Famous People Who Died In 1954

Discover the most famous people died who died in the year 1954. This list includes people like Frida Kahlo, Alan Turing, Henri Matisse, Robert Capa, Enrico Fermi and many more. This list of celebrities is loosely sorted by popularity. People featured on this list, include political leaders, artists, journalists and novelists who died in 1954. This list includes people from United States, France, Germany & Italy and many more countries.

Alan TuringAlan Turing
23 June 1912, British
Computer Scientist
Frida KahloFrida Kahlo
06 July 1907, Mexican

Henri MatisseHenri Matisse
31 December 1869, French
Painter, Sculptor

Heinz GuderianHeinz Guderian
17 June 1888, German, Polish
German General

Enrico FermiEnrico Fermi
29 September 1901, Italian, American
Nobel Laureate in Physics

Lionel BarrymoreLionel Barrymore
28 April 1878, American
Robert CapaRobert Capa
22 October 1913, Hungarian

Charles IvesCharles Ives
20 October 1874, American

Agnes MacphailAgnes Macphail
24 March 1890, Canadian
Canadian Politician

Gladys George Gladys George
13 September 1904, American
Mary Church TerrellMary Church Terrell
23 September 1863, American
Civil Rights Activist

Otto DielsOtto Diels
23 January 1876, German
Auguste LumièreAuguste Lumière
19 October 1862, French
Inventor of cinematograph

Jonas ŽemaitisJonas Žemaitis
15 March 1909, Lithuanian
Former President of Lithuania

Hella WuolijokiHella Wuolijoki
22 July 1886, Finnish
Einar JónssonEinar Jónsson
11 May 1874, Icelander
Icelandic sculptor

28 January 1873, French
Novelist, Ghostwriter, Journalist, Writer,
Charles Edward, Duke of Saxe-Coburg and GothaCharles Edward, Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha
19 July 1884, German

Robert H. JacksonRobert H. Jackson
13 February 1892, American
Judge, Lawyer

Getúlio VargasGetúlio Vargas
19 April 1882, Brazilian
M. N. RoyM. N. Roy
21 March 1887, Indian
Politician, Philosopher

Princess Märtha of SwedenPrincess Märtha of Sweden
28 March 1901, Norwegian
Paul Ludwig Ewald von KleistPaul Ludwig Ewald von Kleist
08 August 1881, German
Soldier, Officer

Kalki KrishnamurthyKalki Krishnamurthy
09 September 1899, Indian
Screenwriter, Journalist, Writer

Alcide De GasperiAlcide De Gasperi
03 April 1881, Austrian, Italian
prime minister,politician

Edwin Howard ArmstrongEdwin Howard Armstrong
18 December 1890, American
Electrical engineer, Inventor, Engineer
Jibanananda DasJibanananda Das
17 February 1899, Bangladeshi
Poet, Writer
Claude CahunClaude Cahun
25 October 1894, French
Artist, Photographer, Writer

Dziga VertovDziga Vertov
02 January 1896, Russian
Film director

Maximilian von WeichsMaximilian von Weichs
12 November 1881, German
Military personnel

Alain LeRoy LockeAlain LeRoy Locke
13 September 1886, American
teacher, philosopher
Linda Lee ThomasLinda Lee Thomas
17 November 1883, American

Aristides de Sousa MendesAristides de Sousa Mendes
19 July 1885, Portuguese

Viktor AbakumovViktor Abakumov
11 April 1908, Russian

Hannes MeyerHannes Meyer
18 November 1889, Swiss
Swiss architect

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Franz Josef PoppFranz Josef Popp
14 January 1886, Austrian
Engineer, Manager, Entrepreneur
Auguste PerretAuguste Perret
12 February 1874, French

Earnest HootonEarnest Hooton
20 November 1887, American
Anthropologist, Archaeologist, Prehistorian,
William Van AlenWilliam Van Alen
10 August 1883, American

Gideon SundbackGideon Sundback
24 April 1880, Swedish, American
American-Swedish electrical engineer

Jacinto BenaventeJacinto Benavente
12 August 1866, Spanish
Thành TháiThành Thái
14 March 1879, Vietnamese

Yukio OzakiYukio Ozaki
24 December 1858, Japanese
Politician, Journalist
Oscar CharlestonOscar Charleston
14 October 1896, American
Baseball Player

Léon JouhauxLéon Jouhaux
01 July 1879, French

Franco AlfanoFranco Alfano
08 March 1875, Italian
Italian composer

Andre DerainAndre Derain
10 June 1880, French

Robert JacksonRobert Jackson
13 February 1892, American
Judge, Lawyer, Political
James HiltonJames Hilton
09 September 1900, British
Writer, Screenwriter, Novelist, Science fiction

Bertie Charles ForbesBertie Charles Forbes
14 May 1880, Scottish, Welsh

William Ralph IngeWilliam Ralph Inge
06 June 1860, British