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 1 Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson.
Famous As: 3rd U.S. President
Birthdate: April 13, 1743
Sun Sign: Aries
Birthplace: Shadwell, Virginia, United States
Died: July 4, 1826

The 2nd Vice President and the 3rd President of America, Thomas Jefferson was one of the Founding Fathers of USA and the principal draftsman of the Declaration of Independence. Jefferson was a staunch advocate of democracy and a strong believer of individual rights and religious freedom, despite the fact that he himself owned nearly 600 slaves.

 2 Otto von Bismarck

Otto von Bismarck.
Famous As: German Statesman
Birthdate: April 1, 1815
Sun Sign: Aries
Birthplace: Schönhausen
Died: July 30, 1898
Otto von Bismarck was a German statesman. Bismarck is credited with masterminding the unification of Germany and served as its first chancellor. He is also credited with creating the first modern welfare state in the world. Regarded as a hero by German nationalists, Otto von Bismarck's life has inspired a couple of TV series.
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 3 Benito Juarez

Benito Juarez.
Famous As: Lawyer, Politician
Birthdate: March 21, 1806
Sun Sign: Aries
Birthplace: San Pablo Guelatao, Mexico
Died: July 18, 1872

Benito Juarez was a Mexican lawyer and politician. He served as the 26th president of Mexico from 1858 to 1872, becoming the first president of Mexico who was of indigenous origin. He died of a heart attack in 1872. To date,  he is revered as "a preeminent symbol of Mexican nationalism and resistance to foreign intervention." 

 4 Isoroku Yamamoto

Isoroku Yamamoto.
Famous As: Japanese Naval Officer Who Conceived The Pearl Harbor Attack in 1941
Birthdate: April 4, 1884
Sun Sign: Aries
Birthplace: Nagaoka, Niigata, Japan
Died: April 18, 1943
Isoroku Yamamoto was a Marshal Admiral of the Imperial Japanese Navy. During World War II, he served as the commander-in-chief of the Combined Fleet and oversaw operations such as the Pearl Harbor attack. He died when his fighter plane was shot down by the U.S. Air Forces
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 5 B. R. Ambedkar

B. R. Ambedkar.
Famous As: Indian Jurist
Birthdate: April 14, 1891
Sun Sign: Aries
Birthplace: Dr. Ambedkar Nagar, Madhya Pradesh, India
Died: December 6, 1956

India's first Minister of Law and Justice, B. R. Ambedkar inspired the Dalit Buddhist movement. He also fought against social discrimination prevalent in India at that time. Widely regarded as the chief architect of the Constitution of India, Ambedkar was posthumously honored with India's highest civilian award - The Bharat Ratna.

 6 Erich Ludendorff

Erich Ludendorff.
Famous As: General of German Army
Birthdate: April 9, 1865
Sun Sign: Aries
Birthplace: Munich, Germany
Died: December 20, 1937

German military leader Erich Ludendorff gained fame with the victories at Liège and Tannenberg during World War I. He promoted the theory that Marxists, Jews, and Freemasons were responsible for Germany’s defeat in the war. He later became a military theorist, writing books such as The Total War.

 7 Helmut Kohl

Helmut Kohl.
Famous As: Former Chancellor of Germany
Birthdate: April 3, 1930
Sun Sign: Aries
Birthplace: Ludwigshafen
Died: June 16, 2017
Christian Democratic Union politician Helmut Kohl was the Chancellor of Germany from 1982 to 1998. He had also served as the chairman of the CDU earlier. His tenure witnessed the end of the Cold War, the fall of the Berlin Wall, and the formation of the European Union.
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 8 Rodrigo Duterte

Rodrigo Duterte.
Famous As: President of Philippines
Birthdate: March 28, 1945
Sun Sign: Aries
Birthplace: Maasin, Philippines

The current president of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte took office at age 71, making him the oldest president of the country. His war on drugs has had a major impact in the Philippines. Known for his straightforward attitude in public, Duterte has admitted to killing three men in 1988 in an attempt to save a girl from being raped.

 9 Charlemagne

Famous As: King of the Frank
Birthdate: April 2, 0742
Sun Sign: Aries
Birthplace: Herstal
Died: January 28, 0814

Also known as Charles the Great, Charlemagne ruled as the king of the Franks, king of the Lombards, and emperor of the Romans at different time periods. Not surprisingly, he had a major impact during the Early Middle Ages as he went about uniting the majority of central and western Europe, for which he is called the Father of Europe.

 10 John Tyler

John Tyler.
Famous As: 10th U.S. President
Birthdate: March 29, 1790
Sun Sign: Aries
Birthplace: Charles City County
Died: January 18, 1862

The tenth president of the United States, John Tyler was dubbed His Accidency as he became the president after the sudden death of President William Henry Harrison when the former was serving as the vice president. Tyler's acceptance of full presidential powers set a prominent precedent and served as a model for succession to the future presidents.

 11 Booker T. Washington

Booker T. Washington.
Birthdate: April 5, 1856
Sun Sign: Aries
Birthplace: Westlake Corner, Virginia, United States
Died: November 14, 1915
Booker T. Washington was born into slavery but rose to be an advisor to many U.S. presidents and also became the director of the Tuskegee Institute. His Atlanta Compromise, initially accepted and later rejected by black leaders, urged the blacks to work for their freedom through education and not revolt.

 12 Timur

Famous As: Monarch of the Timurid Empire
Birthdate: April 9, 1336
Sun Sign: Aries
Birthplace: Shahrisabz, Uzbekistan
Died: February 19, 1405

Widely considered one of the greatest tacticians and military leaders in history, Timur is credited with founding the Timurid Empire, which attained its greatest extent under the leadership of Timur. His empire laid the foundation for the rise of the more prominent Islamic gunpowder empires, such as the Mughal Empire, which then ruled the Indian subcontinent for almost 330 years.

 13 Kofi Annan

Kofi Annan.
Famous As: Former UN Secretary General
Birthdate: April 8, 1938
Sun Sign: Aries
Birthplace: Kumasi, Ghana
Died: August 18, 2018

Ghanaian diplomat Kofi Annan served as the seventh Secretary-General of the United Nations from 1997 to 2006. He was the founder and chairman of the Kofi Annan Foundation and a co-recipient of the 2001 Nobel Peace Prize. During his stint with the UN, he launched the UN Global Compact and worked to combat HIV/AIDS. 

 14 Colin Powell

Colin Powell.
Famous As: 65th United States Secretary of State
Birthdate: April 5, 1937
Sun Sign: Aries
Birthplace: New York City, New York, U.S.
Died: October 18, 2021

A veteran politician who served as the 65th United States Secretary of State, Colin Powell was the first African-American Secretary of State. A member of the Republican Party, he was an army man prior to entering politics. He was a  four-star general at the time of his retirement. After leaving politics, he pursued a career as a public speaker.

 15 Julius Nyerere

Julius Nyerere
Famous As: Politician
Birthdate: April 13, 1922
Sun Sign: Aries
Birthplace: Butiama, Tanzania
Died: October 14, 1999

 16 Cosimo de' Medici

Cosimo de' Medici
Famous As: Banker
Birthdate: April 10, 1389
Sun Sign: Aries
Birthplace: Florence, Italy
Died: August 1, 1464

One of the main patriarchs of the famed Medici family that ruled Florence, Italian banker Cosimo de' Medici was one of the richest men of his time. Medici was also a great patron of art and architecture. He also arranged a search for ancient manuscripts and opened a public library.

 17 Rex Tillerson

Rex Tillerson
Famous As: Businessperson
Birthdate: March 23, 1952
Sun Sign: Aries
Birthplace: Wichita Falls, Texas, United States

 18 Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester

Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester
Famous As: Politician
Birthdate: March 31, 1900
Sun Sign: Aries
Birthplace: York Cottage, England
Died: June 10, 1974

Son of King George V and Queen Mary, Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester, was educated at Eton, becoming the first son of a monarch in Britain to attend school. He made headlines with his affair with Beryl Markham. Owing to his multiple strokes, he was wheelchair-bound in his final years.

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 19 Henry Clay

Henry Clay.
Famous As: Political Leader
Birthdate: April 12, 1777
Sun Sign: Aries
Birthplace: Hanover County, Virginia, United States
Died: June 29, 1852

Henry Clay was an American statesman who represented Kentucky in the US House of Representatives as well as US Senate. Considered one of the most important political figures of his era, Clay helped found the Whig Party and the National Republican Party. He is also considered one of the greatest speakers in the history of the US House of Representatives.

 20 Septimius Severus

Septimius Severus.
Famous As: Roman Emperor
Birthdate: April 11, 0145
Sun Sign: Aries
Birthplace: Leptis Magna, Libya
Died: February 4, 0211
Roman emperor Septimius Severus reigned from 193 to 211. He worked in the senate under Marcus Aurelius and gained strength following the death of Pertinax. He killed incumbent emperor Didius Julianus and annexed many kingdoms, such as Osroene. While on an invasion of Scotland, he died of an infectious disease.

 21 Lavrentiy Beria

Lavrentiy Beria.
Famous As: Politician
Birthdate: March 29, 1899
Sun Sign: Aries
Birthplace: Merkheuli, Georgia, Russian Empire
Died: December 23, 1953
Lavrentiy Beria was a Soviet politician and a Bolshevik. He became a premier under Stalin and played a major role during World War II. He later served as the minister of internal affairs and the first deputy chairman of the council of ministers, and oversaw his country’s atomic bomb project. 

 22 Francis Xavier

Francis Xavier.
Famous As: Missionary
Birthdate: April 7, 1506
Sun Sign: Aries
Birthplace: Javier, Spain
Died: December 3, 1552
Navarrese Catholic missionary and saint Francis Xavier co-founded the Society of Jesus. His mission focused on the Portuguese Empire in Asia. He is remembered for his efforts to spread Christianity in Goa. He extended his mission to Japan and Borneo but died before he could preach in China.
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 23 Michael Higgins

Michael Higgins.
Famous As: President of Ireland
Birthdate: April 18, 1941
Sun Sign: Aries
Birthplace: Limerick

Irish politician, Michael Higgins, took office as the ninth president of Ireland in November 2011. Previously, he served as minister for arts, culture, and the Gaeltacht and mayor of Galway. As the president, he has actively addressed issues related to justice, social equality, social inclusion, anti-sectarianism, and anti-racism. He is also a poet, writer, and sociologist.

 24 Sam Manekshaw

Sam Manekshaw.
Birthdate: April 3, 1914
Sun Sign: Aries
Birthplace: Amritsar, Punjab
Died: June 27, 2008
Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw was the Indian Army’s Chief of the Army Staff during the 1971 Indo-Pakistani War, in which India emerged victorious. He had started his military career with the British Indian Army during World War II. He had also been awarded the Padma Vibhushan and the Padma Bhushan.

 25 Sir Arthur Harris, 1st Baronet

Sir Arthur Harris, 1st Baronet
Famous As: Military officer
Birthdate: April 13, 1892
Sun Sign: Aries
Birthplace: Cheltenham, England
Died: April 5, 1984

 26 Joe Scarborough

Joe Scarborough.
Famous As: Former United States Representative
Birthdate: April 9, 1963
Sun Sign: Aries
Birthplace: Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Joe Scarborough has represented Florida’s 1st district from 1995 to 2001. He co-hosts Morning Joe on MSNBC, with his wife. He has written several books, hosted a radio show, and also released an EP. Earlier, as an attorney, he had represented Michael F. Griffin, accused of murdering physician David Gunn.
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 27 James Callaghan

James Callaghan.
Birthdate: March 27, 1912
Sun Sign: Aries
Birthplace: Portsmouth
Died: March 26, 2005

James Callaghan was a British politician who served as the prime minister from 1976 to 1979. Also having served as Foreign Secretary, Home Secretary, and Chancellor of the Exchequer, James Callaghan is the only person in the history of the United Kingdom to have served in all the four Great Offices of State.

 28 Nikita Khrushchev

Nikita Khrushchev.
Famous As: Former Premier of the Soviet Union
Birthdate: April 15, 1894
Sun Sign: Aries
Birthplace: Kalinovka, Dmitriyevsky Uyezd, Kursk Governorate, Russian Empire
Died: September 11, 1971

Nikita Khrushchev was the Soviet Premier from 1958 to 1964 and the first Communist Party secretary of the Soviets. He initially supported Stalin’s “purges” but denounced them in the Secret Speech to the 20th Party Congress. His reign saw the Suez Crisis, the Sputnik launch, and the 1960 U-2 incident.

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 29 Zbigniew Brzezinski

Zbigniew Brzezinski.
Famous As: Former Diplomat, Political Scientist
Birthdate: March 28, 1928
Sun Sign: Aries
Birthplace: Warsaw
Died: May 26, 2017
Polish-American diplomat Zbigniew Brzezinski had been a counselor to President Lyndon B. Johnson and the National Security Advisor to President Jimmy Carter. He believed in the realist school of international relations. He also taught foreign policy and was seen in programs such as The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer.

 30 Eric Greitens

Eric Greitens
Famous As: Politician, Author
Birthdate: April 10, 1974
Sun Sign: Aries
Birthplace: St. Louis, Missouri, United States

 31 Justin Amash

Justin Amash
Famous As: Politician
Birthdate: April 18, 1980
Sun Sign: Aries
Birthplace: Grand Rapids, Michigan, U.S.

 32 Georg von Trapp

Georg von Trapp
Famous As: Naval officer
Birthdate: April 4, 1880
Sun Sign: Aries
Birthplace: Zadar, Croatia
Died: May 30, 1947

 33 John Hanson

John Hanson
Famous As: Politician
Birthdate: April 14, 1721
Sun Sign: Aries
Birthplace: Port Tobacco, Maryland, United States
Died: November 15, 1783

 34 Prince Leopold, Duke of Albany

Prince Leopold, Duke of Albany
Famous As: Politician
Birthdate: April 7, 1853
Sun Sign: Aries
Birthplace: Buckingham Palace, United Kingdom
Died: March 28, 1884

 35 Evan McMullin

Evan McMullin
Famous As: Politician
Birthdate: April 2, 1976
Sun Sign: Aries
Birthplace: Provo, Utah, U.S.

 36 Jerry Brown

Jerry Brown.
Famous As: 34th and 39th Governor of California
Birthdate: April 7, 1938
Sun Sign: Aries
Birthplace: San Francisco, California, United States
Jerry Brown has been both the 34th and the 39th governor of California, from 1975 to 1983 and 2011 to 2019, respectively, making him the oldest and the sixth-youngest California governor, between the two terms. He has also been the Oakland mayor, an attorney general, and a secretary of state.

 37 Betty Ford

Betty Ford.
Famous As: Former First Lady of the United States
Birthdate: April 8, 1918
Sun Sign: Aries
Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois, United States
Died: July 8, 2011

Betty Ford served as the First Lady of the US from 1974 to 1977. One of the most popular First Ladies in history, Ford was a passionate supporter of abortion rights and worked towards raising breast cancer awareness. She commented on topics like sex, drugs, abortion, and equal pay. In 1991, she was honored with the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

 38 Louis The Pious

Louis The Pious.
Famous As: King of Aquitaine, King of Franks & Co-Emperor (Holy Roman Empire)
Birthdate: April 16, 0778
Sun Sign: Aries
Birthplace: Chasseneuil-du-Poitou
Died: June 20, 0840
Son of Charlemagne, Louis The Pious, became the king of Aquitaine at age 3. He crowned himself the emperor of the Franks immediately after his father’s death. His reign was riddled with three civil wars, while his death caused another civil war, which finally culminated in the Treaty of Verdun.

 39 Erich Hartmann

Erich Hartmann
Famous As: Aviator, Officer
Birthdate: April 19, 1922
Sun Sign: Aries
Birthplace: Weissach
Died: September 20, 1993

Remembered as the most successful fighter pilot in the history of aerial warfare, Erich Hartmann completed 1,400 missions in his Messerschmitt Bf 109 and shot down 352 Allied planes. Known for his dogfighting strategy, he inspired the popular biography The Blond Knight of Germany and became a flight instructor post-retirement.

 40 Ian Smith

Ian Smith.
Famous As: Former Prime Minister of Zimbabwe
Birthdate: April 8, 1919
Sun Sign: Aries
Birthplace: Selukwe, Southern Rhodesia
Died: November 20, 2007

Ian Smith was a politician who served as the prime minister of Rhodesia (today known as Zimbabwe) from 1964 to 1979. Born to British immigrants in  the Southern Rhodesian Midlands, he was a controversial figure who personified “White Rhodesia.” While his detractors denounced him as "an unrepentant racist," his supporters hailed him as "a political visionary.” 

 41 Jon Huntsman Jr.

Jon Huntsman Jr.
Famous As: Politician
Birthdate: March 26, 1960
Sun Sign: Aries
Birthplace: Redwood City, California, U.S.

 42 Robert Smalls

Robert Smalls.
Famous As: Politician
Birthdate: April 5, 1839
Sun Sign: Aries
Birthplace: Beaufort, South Carolina, United States
Died: February 23, 1915

 43 Mswati III of Swaziland

Mswati III of Swaziland
Famous As: King
Birthdate: April 19, 1968
Sun Sign: Aries
Birthplace: Raleigh Fitkin Memorial Hospital, Manzini, Eswatini

 44 François Duvalier

François Duvalier.
Famous As: Politician, Physician
Birthdate: April 14, 1907
Sun Sign: Aries
Birthplace: Port-au-Prince
Died: April 21, 1971

François Duvalier was a Haitian politician. From 1957 to 1971, he served as the president of Haiti. Over the course of his political career, Duvalier's regime became despotic and totalitarian. In 1964, Duvalier declared himself President for Life and remained in power until his death. Since his demise, several books have been written about his rule in Haiti. 

 45 William I, German Emperor

William I, German Emperor
Famous As: King
Birthdate: March 22, 1797
Sun Sign: Aries
Birthplace: Berlin, Germany
Died: March 9, 1888

William I, German Emperor reigned as the king of Prussia from 1861 until his death in 1888. He also reigned as the first German emperor from 1871 to 1888. He is credited with overseeing the unification of Germany and establishing the German Empire. William's reign also witnessed the brilliance of Otto von Bismarck, who served as the former's minister president.

 46 Matthew C. Perry

Matthew C. Perry.
Famous As: Naval Officer
Birthdate: April 10, 1794
Sun Sign: Aries
Birthplace: Newport, Rhode Island, United States
Died: March 4, 1858

 47 Edward Wood, 1st Earl of Halifax

Edward Wood, 1st Earl of Halifax.
Famous As: Former Viceroy of India
Birthdate: April 16, 1881
Sun Sign: Aries
Birthplace: Powderham Castle, United Kingdom
Died: December 23, 1959

 48 James Bowie

James Bowie
Famous As: Pioneer
Birthdate: April 10, 1796
Sun Sign: Aries
Birthplace: The Alamo, San Antonio, Texas, United States
Died: March 6, 1836

 49 Tony Benn

Tony Benn.
Famous As: Former British Politician
Birthdate: April 3, 1925
Sun Sign: Aries
Birthplace: Marylebone
Died: March 14, 2014

 50 Iain Duncan Smith

Iain Duncan Smith
Famous As: Politician
Birthdate: April 9, 1954
Sun Sign: Aries
Birthplace: Edinburgh