Famous People Who Died In 1971

Discover the most famous people died who died in the year 1971. This list includes people like Jim Morrison, Nikita Khrushchev, Audie Murphy, Coco Chanel, Louis Armstrong and many more. This list of celebrities is loosely sorted by popularity. People featured on this list, include political leaders, soldiers, military leaders and physicists who died in 1971. This list includes people from United States, United Kingdom, Germany & Russia and many more countries.

Audie MurphyAudie Murphy
20 June 1925, American
Jim MorrisonJim Morrison
08 December 1943, American
Singer, Lyricist, Poet, Musician, Filmmaker

Nikita KhrushchevNikita Khrushchev
15 April 1894, Russian, Russian
Prime Minister of Soviet Union

Louis ArmstrongLouis Armstrong
04 August 1901, American

Coco ChanelCoco Chanel
19 August 1883, French
Fashion Designer

Roy O. DisneyRoy O. Disney
24 June 1893, American
Co-Founder of Walt Disney Company
Chesty PullerChesty Puller
26 June 1898, American
United States Marine Corps lieutenant general

Edie SedgwickEdie Sedgwick
20 April 1943, American
Actress, Model

Vikram SarabhaiVikram Sarabhai
12 August 1919, Indian

Diane ArbusDiane Arbus
14 March 1923, American
Philo FarnsworthPhilo Farnsworth
19 August 1906, American

Reinhold NiebuhrReinhold Niebuhr
21 June 1892, American
Michael RennieMichael Rennie
25 August 1909, British

Ogden NashOgden Nash
19 August 1902, American

Ralph BuncheRalph Bunche
07 August 1903, American
American Political Scientist and Diplomat
John W. CampbellJohn W. Campbell
08 June 1910, American
Science Fiction Writer

Leo BurnettLeo Burnett
21 October 1891, American
Businessman, Advertising Executive
William TubmanWilliam Tubman
29 November 1895, Liberian

Igor Yevgenyevich TammIgor Tamm
08 July 1895, Russian

Paul KarrerPaul Karrer
21 April 1889, Swiss
Nora Stanton Blatch BarneyNora Stanton Blatch Barney
30 September 1883, American
Civil Engineer, Architect, Women’s Rights

George JacksonGeorge Jackson
23 September 1941, American
African-American Left-Wing Activist & Marxist
Sir William Lawrence BraggSir William Lawrence Bragg
31 March 1890, British
Nobel Laureate in Physics

A.P. HerbertA.P. Herbert
24 September 1890, British
Humorist, Novelist, Playwright & Law Reform

Karl Lawrence KingKarl Lawrence King
21 February 1891, American
Musician (Composer)

Igor StravinskyIgor Stravinsky
17 June 1882, Russian
Duane AllmanDuane Allman
20 November 1946, American
Guitarist, Singer, Musician, Songwriter
Max SteinerMax Steiner
10 May 1888, Austrian, American
Conductor, Composer, Musician, Screenwriter, Film

Pier AngeliPier Angeli
19 June 1932, Italian

François DuvalierFrançois Duvalier
14 April 1907, Haitian
Politician, Physician

Harold LloydHarold Lloyd
20 April 1893, American
Actor, comedian, director, producer, screenwriter,
Van HeflinVan Heflin
13 December 1908, American

Lin BiaoLin Biao
05 December 1907, Chinese
Politician, Military personnel

Hugo BlackHugo Black
27 February 1886, American
Former Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of

Franz StanglFranz Stangl
26 March 1908, Austrian
Police officer, Officer

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Joseph ValachiJoseph Valachi
22 September 1903, American
Drug trafficker
Talitha GettyTalitha Getty
18 October 1940
Actor, Model

Dean AchesonDean Acheson
11 April 1893, American
Former United States Secretary of State
Mathilde KschessinskaMathilde Kschessinska
18 August 1872, Russian
ballet dancer

Margaret Bourke-WhiteMargaret Bourke-White
14 June 1904, American
Photographer, War photographer, Photojournalist,

Ralph BuncheRalph Bunche
1904 AD, American
James Cash PenneyJames Cash Penney
16 September 1875, American

Samuel BronfmanSamuel Bronfman
1889 AD, Canadian
Gotthard HeinriciGotthard Heinrici
25 December 1886, German, Russian
Officer, Military personnel

Mátyás RákosiMátyás Rákosi
09 March 1892, Hungarian

Joe AdonisJoe Adonis
22 November 1902, Italian

Hermann HothHermann Hoth
12 April 1885, German
Military personnel, Memoirist

Paul LukasPaul Lukas
26 May 1891, Hungarian, American
actor, screenwriter, film actor
P. C. SorcarP. C. Sorcar
23 February 1913, Indian
Stage magician

Arne JacobsenArne Jacobsen
11 February 1902, Danish
Danish architect

Arun KhetarpalArun Khetarpal
14 October 1950, Indian

Lothar RendulicLothar Rendulic
23 October 1887, German
military personnel
Wilhelm ListWilhelm List
14 May 1880, German

Stevie SmithStevie Smith
20 September 1902, British
Poet, Illustrator, Novelist, Performer, Writer
Jo SiffertJo Siffert
07 July 1936, Swiss
Racing driver, Motorcycle racer, Racecar driver

Raoul HausmannRaoul Hausmann
12 January 1886, Austrian
photographer, writer, sculptor, artist, painter

Frank RosenblattFrank Rosenblatt
11 July 1928, American
Psychologist, Computer scientist
Heinz LammerdingHeinz Lammerding
27 August 1905, German

John Marshall Harlan IIJohn Marshall Harlan II
20 May 1899, American
Judge, Lawyer
08 May 1903, French

Nirmal Jit Singh SekhonNirmal Jit Singh Sekhon
17 July 1943, Indian

Cyril BurtCyril Burt
03 March 1883, British
Psychologist, University teacher, Geneticist
John Desmond BernalJohn Desmond Bernal
10 May 1901, British
Physicist, Philosopher, Inventor, University

Sherman FairchildSherman Fairchild
07 April 1896, American
Aerospace engineer, Engineer, Financier,
William Lawrence BraggWilliam Lawrence Bragg
31 March 1890, Australian, British
Mathematician, Physicist, University teacher

Georg LukácsGeorg Lukács
13 April 1885, Hungarian

Bernardo HoussayBernardo Houssay
10 April 1887, Argentinian
Physician, Scientist, Pharmacist

Roy Oliver DisneyRoy Oliver Disney
24 June 1893, American
Wendell Meredith StanleyWendell Meredith Stanley
16 August 1904, American
Pedro RodríguezPedro Rodríguez
18 January 1940, Mexican
Formula One driver, motorcycle racer, racecar

Theodor SvedbergTheodor Svedberg
30 August 1884, Swedish

Arne TiseliusArne Tiselius
10 August 1902, Swedish

Mikhail YangelMikhail Yangel
07 November 1911, Russian
Bobby JonesBobby Jones
17 March 1902, American

Richard L. EvansRichard L. Evans
23 March 1906, American
Writer, Radio producer, Radio personality

John Boyd Orr, 1st Baron Boyd-OrrJohn Boyd Orr, 1st Baron Boyd-Orr
23 September 1880, British

George SeferisGeorge Seferis
13 March 1900, Greek

E. Simms CampbellE. Simms Campbell
02 January 1906, American
Nathan LeopoldNathan Leopold
1904 AD
Author, Educator, Murderer

Kyūya FukadaKyūya Fukada
11 March 1903, Japanese
Writer, Novelist, Mountaineer
Matiur RahmanMatiur Rahman
29 October 1941, Bangladeshi
Military pilot

John Jacob Astor VJohn Jacob Astor V
Royalty, Publisher

Kenny WashingtonKenny Washington
31 August 1918, American
Football player
Sir Alan Patrick HerbertSir Alan Patrick Herbert
24 September 1890, British

Jacobo ÁrbenzJacobo Árbenz
14 September 1913, Guatemalan
Politician, Military personnel
Whitney Young Jr.Whitney Young Jr.
1921 AD
Civil Rights Activist