Famous People Who Died In 1935

Discover the most famous people died who died in the year 1935. This list includes people like T. E. Lawrence, Huey Long, Will Rogers, Emmy Noether, Jane Addams and many more. This list of celebrities is loosely sorted by popularity. People featured on this list, include artists, novelists, physiologists and poets who died in 1935. This list includes people from United States, France, United Kingdom & Germany and many more countries.

T. E. LawrenceT. E. Lawrence
16 August 1888, British
Huey LongHuey Long
30 August 1893, American

Will RogersWill Rogers
04 November 1879, American
Vaudeville Performer, Humorist

Jane AddamsJane Addams
06 September 1860, American

Emmy NoetherEmmy Noether
23 March 1882, German

Kazimir MalevichKazimir Malevich
23 February 1879, Russian
Fernando PessoaFernando Pessoa
13 June 1888, Portuguese

Charlotte Perkins GilmanCharlotte Perkins Gilman
03 July 1860, American

Konstantin TsiolkovskyKonstantin Tsiolkovsky
17 September 1857, Russian
Russian-Soviet Rocket Scientist

Carlos GardelCarlos Gardel
11 December 1890, Argentinian
Billy SundayBilly Sunday
19 November 1862, American

Alban BergAlban Berg
09 February 1885, Austrian
Paul SignacPaul Signac
11 November 1863, French

Charles Kingsford SmithCharles Kingsford Smith
09 February 1897, Australian

Paul DukasPaul Dukas
01 October 1865, French
Arthur HendersonArthur Henderson
13 September 1863, British

François Auguste Victor GrignardVictor Grignard
06 May 1871, French
Charles Robert Richet Charles Richet
25 August 1850, French

Anna AncherAnna Ancher
18 August 1859, Danish

Anna Katherine GreenAnna Katharine Green
11 November 1846, American
Detective Fiction Writer
John James Rickard MacleodJohn James Rickard Macleod
06 September 1876, British, Scottish
Biochemist & Physiologist

Mihajlo Idvorski PupinMihajlo Idvorski Pupin
09 October 1858, Serbian
Lafayette MendelLafayette Mendel
05 February 1872, American

Dutch SchultzDutch Schultz
06 August 1901, American

Ma BarkerMa Barker
08 October 1871, American

Alfred DreyfusAlfred Dreyfus
09 October 1859, French
Military personnel
Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.
08 March 1841, American
Supreme Court Justice
Magnus HirschfeldMagnus Hirschfeld
14 May 1868, German
Physician, Writer, Psychologist, Screenwriter,

Astrid of SwedenAstrid of Sweden
17 November 1905, Swedish

John Jellicoe, 1st Earl JellicoeJohn Jellicoe, 1st Earl Jellicoe
05 December 1859, British
Politician, Military personnel

Lucy, Lady Duff-GordonLucy, Lady Duff-Gordon
13 June 1863, British
Costume designer
Samuel SachsSamuel Sachs
28 July 1851, American
Banker, Entrepreneur, Investment banker

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.
08 March 1841, British, American

Elisabeth Förster-NietzscheElisabeth Förster-Nietzsche
10 July 1846, German

Childe HassamChilde Hassam
17 October 1859, American

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Abraham Isaac KookAbraham Isaac Kook
07 September 1865, Israeli
rabbi, mystic, Rosh yeshiva
Hugo de VriesHugo de Vries
16 February 1848, Dutch
Botanist, Biologist, Geneticist, University

Max LiebermannMax Liebermann
20 July 1847, German
André CitroënAndré Citroën
05 February 1878, French
French industrialist

Charles DemuthCharles Demuth
08 November 1883, American
Painter, Photographer

Ruan LingyuRuan Lingyu
26 April 1910, Chinese
Kurt TucholskyKurt Tucholsky
09 January 1890, German
Journalist, Poet lawyer, Satirist, Poet, Writer,

Aron NimzowitschAron Nimzowitsch
07 November 1886, Danish, Latvian, Russian
Danish-Russian chess master
Edwin Arlington RobinsonEdwin Arlington Robinson
22 December 1869, American
Poet, Writer

Henry Fairfield OsbornHenry Fairfield Osborn
08 August 1857, American
Geologist, Paleontologist

Henri PirenneHenri Pirenne
23 December 1862, Belgian
medievalist, historian, university teacher

William Kennedy DicksonWilliam Kennedy Dickson
03 August 1860, British
Inventor, Film director, Film producer,

Sidney KidmanSidney Kidman
09 May 1857, Australian
Businessperson, Stockman
Henri BarbusseHenri Barbusse
17 May 1873, French
Writer, Journalist, Esperantist, Screenwriter,

Lewis Grassic GibbonLewis Grassic Gibbon
13 February 1901, British
Writer, Novelist

Annie Smith PeckAnnie Smith Peck
19 October 1850
mountaineer, university teacher

Ivan Vladimirovich MichurinIvan Vladimirovich Michurin
27 October 1855, Russian
Plant biologist
John James Richard MacleodJohn James Richard Macleod
06 September 1876, British

Charles Robert RichetCharles Robert Richet
26 August 1850, French
French physiologist
Lady Lucy Duff GordonLady Lucy Duff Gordon
1863 AD, Canadian

Paul Charles Joseph BourgetPaul Charles Joseph Bourget
02 September 1852, French

Józef PiłsudskiJózef Piłsudski
05 December 1867, Polish
Vartapet KomitasVartapet Komitas
26 September 1869, Armenian