Died On April 18th

Discover the most famous people who died on April 18. The list includes people like Albert Einstein, Isoroku Yamamoto, Thor Heyerdahl, William R. King, Betty Compson. Famous personalities featured on this list, include military leaders, inventors, journalists and political leaders and from other domains of life. This list includes people from United States, France, Germany & United Kingdom and many more countries.

Albert EinsteinAlbert Einstein
14 March 1879, German, American
Isoroku YamamotoIsoroku Yamamoto
04 April 1884, Japanese
Japanese Naval Officer Who Conceived The Pearl

Bruno SammartinoBruno Sammartino
06 October 1935, Italian, American

Thor HeyerdahlThor Heyerdahl
06 October 1914, Norwegian

William R. KingWilliam R. King
07 April 1786, American
Shortest Serving Vice President of the U.S.A

Sable StarrSable Starr
15 August 1957, American
Socialite, Groupie
Betty CompsonBetty Compson
19 March 1897, American

Dick ClarkDick Clark
30 November 1929, American
Television presenter, Entrepreneur, Radio

Ernie PyleErnie Pyle
03 August 1900, American
American journalist

Bernard EdwardsBernard Edwards
31 October 1952, American
Musician, Songwriter, Record producer
Edgar F. CoddEdgar F. Codd
19 August 1923, British, American
Computer scientist, Mathematician, University

Jozef TisoJozef Tiso
13 October 1887, Slovak
Justus von LiebigJustus von Liebig
12 May 1803, German
Chemist, Scientist, Inventor, University teacher,

Ben HechtBen Hecht
28 February 1893, American

Masahiko KimuraMasahiko Kimura
10 September 1917, Japanese
Erasmus DarwinErasmus Darwin
12 December 1731, British

Gustave MoreauGustave Moreau
06 April 1826, French
Sculptor, Painter, Artist
Ottorino RespighiOttorino Respighi
09 July 1879, Italian
Composer, Conductor, Musicologist, Music educator,

Ken OosterbroekKen Oosterbroek
14 February 1963, South African
Photographer, War photographer, Photojournalist,

Maurice GamelinMaurice Gamelin
20 September 1872, French
military personnel
Marcel PagnolMarcel Pagnol
28 February 1895, French
Theatre director, Film director, Writer,

Marcel DassaultMarcel Dassault
22 January 1892, French
Politician, Engineer, Entrepreneur, Aerospace
Leonard BloomfieldLeonard Bloomfield
01 April 1887, American

John Ambrose FlemingJohn Ambrose Fleming
29 November 1849, British
Inventor, Physicist, Engineer, University teacher

Heinrich Lehmann-WillenbrockHeinrich Lehmann-Willenbrock
11 December 1911, German
Soldier, Submariner

Arturo FrondiziArturo Frondizi
28 October 1908, Argentinian
Lawyer, Politician, Journalist
George CabotGeorge Cabot
03 December 1752, American
politician, merchant
Óscar CarmonaÓscar Carmona
24 November 1869, Portuguese
Politician, Military personnel