Famous People Who Died In 1947

Discover the most famous people died who died in the year 1947. This list includes people like Al Capone, Aleister Crowley, Black Dahlia, Henry Ford, Bugsy Siegel and many more. This list of celebrities is loosely sorted by popularity. People featured on this list, include political leaders, soldiers, philosophers and artists who died in 1947. This list includes people from United States, Germany, United Kingdom & France and many more countries.

Al CaponeAl Capone
17 January 1899, American
Black DahliaBlack Dahlia
29 July 1924, American

Aleister CrowleyAleister Crowley
12 October 1875, British

Henry FordHenry Ford
30 July 1863, American

Bugsy SiegelBugsy Siegel
28 February 1906, American

Max PlanckMax Planck
23 April 1858, German
William Moulton MarstonWilliam Moulton Marston
09 May 1893, American

Stanley BaldwinStanley Baldwin
03 August 1867, British
Former British Prime Minister

G. H. HardyG. H. Hardy
07 February 1877, British

Willa CatherWilla Cather
07 December 1873, American
Alfred North WhiteheadAlfred North Whitehead
15 February 1861, British, American
Mathematician, Philosopher

Fiorello H. La GuardiaFiorello H. La Guardia
11 December 1882, American
99th Mayor of New York City
Frances ClevelandFrances Cleveland
21 July 1864, American
Former First Lady of the United States

Philipp LenardPhilipp Lenard
07 June 1862, German

Carrie Chapman CattCarrie Chapman Catt
09 January 1859, American
Women’s Rights Activists
Grace MooreGrace Moore
05 December 1898, American
Opera Singer & Actress

Nicholas Murray ButlerNicholas Murray Butler
02 April 1862, American
Philosopher, Educator
Frederick Gowland HopkinsFrederick Gowland Hopkins
20 June 1861, British
English biochemist

General Aung SanGeneral Aung San
13 February 1915, Burmese

Han van MeegerenHan van Meegeren
10 October 1889
Painter, Art forger, Restorer
Rudolf HössRudolf Höss
25 November 1901, German
Military Leader

Victor Emmanuel III of ItalyVictor Emmanuel III of Italy
11 November 1869, Italian
Numismatist, Politician
K. L. SaigalK. L. Saigal
11 April 1904, Indian
Actor, Singer

Christian X of DenmarkChristian X of Denmark
26 September 1870, Danish

Harry Gordon SelfridgeHarry Gordon Selfridge
11 January 1856, British
business magnate

George II of GreeceGeorge II of Greece
20 July 1890, Greek
King of Greece
Kurt LewinKurt Lewin
09 September 1890, German, Polish, American
Psychologist, University teacher
Pierre BonnardPierre Bonnard
03 October 1867, French
Painter, Sculptor, Engraver, Graphic artist

Ettore BugattiEttore Bugatti
15 September 1882, French, Italian
entrepreneur, engineer, racecar driver

William C. DurantWilliam C. Durant
1861 AD, American

Aung SanAung San
13 February 1915, Burmese
Politician, Military personnel
Nicholas RoerichNicholas Roerich
09 October 1874, Russian
Philosopher, Painter, Choreographer, Writer,

Jozef TisoJozef Tiso
13 October 1887, Slovak

Philippe Leclerc de HauteclocquePhilippe Leclerc de Hauteclocque
22 November 1902, French
Military personnel

Ernst LubitschErnst Lubitsch
29 January 1892, German, American
Film director, Actor, Screenwriter, Film producer,

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Irving FisherIrving Fisher
27 February 1867, American
Economist, Statistician
R. B. BennettR. B. Bennett
03 July 1870, Canadian
Politician, Lawyer, Diplomat

Frederick Russell BurnhamFrederick Russell Burnham
11 May 1861, American
Explorer, Writer
Ananda CoomaraswamyAnanda Coomaraswamy
22 August 1877, Sri Lankan
Art historian, Philosopher, Mythographer

P. D. OuspenskyP. D. Ouspensky
04 March 1878, Russian
philosopher, writer

Victor HortaVictor Horta
06 January 1861, Belgian
Karl MannheimKarl Mannheim
27 March 1893, German, Hungarian, British
Sociologist, University teacher, Writer

Marc MitscherMarc Mitscher
26 January 1887, American
Hans FalladaHans Fallada
21 July 1893, German
Writer, Novelist, Children's writer

Luigi RussoloLuigi Russolo
30 April 1885, Italian
Composer, Painter, Artist, Musical instrument

Paul P. HarrisPaul P. Harris
19 April 1868, American
Jurist, Lawyer

Herbert BackeHerbert Backe
01 May 1896, German

Friedrich Wilhelm KritzingerFriedrich Wilhelm Kritzinger
14 April 1890, German
Politician, Jurist
Reynaldo HahnReynaldo Hahn
09 August 1874, French, Venezuelan
Conductor, Composer, Choreographer, Music critic,

Franz Xaver SchwarzFranz Xaver Schwarz
27 November 1875, German

Pyotr KrasnovPyotr Krasnov
10 September 1869, Russian
writer, officer, historian

Joseph CookJoseph Cook
07 December 1860, Australian
politician, diplomat, trade unionist
Helmuth von PannwitzHelmuth von Pannwitz
14 October 1898, German

Alfredo CasellaAlfredo Casella
25 July 1883, Italian
Composer, Conductor, Pianist
Albert MarquetAlbert Marquet
27 March 1875, French
Painter, Writer

Duncan Campbell ScottDuncan Campbell Scott
02 August 1862, Canadian
Poet, Writer, Civil servant

Fernand de BrinonFernand de Brinon
26 August 1885, French
Journalist, Socialite, Lawyer
W. I. ThomasW. I. Thomas
13 August 1863, American
Sociologist, Writer

Ian Standish Monteith HamiltonIan Standish Monteith Hamilton
16 January 1853, British
Military personnel
Benigno Aquino, Sr.Benigno Aquino, Sr.
04 September 1894, Filipino

Bert KalmarBert Kalmar
10 February 1884, American
Lyricist, Songwriter, Screenwriter

Som Nath SharmaSom Nath Sharma
31 January 1923, Indian
Jimmy DoyleJimmy Doyle
01 August 1924, American

Halford John MackinderHalford John Mackinder
15 February 1861, British
Geographer, academic, politician
Anna WickhamAnna Wickham
1884 AD, British

Anton Ivanovich DenikinAnton Ivanovich Denikin
16 December 1872, American

Nicholas M. ButlerNicholas M. Butler
02 April 1862, American
American philosopher

Baroness Emma OrczyBaroness Emma Orczy
23 September 1865, Hungarian
Richard B. BennettRichard B. Bennett
03 July 1870, Canadian
Prime Minister,politician
James Evershed AgateJames Evershed Agate
09 September 1877, British

Kōda RohanKōda Rohan
23 July 1867, Japanese
Novelist, Writer, Literary critic

Kōtarō NakamuraKōtarō Nakamura
28 August 1881, Japanese
Military personnel

Władysław RaczkiewiczWładysław Raczkiewicz
28 January 1885, Polish
Politician, Jurist, Lawyer
Yūzō MatsuyamaYūzō Matsuyama
01 February 1889, Japanese
Military personnel