Find out more about the greatest Czech, including Tom Stoppard, Milan Kundera, Ivan Lendl, Karolína Kurková and Mishovy Silenosti.

For a fairly new country that has been around for a little more than a decade now, one would not expect it to have an exciting history, leave aside having a stockpile of famous men. So it is far more exhilarating when you discover that the new country is not only a reservoir of great talents, but address to some world-famous men and women too, you are likely to change your mind for good. That is right! Czech Republic does a fine job of displaying its enviable heritage, picturesque cities and, illuminating individuals with élan. Be it its beautiful women, top-class sportsmen, Nobel Prize laureates or globally lauded writers and musicians, the Czechs have stamped their greatness in diverse fields and how. People like Franz Kafka, Martina Navratilova, Sigmund Freud, Jaroslav Heyrovsky, Vaclav Havel, Ivan Lendl and Eva Herzigova are just some of the Czechs who have earned unparalleled name and an irreplaceable status in the world map, all thanks to their insurmountable contribution in their diverse fields. Unravel all about the famous Czechs in their biographies below. Their timeline, trivia, and interesting facts are worth a read.
Ivan LendIvan Lendl
(Former No 1 tennis Player)

07 March 1960

Tom StoppardTom Stoppard

03 July 1937

Milan KunderaMilan Kundera

01 April 1929

Karolina Kurkova Karolína Kurková

28 February 1984

Mishovy SilenostiMishovy Silenosti
(YouTube Star)

02 January 2007

Eva HerzigováEva Herzigová

10 March 1973

Olga HepnarováOlga Hepnarová

30 June 1951

Petra NemcovaPetra Nemcova

24 June 1979

Denise MilaniDenise Milani
(Pinup Model)

24 April 1976

John Huss John Huss
(Religious Thinker, Philosophers, Reformer)

1369 AD

Bedrich SmetanaBedrich Smetana

02 March 1824

Emil ZatopekEmil Zatopek
(Long Distance Runner)

19 September 1922

Antonín DvořákAntonín Dvořák

08 September 1841

Alexander DubcekAlexander Dubcek

27 November 1921

Leos JanacekLeos Janacek

03 July 1854

Miloš FormanMiloš Forman

18 February 1932

Jim ThorpeJim Thorpe
(Football Player, Famous Basketball Players, Famous Baseball Players, Track and Field Athlete, Boxer, Hockey Player)

26 May 1887

Gavrilo PrincipGavrilo Princip
(Serb member)

25 July 1894

Petra KvitováPetra Kvitová
(Czech tennis player)

08 March 1990

Jan HusJan Hus

1369 AD

Tomáš RosickýTomáš Rosický

04 October 1980

Joseph SchumpeterJoseph Schumpeter
(Economist, Professor, Book collector)

08 February 1883

Milan BarošMilan Baroš

28 October 1981

Charles IV, Holy Roman EmperorCharles IV, Holy Roman Emperor

14 May 1316

Edmund HusserlEdmund Husserl
(Mathematician, Philosopher, University teacher)

08 April 1859

Tomáš BerdychTomáš Berdych
(Tennis player)

17 September 1985

Sophie, Duchess of HohenbergSophie, Duchess of Hohenberg

01 March 1868

Herbert LomHerbert Lom
(Television actor, Film actor, Actor, Novelist, Character actor, Writer)

11 September 1917

Miloš ZemanMiloš Zeman
(Politician, Economist)

28 September 1944

Arthur Seyss-InquartArthur Seyss-Inquart
(Politician, Lawyer, Jurist)

22 July 1892

Silvia SaintSilvia Saint
(Pornographic actor, Glamour model, Model)

12 February 1976

Jana NovotnáJana Novotná
(Tennis player)

02 October 1968

Tomáš KalasTomáš Kalas
(Association football player)

15 May 1993

Jan KollerJan Koller
(Association football player)

30 March 1973

Jan HammerJan Hammer
(Pianist, Composer, Musician, Songwriter, Record producer, Film producer, Film score composer)

17 April 1948

Yana GuptaYana Gupta
(Actor, Model)

23 April 1979

Karel RodenKarel Roden

18 May 1962

Jan ŽižkaJan Žižka
(Czech general)

1360 AD

Edvard BenešEdvard Beneš
(Lecturer, Politician, Association football player)

28 May 1884

Wenceslaus I, Duke of BohemiaWenceslaus I, Duke of Bohemia

0907 AD

Albrecht von WallensteinAlbrecht von Wallenstein
(Military leader)

24 September 1583

Zuzka LightZuzka Light

John Amos ComeniusJohn Amos Comenius
(Writer, Linguist, Presbyter, Theologian, Educationist, Philosopher, Scientist)

28 March 1592

Adolf LoosAdolf Loos

10 December 1870

Tomáš PlekanecTomáš Plekanec
(Ice hockey player)

31 October 1982

Erich Wolfgang KorngoldErich Wolfgang Korngold
(Composer, Pianist, Conductor, Film score composer)

29 May 1897

Peter GrünbergPeter Grünberg
(Physicist, University teacher)

18 May 1939

Jan PalachJan Palach

11 August 1948

Karel PoborskýKarel Poborský

30 March 1972

Stanislav GrofStanislav Grof
(Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Writer, Physician)

01 July 1931

Patrik BergerPatrik Berger
(Association football player)

10 November 1973

Petr KordaPetr Korda
(Tennis player, Tennis coach)

23 January 1968

John of NepomukJohn of Nepomuk

1345 AD

Michal NeuvirthMichal Neuvirth
(Ice hockey player)

23 March 1988

Wilhelm SteinitzWilhelm Steinitz
(Chess Master)

17 May 1836

Klement GottwaldKlement Gottwald

23 November 1896

Antonín PanenkaAntonín Panenka
(Association football player)

02 December 1948

Tarra WhiteTarra White
(Pornographic actor)

19 November 1987

Joseph Radetzky von RadetzJoseph Radetzky von Radetz
(Military personnel)

02 November 1766

Hana MandlíkováHana Mandlíková
(Tennis player)

19 February 1962

Václav KlausVáclav Klaus
(Politician, Economist, Educationist)

19 June 1941

Karel GottKarel Gott
(Singer, Painter)

14 July 1939

Adalbert of PragueAdalbert of Prague

0956 AD

Marek JankulovskiMarek Jankulovski
(Association football player)

09 May 1977

Ottokar II of BohemiaOttokar II of Bohemia

1233 AD

Josef MasopustJosef Masopust
(Association football player, Association football manager)

09 February 1931

Franz WerfelFranz Werfel
(Writer, Poet, Playwright, Screenwriter, Science fiction writer)

10 September 1890

Daniella RushDaniella Rush
(Pornographic actor)

17 September 1976

Jan ŽeleznýJan Železný
(Javelin thrower, Athletics competitor)

16 June 1966

Jana CovaJana Cova
(Pornographic actor, Glamour model, Model)

13 April 1980

Karl RennerKarl Renner
(Politician, Librarian, Diplomat, Lawyer)

14 December 1870

Bohumil HrabalBohumil Hrabal
(Writer, Novelist, Screenwriter, Poet lawyer)

28 March 1914

Jaroslav PlašilJaroslav Plašil

05 January 1982

Max BrodMax Brod
(Linguist, Composer, Pianist, Novelist, Translator, Journalist, Writer, Poet lawyer)

27 May 1884

Lukáš RosolLukáš Rosol
(Tennis player)

24 July 1985