If there is one place in the world that can offer every single earthly delight that any man could ever crave for, it is Brazil. Sprawling beaches, dramatic landscapes, lively metropolises, king-size carnivals — everything about Brazil holds the greatest enticement for the rest of the world. But, its physical attractions aside, Brazil is also home to some of world’s famous men and women. That is right! Greats like Ronaldo, Eduardo Saverin, Adriana Lima, Anderson Silva, Gisele Bundchen, Felipe Massa, Paulo Coelho, Andreas Pavel, Sergio Vieira de Mello call Brazil their home. Now if that is not enough testimony for you to believe Brazil’s ingenuity, listen to this. Brazil has also been home to some of world’s exciting inventions like the Walkman, Direct-Recording Electronic Voting Machine, Hot Air Balloon, Brain-Machine Interfaces, and Antivenom Serum. Now if your interest is spiked enough, let us get on with the famous biographies of equally famous Brazilians in their timeline, trivia, and facts captured below.
05 February 1992
Brazilian Footballer
Ayrton SennaAyrton Senna
21 March 1960
Formula One Driver

Camila MendesCamila Mendes
29 June 1994
Actress, Model

21 March 1980

25 July 1986

Eduardo SaverinEduardo Saverin
19 March 1982
Philippe CoutinhoPhilippe Coutinho
12 June 1992

Gisele BundchenGisele Bündchen
20 July 1980
Fashion Model

Anderson SilvaAnderson Silva
14 April 1975
Mixed Martial Artist

Roberto FirminoRoberto Firmino
02 October 1991
Jair BolsonaroJair Bolsonaro
21 March 1955
Political Leader

22 April 1982
Mia GothMia Goth
30 November 1993
Actress, Model

José AldoJosé Aldo
09 September 1986
Mixed Martial Artist

Rafael dos AnjosRafael dos Anjos
26 October 1984
Mixed Martial Artist
Camila AlvesCamila Alves
28 January 1982

Adriana LimaAdriana Lima
12 June 1981
25 January 1984

Benny BlancoBenny Blanco
08 March 1988
Record producer

Ronaldo SouzaRonaldo Souza
07 December 1979
MMA Artist, Judoka
Alice BragaAlice Braga
15 April 1983

Paulo CoelhoPaulo Coelho
24 August 1947
Brazilian lyricist
Alessandra AmbrosioAlessandra Ambrosio
11 April 1981
Fashion Model

29 January 1966
Former Brazilian Football Star

Royce GracieRoyce Gracie
12 December 1966
Mixed Martial Artist

19 April 1972
Former Brazilian Footballer
Cris CyborgCris Cyborg
09 July 1985
Mixed Martial Artist
Roberto CarlosRoberto Carlos
10 April 1973
Football Player

Lyoto MachidaLyoto Machida
30 May 1978
Mixed Martial Artist

Rodrigo SantoroRodrigo Santoro
22 August 1975

Demian MaiaDemian Maia
06 November 1977
Mixed Martial Artist
Dilma RousseffDilma Rousseff
14 December 1947
36th President of Brazil

Paulo FreirePaulo Freire
19 September 1921
Educator and Philosopher

Wanderlei SilvaWanderlei Silva
03 July 1976

Michel TemerMichel Temer
23 September 1940
37th President of Brazil

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Pedro II of BrazilPedro II of Brazil
02 December 1825
Former Emperor of Brazil
Rousimar PalharesRousimar Palhares
20 February 1980
Mixed Martial Artist

Chrysti AneChrysti Ane
26 July 1993
Actress, Model
Rorion GracieRorion Gracie
10 January 1952
Jiu-Jitsu Grand Master

Bethe CorreiaBethe Correia
22 June 1983
Mixed Martial Artist

Francisco LachowskiFrancisco Lachowski
13 May 1991
Fashion Model
Jorge Paulo LemannJorge Paulo Lemann
26 August 1939

23 October 1940
Brazilian footballer
Daniela LavenderDaniela Lavender
14 December 1974

Joana CeddiaJoana Ceddia
21 June 2001

Heitor Villa-LobosHeitor Villa-Lobos
05 March 1887
Latin American Composer

Tarsila do AmaralTarsila do Amaral
01 September 1886

Valeria WassermanValeria Wasserman
1963 AD
Translator, Noam Chomsky’s Wife
30 March 1993

Felipe NetoFelipe Neto
21 January 1988

Mário de AndradeMário de Andrade
09 October 1893

David Lucca da SilvaDavid Lucca da Silva
24 August 2011
Neymar's Son
Nicole CorralesNicole Corrales
06 October 1997
Instagram Star

Aine CoutinhoAine Coutinho
31 March 1993
Philippe Coutinho's Wife
Priscilla CoelhoPriscilla Coelho
18 December 1983
Ronaldinho's Girlfriend

Luciana ZogbiLuciana Zogbi
27 October 1994
YouTuber, Singer, Songwriter

Rodolfo AmoedoRodolfo Amoedo
11 December 1857
History Painter
Alberto Santos DumontAlberto Santos Dumont
20 July 1873
Brazilian aviator

Beatriz SouzaBeatriz Souza
1987 AD
Ronaldinho's Girlfriend
Constantine AndreouConstantine Andreou
24 March 1917
Painter, Sculptor

Eva AndressaEva Andressa
19 December 1984

Hermann NicoliHermann Nicoli
08 July 1982
Jessey StevensJessey Stevens
21 April 1992
Instagram Star

18 March 1998
Thomas OliveiraThomas Oliveira
25 August 1993

Jacy JulyJacy July
31 December 1989
You Tuber, Beauty Blogger

Luara FonsecaLuara Fonseca
19 February 2005
TikTok (Musical.ly) star

Thomas Nicholas KucThomas Nicholas Kuc
10 October 2002
TV Actor, Social Media Personality, and amateur
Almeida JuniorAlmeida Junior
08 May 1850
Dinora SantanaDinora Santana
Ex-Wife of Dani Alves

Juju SalimeniJuju Salimeni
24 September 1986

Kat TorresKat Torres
24 October 1998

Anne de PaulaAnne de Paula
31 March 1995
Fashion Model
Cristina Greeven CuomoCristina Greeven Cuomo
21 January 1970
Wife of Chris Cuomo

Dayane SilvaDayane Silva
15 December 1977
Anderson Silva's Wife

MC Melody DollMC Melody Doll
04 February 2007

Junior dos SantosJunior dos Santos
30 January 1984
Boxer, Mixed martial artist, Coach

Dani AlvesDani Alves
06 May 1983
Carlos GhosnCarlos Ghosn
09 March 1954
Entrepreneur, Businessperson

David LuizDavid Luiz
22 April 1987
Association football player
Alexandre PatoAlexandre Pato
02 September 1989
Association football player

11 May 1983
association football player

Heurelho GomesHeurelho Gomes
15 February 1981
Association football player
Vitor BelfortVitor Belfort
01 April 1977
Boxer, Judoka, Mixed martial artist, Karateka

Thiago SilvaThiago Silva
12 November 1982
Luiz Inácio Lula da SilvaLuiz Inácio Lula da Silva
27 October 1945
Politician, Trade unionist

Thiago AlcântaraThiago Alcântara
11 April 1991
Association football player

Emerson PalmieriEmerson Palmieri
13 March 1994
Association football player

Rickson GracieRickson Gracie
21 November 1958
choreographer, judoka
Juninho PernambucanoJuninho Pernambucano
30 January 1975
Association football player, Journalist

Carmen MirandaCarmen Miranda
09 February 1909
Actor, Singer, Dancer
Felipe MassaFelipe Massa
25 April 1981
Racecar driver

Douglas CostaDouglas Costa
14 September 1990
Association football player

Rubens BarrichelloRubens Barrichello
23 May 1972
Racecar driver

23 February 1992
Association football player
27 August 1977
Association football player