Famous People Born In 1833

Discover the most famous people born in 1833. The list includes people like Alfred Nobel, Johannes Brahms, Benjamin Harrison, Charles George Gordon, Manuel González Flores and many more. This list of celebrities is loosely sorted by popularity. People featured on this list, include political leaders, military leaders, diplomats and chemists born in 1833. This list includes people from Germany, United States, United Kingdom and many more countries.

Benjamin HarrisonBenjamin Harrison
20th August, American
23rd President of the United States
Alfred NobelAlfred Nobel
21st October, Swedish

Johannes BrahmsJohannes Brahms
7th May, German
Composer and pianist

Charles George GordonCharles George Gordon
28th January, British
British soldier and Administrator

J. E. B. StuartJ. E. B. Stuart
6th February, American
Military Leader

Edward Burne-JonesEdward Burne-Jones
28th August, British
Manuel GonzalezManuel González Flores
18th June, Mexican
31st President of Mexico

Ferdinand Freiherr von Richthofen Ferdinand von Richthofen
5th May, German
Geographer, Traveler, Scientist

Ricardo PalmaRicardo Palma
7th February, Peruvian
Aleksandr BorodinAleksandr Borodin
12th November, Russian
Composer, Chemist

Samuel MuddSamuel Mudd
20th December, American
Physician, Farmer, Politician
Edwin BoothEdwin Booth
13th November, American
American actor

Archduke Karl Ludwig of AustriaArchduke Karl Ludwig of Austria
30th July, Austrian

Alexander BorodinAlexander Borodin
12th November, Russian
Composer, Chemist

John Marshall HarlanJohn Marshall Harlan
1st June, American
Former Attorney General of Kentucky

Alfred von SchlieffenAlfred von Schlieffen
28th February, German
Wilhelm DiltheyWilhelm Dilthey
19th November, German
Philosopher, Historian, Psychologist, Theologian,

Garnet Wolseley, 1st Viscount WolseleyGarnet Wolseley, 1st Viscount Wolseley
4th June, British
Politician, Diplomat, Military personnel

Félicien RopsFélicien Rops
7th July, Belgian
Painter, Illustrator

James B. WeaverJames B. Weaver
12th June, American
Melville FullerMelville Fuller
11th February, American
lawyer, judge, politician

Carlos FinlayCarlos Finlay
3rd December, Cuban
Kido TakayoshiKido Takayoshi
11th August, Japanese
Politician, Statesman, Diplomat

Paul BertPaul Bert
19th October, French

Léon BonnatLéon Bonnat
20th June, French
Painter, Art collector
Pauline CushmanPauline Cushman
10th June, American

Eugen DühringEugen Dühring
12th January, German
Vasily PerovVasily Perov
21st December, Russian

Adam Lindsay GordonAdam Lindsay Gordon
19th October, Australian, Portuguese

Edward William GodwinEdward William Godwin
26th May, British
Ernesto Teodoro MonetaErnesto Teodoro Moneta
20th September, Italian
Italian journalist

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Elisabet NeyElisabet Ney
26th January, German, American
Friedrich Daniel von RecklinghausenFriedrich Daniel von Recklinghausen
2nd December, German

Fleeming JenkinFleeming Jenkin
25th March, British

Edward BlakeEdward Blake
13th October, Canadian
Political leader

Ōtori KeisukeŌtori Keisuke
14th April, Japanese
Military personnel, Historian, Teacher, Diplomat
Thomas KellyThomas Kelly
30th November, Canadian
Politician, Judge
Robert MartinRobert Martin
30th November, American

Thomas Collier PlattThomas Collier Platt
15th July, American

Élie DucommunÉlie Ducommun
19th February, Swiss
Peace activist