Astrologically the planet Jupiter is presumed to be the most prominent influence on the probabilities of all Sagittarian personalities. The actual day in which these individuals were born on, the thirteenth of December is ruled over by Uranus’ power slightly influencing and changing some of the expected zodiacal characteristics. People born on December 13 are charming, charismatic and appealing with strong sense of appeal. These people are utmost understanding and are endowed with ambitious mind, profound receptiveness, sharp intuition and optimistic confident approach. They are extremely organized and hardworking and aim to achieve success in whatever they take up. The only thing that December 13 individuals need to work on is their susceptibility to temper and anger. Listening to the views and opinions of others is also advised for December 13 folks.

Taylor Alison Swift Taylor Swift
29, American
Katherine SchwarzeneggerKatherine Schwarzenegger
29, American

Dick Van DykeDick Van Dyke
93, American
Jamie FoxxJamie Foxx
51, American

Steve BuscemiSteve Buscemi
61, American

Rickie FowlerRickie Fowler
30, American
Christopher PlummerChristopher Plummer
89, Canadian

Ted NugentTed Nugent
70, American
American singer
Amy LeeAmy Lee
37, American
American singer-songwriter

Maverick BakerMaverick Baker
18, American
TikTok Star
Mary Todd LincolnMary Todd Lincoln
63, American
Former First Lady of the United States

Henry IV of FranceHenry IV of France
56, French
King of France, King of Navarre
Aga Khan IVAga Khan IV
82, British
Imam of Nizari Ismailism
Wendie MalickWendie Malick
68, American

Trish ReganTrish Regan
46, American
Television Host, Journalist
Cameron DouglasCameron Douglas
40, American

NeNe LeakesNeNe Leakes
51, American
Reality TV Personality
Ben BernankeBen Bernanke
65, American

Van HeflinVan Heflin
62, American

Amanda LeeAmanda Lee
32, Canadian
Model & Instagram star
Lester BangsLester Bangs
33, American
American music critic

Joseph GarrettJoseph Garrett
28, British
Harley BirdHarley Bird
17, British

Werner von SiemensWerner von Siemens
75, German
Philip Warren AndersonPhilip Warren Anderson
95, American

Matt OxMatt Ox
14, American
Annie GuestAnnie Guest
32, American
Jamie Lee Curtis’ Daughter
Sarah InghamSarah Ingham
33, British

James HolmesJames Holmes
31, American
Mass Murderer
Trygve HaavelmoTrygve Haavelmo
87, Norwegian

James Wright James Wright
52, American
Anastasia BryzgalovaAnastasia Bryzgalova
26, Russian

Alice GoodwinAlice Goodwin
33, British

Andree BonifacioAndree Bonifacio
16, Canadian, Filipino
Dancer, Actress
Maisy StellaMaisy Stella
15, Canadian

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Gina Maddy KimmelGina Maddy Kimmel
54, American
Jimmy Kimmel's Ex-Wife
Nouveau CheapNouveau Cheap
48, American
Blogger, Makeup Enthusiast

Don PantonDon Panton
34, Bahamian
Emmanuel HudsonEmmanuel Hudson
28, American

Gina KimmelGina Kimmel
54, American
Costume Designer
Zabdiel De JesusZabdiel De Jesus
21, Puerto Rican
B.J. PennB.J. Penn
40, American
Mixed martial artist, Writer, Brazilian jiu-jitsu

Tom DeLongeTom DeLonge
43, American
Regina CassandraRegina Cassandra
30, Indian

Vladimir TarasenkoVladimir Tarasenko
27, Russian
Ice hockey player
Santi CazorlaSanti Cazorla
34, Spanish
Association football player

Sara CoxSara Cox
44, British
Presenter, Disc jockey, Journalist

Daggubati VenkateshDaggubati Venkatesh
58, Indian
Herman CainHerman Cain
73, American
Radio personality, Politician, Businessperson,

Lou AdlerLou Adler
85, American
Record producer, Composer
Jeff BaxterJeff Baxter
70, American
Musician, Guitarist, Songwriter

Sergei FedorovSergei Fedorov
49, Russian
Ice hockey player
Talcott ParsonsTalcott Parsons
76, American
Sociologist, University teacher

Archie MooreArchie Moore
81, American
Professional boxer
Curd JürgensCurd Jürgens
66, Austrian, German
Film director, Stage actor, Film actor
Mikael LustigMikael Lustig
32, Swedish
Association football player

Mike TiricoMike Tirico
52, American
Heinrich HeineHeinrich Heine
58, German

Harry Gregson-WilliamsHarry Gregson-Williams
57, British
Composer, Film score composer
Rex RyanRex Ryan
56, American
Head coach

Eric XIV of SwedenEric XIV of Sweden
43, Swedish

Emily CarrEmily Carr
73, Canadian
Painter, Autobiographer
John DiFronzoJohn DiFronzo
90, American

Hans-Joachim MarseilleHans-Joachim Marseille
22, German
Aviator, Military personnel
Tom VerlaineTom Verlaine
69, American
Guitarist, Singer, Singer-songwriter, Songwriter

Karen WitterKaren Witter
57, American
Playboy Playmate, Actor, Television actor, Model
Larry DobyLarry Doby
79, American
Famous Baseball Players, Coach

Bosco WongBosco Wong
38, Chinese
Eve MeyerEve Meyer
48, American
Actor, Film producer, Playboy Playmate, Model
Gerlinde KaltenbrunnerGerlinde Kaltenbrunner
48, Austrian

Morgan RoseMorgan Rose
50, American
Record producer, Singer, Musician, Composer
Anouska HempelAnouska Hempel
77, New Zealander
Architect, Socialite, Actor

George PólyaGeorge Pólya
97, American
Pope Sixtus VPope Sixtus V
68, Italian

Tatsuya NakadaiTatsuya Nakadai
86, Japanese
Actor, Seiyū, Singer

J AlvarezJ Alvarez
35, American
Leanne WoodLeanne Wood
47, British

80, German
Bob GaineyBob Gainey
65, Canadian
Ice hockey player

Bo PeliniBo Pelini
51, American
Sports coach
Majida El RoumiMajida El Roumi
62, Lebanese
Vocalist, Singer, Actor, Musician

B. J. VorsterB. J. Vorster
67, South African
Laurens van der PostLaurens van der Post
90, South African
Novelist, Writer, Screenwriter, Journalist
Antoni TàpiesAntoni Tàpies
88, Spanish

Dan HamhuisDan Hamhuis
36, Canadian
Ice hockey player
54, Japanese
Musician, singer, songwriter, record producer

Phillips BrooksPhillips Brooks
57, American
Priest, Writer, Songwriter
Alan BullockAlan Bullock
89, British
Politician, Historian of the modern age,

Joseph HoweJoseph Howe
68, Canadian
Politician, Journalist
David GaleDavid Gale
86, American
Mathematician, Economist

Leyna NguyenLeyna Nguyen
49, American, Vietnamese
American-Vietnamese anchor
Jake WhiteJake White
55, South African

Tarık AkanTarık Akan
66, Turkish
Jure ZdovcJure Zdovc
52, Slovenian
Basketball player, Basketball coach

Michal KadlecMichal Kadlec
34, Czech
Association football player
William HamiltonWilliam Hamilton
72, British
anthropologist, diplomat, archaeologist,

Personality Traits & Characteristic of Famous People Born on December 13

The personality of individuals born on December 13 includes streaks of eccentricity, unconventionality and quirkiness. These people are avid followers of challenge and take pleasure in risks and dangers. Confident and determined, these people have enormous confidence in them to admit when they are wrong and stand for right even when the world goes against it. December 13 individuals have strong leaderships traits in them as well but they often let go of the same as it does not appeal to their sense of fun. Coming to the temperament, these people have a magnetic personality that not only influences members of the opposite sex but of the same sex as well. They are practical by nature and have tangible goals and objectives.

The health of individuals born on December 13 is mostly good, thanks to their meticulous care in keeping up with the latest diet charts and nutritious food that are there in the market. People born on this date are heavily reliant on good food and for the same take endless effort to include as nutritious food as possible in their regular meals. Though December 13 individuals love trying new things and changing their diet or taking up a challenging meal plan, they do make sure to include good food in their diet. Thus, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that December 13 individuals are quirky and peculiar when it comes to health matters and thus, rarely face any difficulty.  

Managing money is something that comes automatically to individuals born on December 13. These people are very well versed with the concept of balancing their financial chart and thus face little or no problem monetarily. However, since these people have an affinity for taking risk, most of the times they lose all what they have by partaking in risky endeavors. December 13 individuals need to control this aptitude for riskiness. Also, they should keep in check their proneness for generosity and bounteousness.

Individuals born on December 13 are extremely organized and hardworking. Endowed with entrepreneurial skills, these people ideally do well in any occupation they take up, but are mostly adept for technology-oriented careers. Born on December 13, the number 4 suggest their strong desire for material success. As such, they aim for a career which guarantees the same. Since these people have a high temper and do not pay much heed to other’s viewpoint, they  work best singularly although they may do fairly well in organizational set up as well.

Relationships, Marriage & Children
Unlike other Sagittarians, December 13 individuals are not high on making relationships though they have the skill to maintain the same. These people are fun loving by nature and do not believe in making strong interpersonal relationships with friends, relatives and neighbours. They mostly stick to their close people such as parents, siblings and love interest and do not aim to expand the circle any further. This is mostly due to their notion that too much of closeness often causes contempt or disrespect. In matters of love, these people take long to commit to a person but when they do so, they are completely honest, loyal and trustworthy. They are strictly against manipulation. When unhappy, they let out their feelings and move on without any sort of guilt or remorse. Parenting comes with experience for December 13 folks. These people are liberal in their nurturing and want their children to live life on their own terms.

Lucky Color: Electric Blue, Electric White, Multi Color
Lucky Number: 4, 13, 22, 31, 40, 49, 58
Lucky Days (of the week): Tuesday, Sunday
Lucky Days (of the month): 4, 13, 22