Famous People Born In 1865

Discover the most famous people born in 1865. The list includes people like Rudyard Kipling, Warren G. Harding, Jean Sibelius, Lala Lajpat Rai, John Monash and many more. This list of celebrities is loosely sorted by popularity. People featured on this list, include political leaders, poets, composers and nurses born in 1865. This list includes people from United States, Germany, United Kingdom & France and many more countries.

George VGeorge V
3rd June, British
Former King of the United Kingdom
Warren G. HardingWarren G. Harding
2nd November, American
President of the U.S

Rudyard KiplingRudyard Kipling
30th December, British
Author & Poet

Lala Lajpat RaiLala Lajpat Rai
28th January, Indian
Freedom Fighter

Erich LudendorffErich Ludendorff
9th April, German
General of German Army

Jean SibeliusJean Sibelius
8th December, Finnish
Edith CavellEdith Cavell
4th December, British

Anandi Gopal JoshiAnandi Gopal Joshi
31st March, Indian
First Indian Female Doctor

Charles G. DawesCharles G. Dawes
27th August, American
Vice President of the United States

John MonashJohn Monash
27th June, Australian
Civil engineer
Paul DukasPaul Dukas
1st October, French

Sven HedinSven Hedin
19th February, Swedish
Geographer, Explorer
Pieter ZeemanPieter Zeeman
25th May, Dutch
Discovered the 'Zeeman Effect'

Charles Horace MayoCharles Horace Mayo
19th July, American

Bernard BerensonBernard Berenson
26th June, American
Art Historian
W B YeatsW B Yeats
13th June, Irish
Poet & Dramatist

Arthur Harden Arthur Harden
12th October, British
Kate GleasonKate Gleason
25th November, American
Mechanical Engineer

Max FabianiMax Fabiani
29th April, Italian

Gifford PinchotGifford Pinchot
11th August, American
Forestry scientist
Ferdinand I of RomaniaFerdinand I of Romania
24th August, German, Romanian

Félix VallottonFélix Vallotton
28th December, Swiss
Painter, Artist, Sculptor, Engraver, Art critic
Charles Proteus SteinmetzCharles Proteus Steinmetz
9th April, German, American
Mathematician, Electrical engineer, Engineer,

William Butler YeatsWilliam Butler Yeats
13th June, Irish

Madison GrantMadison Grant
19th November, American
Lawyer, Anthropologist, Racial theorist,

Carl NielsenCarl Nielsen
9th June, Danish
Conductor, Composer, Choreographer,
Philipp ScheidemannPhilipp Scheidemann
26th July, German
Suzanne ValadonSuzanne Valadon
23rd September, French
Painter, Art model, Model

Alexander GlazunovAlexander Glazunov
10th August, Russian
Composer, Choreographer, Conductor, Educationist,

Wilson BentleyWilson Bentley
9th February, American
Farmer, Photographer, Meteorologist

Robert HenriRobert Henri
24th June, American
Alfred HugenbergAlfred Hugenberg
19th June, German
Politician, Entrepreneur, Financier, Diplomat,

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Abraham Isaac KookAbraham Isaac Kook
7th September, Israeli
rabbi, mystic, Rosh yeshiva

Frederick CookFrederick Cook
10th June, American
Explorer, Physician

Elsie de WolfeElsie de Wolfe
20th December, American
Actor, Architect, Socialite

Mary GilmoreMary Gilmore
16th August, Australian
Journalist, Poet, Writer
Jacques HadamardJacques Hadamard
8th December, French
Mathematician, Professor

Akseli Gallen-KallelaAkseli Gallen-Kallela
26th April, Finnish
Finnish painter
Valentin SerovValentin Serov
19th January, Russian

Susan La Flesche PicotteSusan La Flesche Picotte
17th June, American
American doctor

Duan QiruiDuan Qirui
6th March, Chinese
Mary White OvingtonMary White Ovington
11th April, American

Irving BabbittIrving Babbitt
2nd August, American
Literary critic, Journalist
John MottJohn Mott
25th May, American
Protester, Activist

Séraphine LouisSéraphine Louis
3rd September, French

Ernst TroeltschErnst Troeltsch
17th February, German
Politician, Theologian, University teacher,

Gabriel NarutowiczGabriel Narutowicz
17th March, Lithuanian, Polish
Polish professor

Dmitry MerezhkovskyDmitry Merezhkovsky
2nd August, Russian
Kaarlo Juho StåhlbergKaarlo Juho Ståhlberg
20th January, Finnish

Richard Adolf ZsigmondyRichard Adolf Zsigmondy
1st April, Austrian, Hungarian

Henri DesgrangeHenri Desgrange
31st January, French
journalist, sport cyclist, track cyclist

Mrs. Patrick CampbellMrs. Patrick Campbell
9th February, British
William Lyon PhelpsWilliam Lyon Phelps
2nd January, American
Writer, University teacher

Andranik OzanianAndranik Ozanian
25th February, Armenian
Armenian military commander
Adela Florence NicolsonAdela Florence Nicolson
9th April, Indian, British
Poet, Author, Writer

William E. BorahWilliam E. Borah
29th June, American
United States Senator

Mărgărita Miller-VerghyMărgărita Miller-Verghy
1st January, Romanian
Nurse, Linguist, Writer, Literary historian,
Janie Porter BarrettJanie Porter Barrett
9th August, American
American educator

Baroness Emma OrczyBaroness Emma Orczy
23rd September, Hungarian
Archduke Otto of AustriaArchduke Otto of Austria
21st April, Austrian
Archduke of Austria

Major Archibald ButtMajor Archibald Butt
30th November
Military Leader