Famous People From United States
Do you know that food tasting is a professional job? Yes, you heard it right. Some people actually get paid to taste lip-smacking and mouth-watering delights from top chefs. Same goes for food photography as well. Clicking tempting delicacies from various angles is an art and not a child’s play. If you ever had your hands on a lifestyle magazine, you would know that the food section is simply an unputdownable segment. You have expert comments from food nutritionists, critic comments about the new restaurant off the block, secret recipes of some delicious deserts by renowned chefs, unknown facts of foodstuff from food scientists and some handy tips on preserving and preparing food by food aficionados - a complete world on its own, isn’t it? Well, that is most of what we mean by the phrase ‘food experts’. From chefs to critics, food lawyers to food scientists, nutritionists to microbiologists, food photographer to farmer, the profile of food experts varies. They give us an insight into the world of professional and in-house cooking, some rare and unknown facts about fares, some tips on having a balanced diet, a bevy of not-to-miss world-class eateries, incredible recipes, and so much more. They personify everything related to food. And it to these that we have this section here. Dig in to find out some interesting information about American food experts, their life and their ‘food’ work.
Chris FischerChris Fischer
19 August 1980
Ayesha CurryAyesha Curry
23 March 1989
Celebrity Chef & Cookbook Author

Anthony BourdainAnthony Bourdain
25 June 1956
Chef, Author, T.V. Personality

Guy FieriGuy Fieri
22 January 1968
Restaurateur, Cookbook Author

Julia ChildJulia Child
15 August 1912

Bobby FlayBobby Flay
10 December 1964
American chef
Rachael RayRachael Ray
25 August 1968
TV Personality, Celebrity Cook, Author

Giada De LaurentiisGiada De Laurentiis
22 August 1970
Chef, TV personality, Writer

Trisha YearwoodTrisha Yearwood
19 September 1964

Jill St. JohnJill St. John
19 August 1940
Buddy ValastroBuddy Valastro
03 March 1977
Chef, Reality TV Personality

Paul WahlbergPaul Wahlberg
Chef & Reality TV Star
Emeril LagasseEmeril Lagasse
15 October 1959
Chef, Restaurateur

Alton BrownAlton Brown
30 July 1962
TV Personality, Celebrity Chef, Author

Thomas KellerThomas Keller
14 October 1955
American Chef & Restaurateur
Tracy GriffithTracy Griffith
19 October 1965

Typhoid Mary Typhoid Mary
23 September 1869
Asymptomatic carrier of typhoid fever
Logan GuleffLogan Guleff
20 July 2002
Youngest Winner of MasterChef Junior

Duff GoldmanDuff Goldman
17 December 1974

Robert IrvineRobert Irvine
24 September 1965
Action BronsonAction Bronson
02 December 1983
Chef, Rapper

Mario BataliMario Batali
19 September 1960
Marcela ValladolidMarcela Valladolid
19 July 1978

Ina GartenIna Garten
02 February 1948
Chef, Writer

Lidia BastianichLidia Bastianich
21 February 1947
Writer, Restaurateur, Television presenter

Aarón SanchezAarón Sanchez
12 February 1976
Paula DeenPaula Deen
19 January 1947
Actor, Chef, Businessperson, Restaurateur
21 August 1979
Singer, Singer-songwriter, Composer, Chef

Gesine Bullock-PradoGesine Bullock-Prado
06 March 1970
Chef, Lawyer

Alex GuarnaschelliAlex Guarnaschelli
1972 AD

Anne BurrellAnne Burrell
21 September 1969
Graham ElliotGraham Elliot
04 January 1977
Domestic worker cook, Chef, Restaurateur

Grant AchatzGrant Achatz
25 April 1974

Michael ParéMichael Paré
09 October 1958
American actor

Cat CoraCat Cora
03 April 1967

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Andrew ZimmernAndrew Zimmern
04 July 1961
Television presenter, Writer
Rick BaylessRick Bayless
23 November 1953
Chef, Restaurateur

Michael SymonMichael Symon
19 September 1969
Alice WatersAlice Waters
28 April 1944
Chef, Author

Tyler FlorenceTyler Florence
03 March 1971

Richard BlaisRichard Blais
19 February 1972
Damaris PhillipsDamaris Phillips
08 December 1980

Tom ColicchioTom Colicchio
15 August 1962
Restaurateur, Chef
Scott ConantScott Conant
19 February 1971

Jeff MauroJeff Mauro
24 July 1978

Amanda FreitagAmanda Freitag

Carla HallCarla Hall
12 May 1964

James BeardJames Beard
05 May 1903
Chef, Non-fiction writer
Paul PrudhommePaul Prudhomme
13 July 1940
Chef, Restaurateur, Non-fiction writer,

Stephanie IzardStephanie Izard
30 October 1976

Bobby DeenBobby Deen
28 April 1970
Restaurateur, Chef

Ettore BoiardiEttore Boiardi
22 October 1897
Martin YanMartin Yan
22 December 1948
Chef, Businessperson

Michael VoltaggioMichael Voltaggio
29 September 1978
Christina MachamerChristina Machamer
13 March 1982
Chef, Sommelier

Ming TsaiMing Tsai
29 March 1964
Restaurateur, Squash player, Actor

Rocco DiSpiritoRocco DiSpirito
19 November 1966
George CrumGeorge Crum
1822 AD

John BeshJohn Besh
14 May 1968
Colombe Jacobsen-DerstineColombe Jacobsen-Derstine
21 December 1977

Pat NeelyPat Neely
20 July 1964

Ruth Graves WakefieldRuth Graves Wakefield
17 June 1903
Chef, Patent inventor, Teacher, Businessperson,
Charlie TrotterCharlie Trotter
08 September 1959
Restaurateur, Chef

Dan BarberDan Barber
1969 AD
Sara MoultonSara Moulton
19 February 1952

Michael MinaMichael Mina
1969 AD

Sean SasserSean Sasser
25 October 1968

Wylie DufresneWylie Dufresne
1970 AD
Marcel VigneronMarcel Vigneron
03 May 1980
Bryan VoltaggioBryan Voltaggio
19 April 1976

Mark BittmanMark Bittman
1950 AD

Jamie DeenJamie Deen
29 June 1967

Todd EnglishTodd English
29 August 1960
Homaro CantuHomaro Cantu
23 September 1976

Jose GarcesJose Garces
06 July 1981
American chef

Ken HomKen Hom
03 May 1949

Ilan HallIlan Hall
06 April 1982

Hung HuynhHung Huynh
25 January 1978
Cristeta ComerfordCristeta Comerford
30 September 1962

Alan WongAlan Wong
David KinchDavid Kinch

Tim LoveTim Love
11 November 1971

Sandra LeeSandra Lee
03 July 1966
Kerry SimonKerry Simon
17 June 1955
Restaurateur, Chef

Katie LeeKatie Lee
14 September 1981
Cook, Author, journalist
Christine HaChristine Ha
09 May 1979

Art SmithArt Smith
01 March 1960