanoJames Thomas Anthony Valvano
10 March 1946, American